💪😆🍤 Muscle Laughing Shrimp


Beefy and tanner4105 are strong boys. They have fun during the VPC. They are Beefy typing this right now and I would like to transition to first person. We're just happy to be involved and I promise that if we win this year, I will stop claiming that we've won each previous year.

Beefy (he/him)

Northwest nerd rapper. Being doing this nerd rap thing for a hot minute. Your sister's favorite rapper. The #3 Disasterer. I did the shitty cover art for the first Rhyme Torrents comps. Killed MC Router in Amsterdam and she hasn't been seen since!

tanner4105 (he/him)

tanner4105 is the heart and soul of this entire operation. He's produced for Beefy, ytcracker, The Crystal Furs, The Grammar Club and more. He started his stardom in nerdcore making MC Router sound dope so the man is basically a miracle worker.