2 Cannonz


2 Cannonz is composed of Symphonic Pheenix Force standout SirenSeraph and recent nerdcore collaborator PSX, based out of Tampa and Orlando respectively. We want to bring a more melodic of nerdcore to the competition, and hope you will enjoy our musings of the sea!

SirenSeraph (She/Her)

SirenSeraph is based out of Florida and is a member of nerdcore collective Symphonic Pheenix Force.

PSX (he/him)

Based out of Orlando, FL, PSX brings together a love for hard hitting, bass heavy hip hop with a background in classical and orchestral experience, guided by the foundation of 12 years of jazz and orchestral band participation. PSX is always looking for a new way to tell a story through music, and is always willing to work with new people to tell those stories.