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Founded in San Francisco in 2161 by two different species, including one human (Shane Hall) and one non-corporeal being of a nameless race (Jared Sparks). To put it simply, [#%^ __="#" __="#" __="#" __="#" __="#" __="#" __="#" __="#" __="#" __="#" __="#" __="#" __="#" __="#" __="#" __="#"] is a rap group composed of various planetary governments who have agreed to live semiautonomously under a central body that guides their primary goals: a grand sense of intellectual curiosity and peaceful exploration. Also, phat beats and dope rhymes.

MessiahCarey (he/him)

A Discordian rap star who balances the world on his hatred of the mundane. He's also a songwriter/rapper/producer/performer/poet type of person who does things, and hopes that you like them or that you dislike them in such a way that it will bring you pleasure.

Jared Sparks (he/him)

Everywhere and nowhere at once, existing in an alternative dimension primarily while simultaneously extending to the dimension most see as reality in order to create music and nothing else. I'm only here for a while. I'll be gone soon. I'll never be gone.

I had a body once. I let it wither in order to make travel between dimensions more accessible.