Skeptik & Danny G are a mc/producer duo from the SF Bay Area that has been together nearly 8 years, released 3 albums, and survived through 8 tours so far. Will the stress of the VPC be the thing that finally breaks the mighty scales of these two ferocious lizards? There's a good chance.

Skeptik (he/him)

Skeptik has been rapping for just over 10 years now, originally as the mc for a hip hop funk band called Multiple Organisms, he would later go on to found the Lobetrotters Collective with other likeminded mcs before meeting Danny G and forming dubldragon.

Danny G (he/him)

Producer, multi-instrumentalist, engineer, mustache enthusiast, and all around wizard Danny G has been honing his craft seemingly since birth but in actuality since his early teen years. Part of the band FullMoonFreakz long before his time with Skeptik as dubldragon., he's just at home behind with a guitar in his hand as an MPC.