Night City Glitches


Night City Glitches find inspiration in many places and have travelled to Jupiter and Space and Under the ocean which has influenced their creative style and process. NCG create art because they love the way they look. They specialize in Sonic Airwaves and focus on Math Homework. Night City Glitches also enjoy working with Blankets.

Their music is Hard on the ears. NGC are motivated by zombies, lasers, and pens that write upside down. The guys have been creating music for 471 years and artist is Elvis and I find their work to be infatuable! NCG connects with the art community by telephone. Their work has shown at MySpace.

"When people see my work, I hope they experience fatigue." - Night City Glitches


Hip Hop from the N360 (Pacific NW)
Video Game/Nerdcore beats.
Conscious lyrics.
We ♡ You.


Electronic music from Bellingham, WA since 2009.