Perstrami Persona


Steve and Zilla Persona met through the Vocalist Producer Challenges of years past. Having previously been a team together, Pastrami Sandwich, they decided to team up once more to deliver poppy, glitchy nerdy beats filled with fandom, farce, and food. With a shared love of hip hop and hoagies they have evolved to Team Perstrami Persona to hopefully hit mid-tear. If you want to check out the final forms of previous VPC challenges, check out Pastrami Sandwich, the EP on https://deathstar.bandcamp.com.

Steve (he/him)

Steve has been a member of the Northwest, Seattle-based Nerdcore group Death*Star for over a decade. Having performed as C0splay at PAX, Rose City Comic Con, Kracklefests, Nerdapalooza, and even been on a West Coast tour, he's kept himself busy with nerdcore. As "Steve" he tends to write very similar, if not a bit more personal music. Having released a couple EPs, he's current working on his first self-titled album. He also acts as a show booker and coordinator for touring acts when they hit the Seattle area.

Zilla Persona (he/him)

Zilla Persona is noted as one of the groovier vocalists in Nerdcore who pushes out fun, chippy beats. Having made beats for Death*Star, Lex the Lexicon Artist and others, he has abandoned the toxicity of Facebook for greener pastures but is still always down to lay a hook or help with the bleeps and bloops necessary to get the job done He is also going to be featured heavily in the fourth Death*Star album as a core member of the creative group (having input, production, vocals, and/or rhymes on every track)!