Vessels of Light


Wreck The System's founding members CreateLadyJ and Cam3 reteam to forge a new emcee-producer duo, carrying the namesake of their epic Kingdom Hearts tribute project.

Create Lady J (she/her)

Founder of the rap group Wreck The System, CreateLadyJ’s ultimate goal is to motivate the masses with her motto, “Be Who You Are Without Fear”, overcoming all obstacles to stand for what they believe in. A lifelong fan of Anime and Video Games, she has performed at over 100 conventions including MAGFest, Dragon Con and many others across Ohio, Texas, Florida, DC, Atlanta, Boston, and California. Never underestimate CreateLadyJ. She rules from her throne and is guaranteed to be stronger than any challenger.

Cam3 (he/him)

Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Maryland, Charles A. McDougle III (Cam3 for short) began his musical pursuits writing rap lyrics in middle school. But it was during his years attending Hood College that Cam discovered his passion for beatmaking and composing, fusing elements of boom-bap, trap, and electronica with ear-tickling melodies reminiscent of the video games he grew up with. Today, he serves as emcee and producer of Wreck the System. He has performed at MAGStock, Bit Gen, T-Mode, and other ventures in Nerdcore Music.