RJ Braun

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There are always movers and shakers in a scene -- the people who put in the hard work of knowing what cables plug in and how to rustle up sixteen DI boxes in an hour (that's not an exaggeration, just ask the Nerdcore Ninja!). They work long hours without pay in service of the love they have for their community and for the enrichment of that community's music and experience, and our fourth judge for this year's VPC is no stranger to that hard work.

They first started metaphorically lifting bales for bands on Warped Tours while nerdcore was first getting risen up, and they've taken every opportunity to get backstage to keep the show running smoothly they could get, including working with MAGFest's C-Sec team and Music Division in numerous roles across their most prolific events, demonstrating dedicated leadership wherever it was necessary as assistant division head, booking team member and the Commissar of Getting Shit Doneā„¢ If you've been to Super MAGFest in the last seven years and set foot into the main concert hall, you have borne witness to the work of our newest judge -- RJ Braun !!!