Round Five: DEAR ME!

You’ve made it home! Your bones ache, you’ve got an itching case of coconut rash, and you’re severely dehydrated. You’ve never been happier to walk back into your old familiar studio.

Of course the gigs have been piling up in your absence, and there’s emails to write and plans to make, but as you look into the bathroom mirror, all of that fades into the background. You think back on everything you’ve been through, and everything yet to come. And smile.

Through the hardships and triumphs, the pains and woes, the drama and the joy, your team held it together. You’ve persevered, and come through stronger on the other side. And even made a few friends along the way!

Before you move on to the next big thing, there’s one last thing to do...You sit down at your desk with your pen and paper, and begin to write.

Dear Me! Challenge Criteria:

3 minute maximum length
Vocalist must write a letter to themselves
Producer must feature a guest producer*
Instrumental must contain an impactful instrumental drop/acapella section**

Guest producers must be competing in the current VPC as vocalists or producers. This includes artists who only competed in Round Zero. 

Guest production roles can include a featured musician/instrumentalist, DJ scratching, building/remixing sections of the song, etc.

A team’s own vocalist is allowed to feature as a musician/DJ/co-producer on the track, but it will NOT count as their guest producer, and a third producer must also be included in the process. (ie: the team’s vocalist plays an instrument, and the guest producer scratches).  

Producers can appear as guests on as many tracks as they want.

A guest producer cannot mix or master a team’s entry.

** Impactful = adds drama and weight to what is being said in the lyrics, not just random beat drops

Artwork Challenge (for fun):
Pop Art!

Due date:
June 26th 2021
11:59PM PST
mp3, artwork, txt doc with lyrics
please include credits for your guest producer and any additional information surrounding your track you wish to provide our judges
Submission Guidelines