There, in the distance! It’s a ship!

What luck! Your message in a bottle paid off. Someone has come to rescue your team from the desert island you’ve spent the last three weeks on. As the ship draws closer, you squint your eyes. Through the glare of the hot sun, you can barely make out a recognizable face on the upper deck, waving excitedly!

Once aboard the ship, comfortably showered, fed, and rested, your team meets up with your rescuers. You’re thrilled to discover that they are also musicians, and the boat contains a mobile recording studio! Filled with feelings of joy and relief, you head below deck to let off some steam and make some celebratory tunes as your team finally head home.

Get in the Groupchat Challenge Criteria:

4 minute maximum length

Must feature TWO Guest VPC Vocalists*

Lyrics must celebrate something! Anything! 
Vocalists must engage in verbal handoffs for a minimum of 50% of the song**

Instrumental must contain a consequential tempo shift***

* guest vocalists must be competing in the current VPC as vocalists or producers. This includes artists who only competed in Round Zero. A team can feature their own producer as a vocalist, BUT they must also include a 3rd vocalist from outside the team. Vocalists can appear as guests on as many tracks as they want. Maximum THREE total vocalists per song. 

** Imagine a cipher or a conversation. This challenge celebrates sharing space on a track and bouncing off each other. Lean into that.

*** The shift must be at minimum +/-30 BPM. The shift must create a new section of the song (a quick drop to a different tempo for a break/skit before returning to the OG tempo does NOT count.)

Artwork Challenge (for fun):
Pay homage to something in your artwork, whether it's your favorite art style, favorite album cover, favorite painting, favorite school portraits when you were kids.  The possibilities are endless.

Due date:
June 5th 2021
11:59PM PST
mp3, artwork, txt doc with lyrics
please include details of collab partner
please include any relevant production notes
Submission Guidelines