Round One: Anything But the Hero

This is it. The time is now.
All the planning, all of the training, all of the sacrifices you've made have all been for this. Hours writing bars, mixing stems and vocals, animating. And now…

Everyone wants to take it from you.

Will you let them? Will your legacy be snatched by someone else, or will you be the main character in this story?
It's up to you.

But make no mistakes -- you aren't the hero.
But are you the sidekick? An antihero? The villain? The talking sword? The white whale? The Bebop? Someone else? That's up to you.

Anything But the Hero Challenge Criteria:
3 minute maximum length

Vocalist Challenge(s):
must rap from a fandom perspective that is NOT the hero
must use multis

Producer Challenge(s):
must use vocalist sfx or clip built into the beat
must sample the source material

Artwork Challenge:
Fan Art!
album art must pay homage to the original property
but not directly use officially sourced artwork/logos
Artwork may include:
Fan art, Parodies, homages to the original property

Due date:
April 3rd 2021
11:59PM PST
mp3, artwork, txt doc with lyrics
please include your fandom & character
emailed to
Submission Guidelines