Tragedy strikes!

As your team heads to the launch party for your super successful video game, a rogue lightning storm knocks your plane off course! Despite weeks of pilot training, you’re unable to course correct; and the brand new, mid-sized private jet nose dives into the unfathomably deep Atlantic Ocean. You black out...

...and wake up on a beach. You look around. This island is so small, you can see all the way to the other side - where your partner stands, staring off into the vast blue nothing... There’s no sign of the jet anywhere.

This island isn’t bare, though. It has a tree. And that tree’s been collecting decades worth of sea trash and detritus. You and your partner rummage through the seaweed and rotting wood for anything you can use. Ah! A cell phone. Ooh! A bottle. There’s more...An old, yet familiar record. And then...  What luck! You find a USB stick! Perhaps you can use it to get a message out to the world! Wiping away the sand, you can barely make out the words “4MB”.

Oh no…

You’ll have to create some sort of message to send out in the bottle!

However, in order to fit your message on the USB stick, these limitations must be followed:

Max. 2 Minutes
No using the word to be in any form*
No Vocal Punch ins
No Ad Libs
Producer must sample only from “Amen Brother” by The Winstons **
Producer must source and feature prominently the sounds of nature

As far as your message? Who knows? Is it your diary? An SOS? A Last Will? A recipe for island drinks? Something else entirely?

The choice is yours to make.
This may be the last thing the world hears from you.
Follow your heart.

Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge Criteria:

2 minute maximum length
Vocalist may not use any forms of "to be"
(be, am, is, are, was, were, being, been)
No Punch Ins
(each verse must be in one take)
No Adlibs

Producer must source and feature prominently the sounds of nature
(sounds can be sourced or sampled)
Producer may only sample
"Amen Brother" by The Winstons
(no other external music samples may be used)

Artwork Challenge (for fun):
MS Paint style art only!

Due date:
May 15th 2021
11:59PM PST
mp3, artwork, txt doc with lyrics
please include details of your nature sounds
Submission Guidelines