Finally! After years of scrounging in the abyss of indie gaming soundtracks, your team has made it to the AAA Fields o’ Plenty. Your new bosses at GameCorp are so impressed with your previous work, they’ve given you carte blanche! Pick from any one of the current GC projects in development, and compose your next masterpiece!

You stroll into the GC development labs, taking in all of the strange new sights and sounds. The air buzzes with code and reeks of ramen. Ahhhhh.

After you get your bearings, you head over to the expensive whiteboard, where your next adventure awaits...

4 minute maximum length

Choose Your Game's Genre
(Pick One)

Dating Sim
First Person Shooter
Role Playing Game
Sports Sim

Choose Your Screen (Pick One)
Character Creation

World Map
The Final Encounter
Roll Credits

Equip Your Resources (One per Slot)

Zolt Energy Serum (for Doubletime goodness!)

Ph’th’kuh’s Throat Balm (to Sing with ease!)
Artificial Air Aroma Adjustment Amulet (an Alliteration apparatus!)

Forbit’s De-Scronkitizer (made from industrial Chiptune!)

The Bear Hammock 29-F (leaves No Snares unturned)
A Stüdderbunk Clock (now, isn’t that an Odd Time Signature!)

Quest Items (Must equip both):

The Speedrunner’s Bane

Each track must include an unskippable CUTSCENE, featuring Voice Acting by the team. The Producer is allowed to perform supplemental voices, but the majority of the CUTSCENE must be performed by the Vocalist. The CUTSCENE must be a minimum of 15 seconds. 

The Endless Grinder

Each track must be able to Loop seamlessly from end to beginning, as there’s no telling how long a player will need to get past this section of the game. 

Artwork Challenge:
Design the cover of your game!

Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge Criteria:

4 minute maximum length

Team must pick from one of the provided Genres and Screens to inspire their song.

Vocalist must liberally utilize one of the following: doubletime, singing, alliteration

Producer must utilize one of the following: chiptune, no snares, odd time signature

The song must include a Cutscene (15 second minimum length)

The song must loop seamlessly. 

Artwork Challenge (for fun):
Design the cover to your game!

Due date:
April 24th 2021
11:59PM PST
mp3, artwork, txt doc with lyrics
please include your adventure choices
emailed to
Submission Guidelines