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We warmed up with the meme challenge that allowed for a lot of flexibility as everybody got back into the VPC groove.

This round is a Halloween challenge and its spooky hard!

Producers – you are being furnished with a beat kit that has everything you need to make a track except your lead instrument.…/12-UbJE-HbRp8GKPKE3V-63fpg8…/view

Your challenge is as follows:
Use as much of the provided kit as possible to make your beat
Find and use a lead instrument to complete your track.
This is a Halloween/horror themed round, so get creative and keep it spooky.

Vocalists: your challenge is to tell a scary story. You can go fun and funky à la Nightmare on My Street (Will Smith) or dark and deep à la Can’t Sleep (K Flay).

You do you, booboo, but adhere to the following:
Your song must tell a scary story with a clear beginning, middle and end
Stick to the Halloween/horror theme
If you redo a classic, like Nightmare on My Street, make sure you add enough flavor to make the concept your own.

There ya go – this round is going to hit hard and fast and the judges will be looking for those beat kit elements, catchy harmonies and spooky stories. Good luck.

R2 Participant Entries:

(Coming soon: Download buttons)

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Chupacabra
    1up Funk

  • addLyrics

    Verse 1:

    Copped a pair of tickets to Aguadilla Puerto Rico
    A Shabby Single prop shook the fabric off my geek soul
    Landed in the crop dust atmosphere of thick musk
    Scooped a rusty jeep up and headed towards freedom

    Dusk on the horizon eyelids full of sandbags
    Vehicle wheezed engine seized in a hard lag
    Halted on a back road skyline made of Onyx
    Freezing with no compass as the night descends upon us

    Saw a dingy porch light flicker in the distance
    Hooky guard the mothership, I’m gonna find assistance
    Local at the creaky door speaking broken English
    Gave me what I needed but proceeded with a pretense


    Moon rises
    You can hear the crickets…

    Creepy eyes
    Staring through the thicket…

    If you’re quiet
    You can hear him walking…

    Run and hide, from the night stalker


    The Chupacabra X 4 (Everybody Do the Chupacabra)

    Verse 2:

    Trudging down the highway something peering through the cold wind
    Hooky’s phone was on the seat soaked in hemoglobin
    Audio recording stored a bone rattling wail
    Eyes illuminated peering through the blood trail

    Equipped the maglight and the machete that I picked up
    Scoured the landscape as I wandered through the thick brush
    Foot hit a pothole dropped in a rock bowl, and froze as I saw a gargoyle with a dark soul

    Hookshot appeared lacerated to all hell
    Slung me on his shoulder as he bellowed a Loud yell
    Swinging for the fences mumbling and chattering
    Struggling to spit a sentence, What is hell happening?!

    We need to move, no time for explanation
    Stumbling and listening to cackles, heart racing
    Revved the engine pedal pushing through the Macabre
    And Narrowly escaped to tell the tale of Chupacabra


    Moon rises
    You can hear the crickets…

    Creepy eyes
    Staring through the thicket…

    If you’re quiet
    You can hear him walking…

    Run and hide, from the night stalker


    The Chupacabra X 4 (Everybody Do the Chupacabra)


    Creature dark as granite, ancient as the earth
    This ain’t our planet, They were here first
    Never see em coming, lurking in the shadow
    Thinking were the apex, to them were just cattle X 2


    The Chupacabra X 4 (Everybody Do the Chupacabra)

  • addJudge scores

    1up Funk – Chupacabra

    Beaker – 8.5
    First of all this beat sounds great and very clean. The intro was a little bit of a risk, turning the track in to a book report rap on the Chupacabra but the linear story delivered in the verses pulled this back. I think this track took the challenge and really worked it – we have a great, uppy beat total suited for any Halloween party playlist. The bridge outshines the hook a bit unless ive got them backwards but the vocal work on that ‘chupacaaaaabra’ is my favorite part of the track. For the challenge elements, this was a great track. The kit elements are, generally, recognizable and the producer put together a solid composition with exactly the type of cliché spookiness I was wanting to hear. Stronger rhyme schemes and punches would have pushed the vocals in to 9s and 10s territory. The storytelling focus was pretty simple chase and escape but hey it works but closing out with that same sample to put a bow on it and gives the djs something to work with in the mix. GG
    beat: 8.5
    lyrics: 8
    challenge: 9

    Lars – 8
    Love the flow and concept, chorus could have more instrumentation.

    Rob – 9
    after bigfoot chupacabra is my favorite. I like this song. i can understand it the whole time the hook is strong despite being like 1 word 🙂 SInging talking and rapping shows the range of the vocalist

    Richie – 10
    “I’ve been singing “”CHUPACAAAABRA”” in the shower for a few days now. The verses gave me that classic “”nightmare on my street”” style vibe. The hook offers a welcome break between the storytelling and almost begs for this song to become a spooky dance anthem.
    The beat is good, and provides a really good backdrop for the scary story being told. The melodic variations in the synth bass througought the song keeps things interesting. Loved the scratches. Vocals were mixed very well, and I’m digging that warm buttery reverb over the refrain in the hook.
    “Samples and Storytelling accomplished. The intro and faux news segments put this song over the top for me. I don’t have a single complaint about this song.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Where's Your Spirit
    1337 G33K B33F

  • addLyrics

    He works for the minimum, feeling numb
    Doing odd jobs till the paper comes
    Always sure thing in the Autumn sun
    Swing into the spot like a pendulum
    Grab the application and he fills it out
    Even though that’s what his resume is all about
    They don’t call any of his freakin references
    If they are they ain’t leaving any messages
    Then he shows up filling out more words and numbers on these forms
    Then an orientation about how to complete his chores
    And just like that now he’s back on tap, he’ll have beer money in about two weeks
    Gotta just sit back, and then fill these racks, until everybody hits them streets
    Happy Halloween
    He’s teachable
    Doing good work well it’s feasible
    But they pretend that every items squeezable
    Ain’t sitting here trying to be unreasonable
    It’s seasonal, demeanable
    Spirit over here but it’s regional
    Only took three weeks of servicing the customer before our hero feeling fuckin miserable
    October 1st, they all showing up like freaks
    Little kids and idiots and big titty goth ladies
    And every size that’s in between
    Everybody that feels so unique
    And every time a new one rolls in gotta hear that sensor scream
    Where’s your spirit
    Let me see it
    Raise your streamers to the ceiling
    Witches is our business and our business here is screaming
    Where’s your spirit
    Let me see it
    Share it with the ones that need it
    Give a spooky greeting to each and everybody who visits
    Where’s your spirit
    let me see it
    Make yourself and me believe it
    Rake us up a profit or we’ll leave ya out and leave ya fridged
    Where’s your spirit
    let me see it
    where’s your spirit
    let me see it

    where’s your spirit
    show me your spirit

    What they want is inhumane, goddamn insane
    Don’t they know people aren’t really made that way
    Never naturally, they custom made
    Imprint inlaid from a factory
    Baby not today, is what he tried to say
    Till a feeling came, like a growing pain
    Cause he feels contained by his need for pay
    every member of his team feels the exact same way
    But now he’s standing up, he’s had enough
    Every shift it sucks, and the lack of funds
    So he’s feeling pumped like he’s got the guts
    He doesn’t have much but his word and nuts
    And massive debt, and of course the rent
    Always overspent and they will collect
    Cause they won’t forget when he cash that check
    mate come correct, try this instead
    Tell me, do you have any plans for your career?
    If we expanded could you see yourself with us in 5 years?
    Specializing in fall fears is just one of our main tiers
    And if you wanted to stay here, we’ll make you king of the cashiers
    Feels like he crashed down, blacked out
    3 percent boost in the bank account
    Feels tossed about, when he came around
    He was finding out he was selling out
    Oh lordy me, how could this be?
    He’s a larger cog in a vast machine
    And he’s losing steam and he dares to dream
    That everything could go differently
    Where’s your spirit
    Let me see it
    Raise your streamers to the ceiling
    Witches is our business and our business here is screaming
    Where’s your spirit
    Let me see it
    Share it with the ones that need it
    Give a spooky greeting to each and everybody who visits
    Where’s your spirit
    let me see it
    Make yourself and me believe it

    Rake us up a profit or we’ll leave ya out and leave ya fridged
    Where’s your spirit
    let me see it
    where’s your spirit
    let me see it
    where’s your spirit
    show me your spirit

    And now our hero’s totally heel
    little bit of power he was making a deal
    signed him up for life man it’s a hell of steal
    Daddy need to eat he said he’s keeping it real
    now he’s probably going to hell
    for an 98 toyota tercel
    sold his soul and if you asked him for how much he probably never will tell
    because the total it was lower than shit
    But he still got a job on November 1
    And many more months after that to come
    Got that god mode OP golden gun
    big boy bank having all the fun
    Said they’re ready for their second phase
    Shaking up the furniture and rearrange
    They’re really gonna try to lift up that face
    Well sign him up boys if that’s the case
    He could use a fire where there once was soul
    He could fill the emptiness with piano
    He can get down with these wreaths and snow
    He’s been known to party with mistletoe?
    Speakers playing something religious
    They said that they’re shifting the business
    October’s for Halloween but after that I think that every month that we’re gonna do christmas!

    Where’s your spirit
    Let me see it
    Raise your Santas to the ceiling
    Christmas is our business and business is singing
    Where’s your spirit
    Let me see it
    Share it with the ones that need it
    Give a holly jolly greeting to everybody who visits
    Where’s your spirit

    let me see it
    Make yourself and me believe it
    Rake us up a profit or we’ll leave ya out and fridged
    Where’s your spirit
    let me see it
    where’s your spirit
    let me see it
    where’s your spirit
    show me your spirit

  • addJudge scores

    1337 G33K B33F – Where’s Your Spirit

    Beaker – 8.75
    customer service gigs. The writing here is excellent and really tackles the three vocalist challenges excellently – aggressive rhyme schemes and each bar seems to end with a punch… we’ve got a funny, spooky story and the delivery is tight and polished. Beefy is a pro. The beat reminds me a lot of ‘look at me now’ and im not sure why – probably the bass and perc lines. Either way I dig it a lot but it could be spookier. The bass lead and synths feel epic and ‘big church’ but the sounds scape is missing a little icy reverb to bring that open cathedral feel. That change up at 3 minutes is a lot of fun and I would have liked the backing track to have been distorted and delayed in the same way. Solid offering by the team and sure to keep them in the top half.
    beat: 7.5
    lyrics: 9
    challenge: 10

    Lars – 10
    Great flow and beat – a timeless classic!

    Rob – 8
    The problem with this VPC is that everyone is good. The scary spirit angle is really clever and fun. I like the vocal effects during the creepy parts. The mix is superb.

    Richie – 8
    Thought the flow was super dope. The song was definitely relateable.
    The beat is solid, I feel like it gets a bit sparse during the 3rd verse though. Would have been dope to hear something more dramatic and built-up at that point. Vocals are very clear, which is perfect given the fast flow from the vocalist.
    Both parts complete. Overall, I thought this song was dope, things fell a tiny bit flat for me on the 3rd verse (specifically, the part with the heavy effects on the vocals), but otherwise a very solid song.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. LOU (Life Or Undeath)
    Class 1-A

  • addLyrics

    Openup my eyes I’m feelin strange within the pit of my stomach/
    Slept till the late morning where the sun was almost reaching its summit/(1
    Everything so still, so eerily quiet, cracked the blinds for some light/
    Took a look outside but I wasn’t prepared for such a horrible sight/(2
    It was nothing but death and despair,
    No one was spared/
    I smell- the Stench of dead bones and bodies, rotting flesh in the air/(3
    Survival mode kicks in not nervous, I am completely scared/
    I swallow my fear cause I got to get myself up outta here/(4
    Gotta fight to get out but I know I know that I must flee its-flee its/
    A zombie invasion trust I know it when I see it-see it/(5
    …I strap up my strap,, sharpen my sword and I/
    Pack up all the bullets that can fit into my fourty-five/(6
    Damn!… I hear the neighbors poundin at the door/
    But I can see through the peephole that they ain’t my neighbors anymore/(7
    Taking the deepest of breaths ….and I ain’t gotta go too far/
    -Let’s see if I can just make it out to my car/(8

    They say to love thy neighbors n-
    Most days that may be true/
    But what do you do when your neighbors all try and murder you?/
    They say to love thy neighbors n-
    Most days that may be true
    Butwhat do you do when your neighbors all try and murder you/
    I’m facing life (or undeath)
    Life (or undeath), life (or undeath)
    Butwhatdo you do when your neighbors all try and murder you

    Winded and frightened, I’m shaking as I get to my car/
    Didn’t waste any bullets but the blood on my blade is as about as black as tar/(1
    Heart beating so fast (so fast, aah) but I know I gotta try and be calm/
    One mission on hand (on hand, aah)cause I gotta go and save my mom/(2
    Make haste I’m alone on the streets
    And the dead watch me as I drive right past/
    Thank goodness I followed that hunch last night when I filled my tank with gas/(3
    Put my lead foot down as I blew through town as I prayed that I wasn’t too late/
    Pulled in to the block as I witness all the carnage in a panicked state/(4
    All The fear and the gore was enough to almost make me throw up (throw up)/
    Yo i couldn’t believe this is the same neighborhood that had watched me grow up/(5
    Saw lifelong friends become undead as they swarmed my mother’s house/
    Body parts all mangled with foaming blood around their mouths/(6
    My eyes shed tears and I faced my fears as I plowed right through the crowd/
    Couple gun shots here and a sword swipe there as they all fell to the ground/(7
    Held em back by flame as I used my key got in and my mom was saved/
    But I saved two rounds for us in case we can’t make it out unscathed/(8

    They say to trust your friends n-
    Most days that may be true/
    But what do you do when it’s your friends who try and murder you?/
    They say to trust your friends n-
    Most days that may be true/
    Butwhat do you do when it’s your friends who try and murder you/
    I’m facing life (or undeath)
    Life (or undeath), life (or undeath)
    Butwhatdo you do when it’s your friends who try and murder you

    I’m facing life (or undeath)
    Life (or undeath), life (or undeath)
    Life (or undeath)
    I’m facing life (or undeath)
    Life (or undeath), life (or undeath)
    Life (or undeath)

  • addJudge scores

    Class 1-A – LOU (Life Or Undeath)

    Beaker – 7.5
    a new entry I am sure I would remember this voice and Im bummed they missed round one because this is dope. Beat is pretty solid, I think I can hear some of the beat back in there. Delivery on this is fun and the story, if based on Zombies Ate my Neighbors, is a great choice. Verse two is my favorite but generally this track is stronger than the hook. I enjoy the lead and progression of the composition here -the beat is a nice mix of john carpenters Halloween theme, some creative sampling and that sweet kick. Great offering from a new challenger.
    beat: 7.5
    lyrics: 7.5
    challenge: 7.5

    Lars – 5
    Energy is lacking on flow and very hard to hear, beat is great though.

    Rob – 6
    stays on beat and mostly easy to understand.. Maybe the overall mellow style of the song made it undewhelming for me but this person has skill no doubt about it.

    Richie – 8
    flow is great… really good. Love the changes in cadence, especially in the second verse. Hook was cool, love the “life or death” refrain. I do feel it would be a tad better if the chorus was spit without a melody. beat is cool, I’m a sucker for reversed samples. I feel like the vocals are a bit understated in the mix, particularly during the hook. The piano coming in the second verse gives a sense of progress in the song. It’s got story and I think I heard some conga drum from the sample pack. Overall, I like this song.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Rise Squad
    Bleak n' Mild

  • addLyrics

    Everyone was hyped about the RISE fetival
    Seeing all their favorite artists on that high pedestal
    Janna and her friends were first online to get tickets
    Done with one click in the shopping cart she did it-
    Got an email- with the digital pass- It said-
    “this rise fest will be one to remember-
    …by the way Im sure you’ve heard of the RISE SQUAD,
    and aren’t you in luck- we’re accepting new members
    -Janna almost fell out of her seat- “for real- the RISE SQUAD?!”
    “No way” she couldn’t believe-
    -This is every fan’s innermost dream- being asked
    To break bread with the truly elite
    Her reply was an immediate FUKKKK YESSSS
    She was in without any hesitation
    The rep said “we’ll be so very happy to have you…
    Thats of course if you can pass initiation”
    AND SO-
    Janna arrived at the specified place, by the gate- (by the gate)
    One week before the Festival’s Date (festivals date)
    Truthfully she felt a little ashamed,
    Because she left her friends behind but she couldn’t be blamed (couldn’t be blamed)
    -She introduced herself to her two new companions,
    Jorje and Donna- comrades in action
    They were cool… but Janna had a sinking suspicion
    That these two might just be the competition
    They were startled by the sudden realization
    That they were being watched, Jenna’s head did a rotation
    90 degrees to where the figures stood waiting
    Black robes and animal heads on their frames-
    “It’s the committe” the three pledges gasped,
    Taken aback by the taxidermied faces-
    The stag said “Welcome to our Hall-
    Who here will prove deserving of a place?”
    He drew a long knife and held it out inviting-
    “Which one of you will receive our tiding-
    we have strict laws of which we’re all abiding-
    Now See your teammates? Put the pointy end inside them”
    Donna laughed, man he had to be joking-
    but the air had gone decidedly cold-
    Jorje took a half step back
    Janna gulped- but she had to be bold-
    Janna walked up and extended her hand- Donna gasped- tried to flinch- but sayed stuck in her place- —Jorje was in a similar state- stone still, white faced he looked truly amazed-
    They won’t really die right? Its all part of the game- theyre both part of the SQUAD- they wanna see if ill cave. And so Janna took the knife resolved to be brave- turned to Jorje and jammed the blade in his face

  • addJudge scores

    Bleak n Mild – Rise Squad

    Beaker – 6.25
    First of all I want to mention I notice some significant improvements in post-prod here. This song sounds balanced, cleaned up and the vocals sit nicely in this mix. The delivery on this track reminds me of Marc Rebillet but without that intentionally over-done energy and I would like to challenge you to adopt that in future rounds because I think it could work for your voice and delivery. Im missing the more complex we were looking for and the beat is not as spooky as I would want – however – I don’t think that was the teams focus on this track. Im also not sure what the spooky story here is but Donna got herself in to some shit and I hope it works out. Great progress from this team and I am looking forward to your eventual EP.
    beat: 6
    lyrics: 7
    challenge: 6

    Lars – 6
    Flow is kind of off rhythm and falls off the beat, but the beat is interesting.

    Rob – 5
    sounds a bit muffled.Story isnt pulling me in but they executed it well. somehow the song felt long despite being only 2:50 ya sorry not my fav. All the pieces are there I guess I am just not a fan of the song

    Richie – 6
    Good story, I feel it would have been dope if there was a chorus to break things up… esepecially at the end. A hook would have made the end feel less anticlimactic.
    beat has a bit of a wavy vibe to it, which I like. The congas are a little loud in the mix, and there are parts where the synth melody dramatically increases in volume for a few bars (around 1:06). I feel the vocals could be a bit more crisp, and the doubles could be aligned a little better. Challenge parts done. Overall, I feel this song has a good foundation, and can shine with a few tweaks on the production and songwriting side.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Baking Nightmares (Bloody Mary Mix)

  • addLyrics

    We back again
    Here in the tent
    The feeling tense
    Hear the judges steps
    Signature challenge
    Gotta please the pallette
    With knives and mallets
    They bright and balanced
    Metals in the blender
    It’s getting shredded
    Fold it in the dough
    Custard on the stove
    Bake the danish
    The fillings ladled
    The judges are walking over to my table
    They taking notes
    All smiling wide
    Watch’um bleed
    Shrapnel in their teeth
    But they keep on eating
    Coughing up blood and they look so pleased
    Eyes red like demons
    Spaghetti lipped
    Mary screaming
    Gums are dripping
    Paul isn’t breathing
    Woke up in my bed
    In a cold sweat
    I was only dreaming
    I was only dreaming

    Round two now
    Technical challenge
    twenty tier cake
    Looking for that balance
    30 minutes, bake
    Paul laughs with malice
    Looking for the butter
    I can’t fuckin find it
    Ten minutes left
    So Sue reminds us
    Panic setting in
    Ovens not preheated
    Getting towards the end
    Feeling so defeated
    Everyone is finished
    Twenty cakes looking perfect
    All mine are burnt
    Like they came out furnace
    Sweating through my clothes Cause I’m so damn nervous
    They Judging me like it’s they’re only purpose
    Now my clothes are off
    dont know whats going on
    Mary berry touching me
    Lookin so scrummy saying
    She could smother
    Me with buttercream.
    Cat jumped on my face
    Now I’m wide awake
    Somebody please
    Save me from another dream!

    Showstopper round
    Getting down to business
    Ingredients ready
    Putt’um in the mixer
    Gameface on
    Man on a mission
    Gonna make’um all
    say it’s so delicious
    Got a Genache
    Gonna make it glisten
    A little chemistry
    With a dash a of physics
    My own recipe
    Give’um something different
    Feeling mad proud
    Counting down the minutes
    Final preparations
    And we’re almost finished
    heart and soul
    Pushed it passed my limits
    Wanting star Baker
    Or I’m getting livid
    Put myself out there
    Sick of being timid
    Full on me
    Cutting all the gimmicks
    I know it tastes great
    Fuck all the critics
    Judge took one bite and said he didn’t get it
    Judge took on bite said he didn’t get it.

    They say Sweet dreams
    are made of these
    Got eaten alive
    on the t.v.

  • addJudge scores

    Dappersaurus – Baking Nightmares (Bloody Mary Mix)

    Beaker – 8.75
    Props to sticking with your theme and I am here for a whole vpc of GBBS tracks. This track was a full on assault of the challenge parameters – first of all the scary story side of this hits home for everyone in the vpc – putting yourself out there to have something creative judged by other people who just don’t get it. The rhyme schemes are hot, the delivery is fire and the composition is built around it. Italian hands perfecto. The only thing I didn’t like about this song, unsurprisingly, is the hook – probably fun as shit to shout along at a bar party but not as fun listening in your car. Post vpc might I suggest bringing in a guest to screamo that chorus (and a guitarist if you know one) and put a perfect little bow on this gift of a submission.
    beat: 8
    lyrics: 8
    challenge: 10

    Lars – 7
    Great energy and fun flow, good mix and cool concept!

    Rob – 5
    I’m expecting something much bigger with deeper vocals than I get. sweet dreams good one. I mean ya they did what they were supposed to do. The recording seems a little flat. I’m not all that into it.

    Richie – 7.5
    Love the fast low on this one, there are a few spots that could be spit a bit tighter. Love the Eurhythmics-inspired hook. Godzilla sample? Is this 3 headed monster from VPC3? Oh shit, lol. Love the way the sample is flipped in the beat. overall song mix could be louder, and it seems just a bit overcompressed. Doubles in the vocals during the verses can be a hair tighter. This song is cool, love the dubstep inspired elements in the production. A few tweaks to the mix along with the vocal performance will make this dream even sweeter.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Mistreated

  • addLyrics

    Let me tell you a story that’s totally true
    It was Halloween night, set to go with my crew
    They all came over and started getting ready
    We had Dracula, the wolfman, I was dressed as Freddy
    Plastic jack-o-lanterns with handles were handy
    To help on our mission to get all the candy
    Mom even said we can go without dad
    This is gonna be the best night we’ve ever had

    It was the scariest Halloween ever, (the worst!)
    I’m scarred forever, I think I was cursed
    It can’t be undone, it can’t be reversed
    Cuz there’s nothing less fun than October 31st

    We got started at six and got on the way
    Imagining our haul at the end of the day
    We quickly approached the first house on our street
    Went up to the door and yelled “trick or treat!”
    The door slowly opened and we saw an old man
    We were holding our breath as we held out our hands
    What would he give us on this special occasion?
    He smiled and handed us each a box of raisins
    It wasn’t what we wanted but we still said “thank you!”
    Raisins on Halloween? That’s something you can’t do!
    Little did we realize as we were leaving
    That the first house would be the best one of the evening

    It was the scariest Halloween ever, (the worst!)
    I’m scarred forever, I think I was cursed
    It can’t be undone, it can’t be reversed
    Cuz there’s nothing less fun than October 31st
    Went looking for candy but found only pain
    I’ve been mistreated, I’m quitting the game
    I’m dead inside now, no feeling remains
    It was the worst night of my life!

    The next place on the corner of Brandon and Denny
    Had a little old lady who was handing out pennies
    She looked at our costumes, pointed at me
    And said “aww now who are you supposed to be?”
    Each house we approached was worse than the last
    All we wanted was chocolate, not sugar-free trash
    Apples and pencils, each knock made it clear to me
    The whole block was in on a secret conspiracy
    I tried to stay positive to tell you the truth but
    I finally snapped when I was given a toothbrush
    I got back home and in the door was my mother
    Who told me “now you gotta give half to your baby brother”
    He didn’t even go trick-or-treating!

    It was the scariest Halloween ever, (the worst!)
    I’m scarred forever, I think I was cursed
    It can’t be undone, it can’t be reversed
    Cuz there’s nothing less fun than October 31st
    Went looking for candy but found only pain
    I’ve been mistreated, I’m quitting the game
    I’m dead inside now, no feeling remains
    It was the awfullest scariest
    Children beware-iest
    Finally got home, mom and dad made me share-iest
    Of our life

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    Disstopia – Mistreated

    Beaker – 9.25
    now this is what I was expecting and I am happy to get it from Disstopia – a straight up story about Halloween night – and whats the spook element? Shitty treats from a neighborhood seemingly conspiring to ruin Halloween. One of the challenge elements said to have a story with a clear beginning, middle and end and weve got that here, executed perfectly. The old lady with the pennies cracks me up and that ‘oh come on’ hype is my favorite of the tournament so far… it actually made me chuckle out loud. The hook has a serious TMBG feel to it – a sudden hit of big room reverb and vocal layering. Not bad. Rhymes were really solid and the close out candy trade negotiations is awesome. Another one that should immediately be on everyones Halloween spotify playlists. The beat was really good but the production work here was what impressed me. Lots of stuff was going on in this track but it never sounded clouded or muddy. Great execution with a spooky feel and good use of the beat kit.
    beat: 9
    lyrics: 9
    challenge: 10

    Lars – 7
    Cool concept and I like the timbre of the rapper, wish beat had more layers though.

    Rob – 6
    So far I feel like this wasn’t probably the best effort we could get from this artist combo. Im guessing the beat kit is a big influence this time. The talking part I like a lot for whatever reason haha

    Richie – 9
    love the story, the lyrics do a great job of telling the story of every kid’s worst Halloween nightmare. love the speaking bits at the end. I HEAR THAT SEGA GENESIS SNARE! Yeah, this beat is cool… wouldn’t sound out of place in a Sonic The Hedgehog game. Vocals stand out nicely in the mix. nailed it. My only complaint is the hook has a build up that makes it sound more like a bridge.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Don't Move
    DJ John Acosta + Tanjint Wiggy

  • addLyrics

    they saying
    “don’t move” put your hands where we can see ’em please
    “don’t move” take these orders, now get on your knees
    “don’t move” we’re a long way from comic-con
    “dont’ move” welcome to the panopticon

    “don’t move” you didn’t come here to make friends
    “don’t move” it’s time to put ’em in the hole again
    “don’t move” you must comply don’t make us kill you
    “don’t move” don’t even try we’ll straight up throttle til you
    “don’t move”

    tonight’s the night they gotta rev them motors
    startin’ downtown Dino finna bust up all the stoners
    even here in California man they on us it is horrid
    where I live the air is arid Inland desert hella torrid
    All Hallow’s Eve it’s mad dry and people ornery
    sharks on every corner g and that is where the horror be
    I want candy and ganja fam i mostly take it orally
    trick or treating walking to the curb that’s when they ordered me
    “don’t move” and now my life’s flashing before my eyes
    “why are your eyes dilated?” bro i am just horrified
    “you dressed up like a ku klux klan?” nah i am just Saruman
    “you smoking that in public?” you’re gonna have to get inside the van
    now there’s cuffs outside my hands, searching my Kia for contraband
    this night has gotten away from me, i can’t tell where it’s gonna land
    it’s dark inside the vehicle can’t even really see no more
    flash of light they towed my car they slamming closed the shuttle door

    they saying
    “don’t move” put your hands where we can see ’em please
    “don’t move” take these orders, now get on your knees
    “don’t move” we’re a long way from comic-con
    “dont’ move” wecome to the panopticon

    “don’t move” now you’re cut off from your life and friends
    “don’t move” it’s time to put ’em in the hole again
    “don’t move” you must comply don’t make us kill you
    “don’t move” don’t even try we’ll straight up throttle til you
    “don’t move”

    “Don’t move” there goes my caltrans internship
    “Don’t move” there goes my blossoming relationship
    “Don’t move” there goes my family life and friendships
    I’m cursing every Halloween night, praying to end it
    pulled me up to the drop valley center detention
    Lined up with dudes i seen ‘em gaffle at the intersection
    They strip us down they check us twice and they take our possessions
    They line us up in bright of night and we walk in one direction
    We’re like the walking dead feeling defeated never vibrant
    Livin’ in constant fear of booted club wielding tyrants
    I only shower and sleep counting the hours and keep
    A perfect metronome in mind melodies harmonies
    A song i’ll sing when i am out of what i’ve seen in here
    I’ll never take the daylight for granted hold my freedom dear
    A horror grew upon my face each day i seen the mirror
    Forgive me if i don’t partake in halloween this year

    they saying
    “don’t move” put your hands where we can see ’em please
    “don’t move” take these orders, now get on your knees
    “don’t move” we’re a long way from comic-con
    “dont’ move” wecome to the panopticon

    “don’t move” now you’re cut off from your life and friends
    “don’t move” it’s time to put ’em in the hole again
    “don’t move” you must comply don’t make us kill you
    “don’t move” don’t even try we’ll straight up throttle til you

    “don’t move” there’s been no ending to hell for me
    “Don’t move” keep very still they always yell at me
    “Don’t move” this ain’t going very well for me
    Hash is still a felony cause this happened in 2003
    I grow despondent not respondent to their barkin’ at me
    I’m lashing out they lock me down and throw the darkness at me
    I’m not the stranger simply angered at the nightmare
    of ever having been under the impression that this life is fair
    I keep on pushing they’ve no patience and the threats are blatant
    They have no choices but to keep me fully separated
    If i’ve a chance to make it out i am not hesitatin’
    Threatened with strangulation chances don’t neglect to take it
    At first i struggle just to make sure that they finish it
    I’m throwin’ hands they gasp and understandin’ my grimacin’
    All air is leaving me i float away peacefully
    If there are remnants turn ‘em into to ashes leave ‘em ‘neath a tree

    they saying
    “don’t move” put your hands where we can see ’em please
    “don’t move” take these orders, now get on your knees
    “don’t move” we’re a long way from comic-con
    “dont’ move” wecome to the panopticon

    “don’t move” now you’re cut off from your life and friends
    “don’t move” it’s time to put ’em in the hole again
    “don’t move” you must comply don’t make us kill you
    “don’t move” don’t even try we’ll straight up throttle til you
    “don’t move”
    “Don’t move” there goes my caltrans internship
    “Don’t move” there goes my blossoming relationship
    “Don’t move” there goes my family life and friendships
    I’m cursing every Halloween night, praying to end it
    “don’t move” there’s been no ending to hell for me
    “Don’t move” keep very still they always yell at me
    “Don’t move” this ain’t going very well for me
    Hash is still a felony cause this happened in 2003

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    DJ John Acosta + Tanjint Wiggy – Don’t Move

    Beaker – 6.5
    This is an early 00s nerdcore Halloween track. I am going to start with the beat on this one because those perks grab you by the ears and don’t let go through the whole entire track. The cymbals sit in a strange place in this mix, occupying the highend pretty much exclusively but also mixed at the same volume as everything else in the mix making them overpowering – which could be good because that crystal caverns synth lead tries to creep in and it really shouldn’t. The drums are mixed nice and the beat itself could be more comfortable if it was less crowded. For the lyricist this track is pretty fun but there is a break between the verses and the chorus that make the track feel disjointed. I am not sure what the story is here and Ive been through the track a few times… chase and escape, who are we fighting with and whats at stake? Its spooky, but we lack that clear beginning, middle and end to a story. This is a good track on its own, but it doesn’t really tackle the challenges and is only a Halloween track because we mentioned it was Halloween in verse 1.
    beat: 6.5
    lyrics: 7
    challenge: 6

    Lars – 6
    Concept is tight, like the chorus, wish the melodic elements were more in key.

    Rob – 5
    nice hook. the vocals and music seem not together so much. I wanna hear it weave in the music not played along side it.

    Richie – 6.5
    The hook gives me Nate Dogg vibes, lol. Flow is cool, but kinda there are parts where it feels a bit crowded. I love the subject matter… this is a horror story a lot of people live for real. beat feels a bit thin to me, it definitely could use more bottom end. I feel the beat could use a bit more variation as well. I like the reverb on the backing vocals in the hook. challenge completed. I really like this song as written, and with a few tweaks, it can hit the speakers just as hard as the feels.

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    01. Welcome to the Life of Walter Henry Sherman
    Double Analog

  • addLyrics

    Perfect Sunday morning
    Just a little indigestion
    Just a little outta breath and
    Shooting pain in my left
    A couple chest compressions
    Bacon all over the table
    Syrup drips off the ladle
    Sirens whine, head cradled
    Wife cries, not stable
    Everything feels dark
    To the quiver of my heart
    “Ma’am, he’s unresponsive
    And you’re sure that he’s never had issues with his heart
    Or the pulses”
    And all she can do is cry
    Tears hit my face and I’m there in the silence
    Of a black bag but I’m not dead
    Let me out, I’ll tell you instead
    But not with my mouth, I was born mute
    I can sign and tell you the truth
    Welcome to the life of Walter Henry Sherman
    And all that he’s learned then
    As they take out your organs,
    And see if you’re worth them
    Came to a stop then the darkness unzipped
    Light’s pouring in thank god they can see that I’m limp
    Not dead or decayed or deceased in a way
    I can get them to get my wife, she’ll sign that I’m safe
    But my hands aren’t working and he looks like a surgeon
    The bone saw is gripped and he’s going for my sternum
    He’s sawin’ it completely and it hurts and it’s burnin’
    And he takes out my heart and it’s beatin’ with a burden
    I scream but they don’t fucking hear me and the tears run down
    And I can’t see it clearly; I’m awake, I’m alive, I know that it’s passed
    I try to sit up with a final fucking gasp
    Oh god… no… no… not again…
    Welcome to the life of Walter Henry Sherman
    And all that he’s learned then
    As they take out your organs,
    We’ll see if you’re worth them
    I can blink this madness away
    I can blink this madness away
    Why are they taking them
    No, why are they weighing them
    I need that, it’s my spleen,
    But why’s it so green
    And why can’t I scream
    It’s a nightmare not a dream
    This can’t be real, this is everything I feel
    My wife wouldn’t let them, she wouldn’t let ‘em steal

    Any parts of me, a lobotomy, and this surgery
    Can’t you see my parts are still moving in the drudgery
    And then he leaned in with a scalpel and grin
    Plucked out one of them and I could see myself like a twin
    The other joined after and in the jar we were in
    I had died and was trapped in decaying skin
    The after life didn’t exist… we were trapped in these bodies for all time…
    Welcome to the death of Walter Henry Sherman
    And all that he’s learned then
    As they took out your organs and sold them for purchase

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    Double Analog – Welcome to the Life of Walter Henry Sherman

    Beaker – 8
    Straight away I am hearing the beat back in all its unedited glory – the kit sounds good and this beat is well composed. I can tell 100% that this beat was written first and the vocals were layered in as a single track and that was about it – not really mixed down. I love the kick and really the whole drum line where while the snaps could be scaled back a big and reverb toned down just a touch but Im nit picking aesthetics here. I get the story of Walter Henry Sherman but this track is totally alpha riff in that the description of a dream soaked in madness – the hook drives this home as its just an analysis of the blackmarket organ trade from both the harvest and the harvesters. Spooky – yup. Gross – yup. This track is fun but I just don’t see it making its way on to too many party playlists… I mean idk what kind of parties you go to. The story could have been about a victim, but it felt more like it was about the antagonist justifying his practices to someone about to expire, and delivered in a more or less ‘this is simply how it is’ type of frankness.
    beat: 7
    lyrics: 8
    challenge: 9

    Lars – 5
    Cool flow, good energy, melody seems out of key which made this hard to listen to.

    Rob – 6
    I like how wide sounding this song is. Showing off different vocal abilities is impressive. Production is fantastic and everyone involved is clearly talented but I found it to be a bit boring.

    Richie – 7.5
    The flow is solid, and I really dig the vocalist’s ability to exude their emotions with their voice. The hook is adequately creepy, nailed it. Could do without the “oooooh woahhhh” at the end of the hook tho. baseline kinda reminds me of “I Like The Way You Move” by Outcast, which is good. I wish there was just a little more variation or progression throught the instrumental. Vocal mix sounds great. challenge completed. This song has a certain creepiness about it that works well. I feel the beat could have been a little more dramatic to compliment the vocalist’s performative style, but it’s a solid track for sure.

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    01. Desu Desu
    Flaming Arrows

  • addLyrics

    Desu Desu
    Desu Desu
    Desu Desu
    Desu Desu
    (Baka) (repeat x2)

    No one knows how they came to exist
    it was after the war on japan
    with their cat ears and kawaii swag
    and like zombies they scattered the land

    one by one you could hear as they cry
    “desu desu notice me senpai”

    a cringe that would burn you alive
    these are demons that won’t ever die
    they just pop up at anime cons
    on the hunt for their waifu’s and ramen
    have a stench that could rot any flower
    even casper got put in a coffin

    all their money gets spent on thier merch
    just to live in their fantasy world
    as they scream out reality sucks…
    just to live with thier anime girls

    and they naruto run in the class
    they naruto run in the halls

    they naruto run in the street

    they naruto run in the malls

    they naruto run in a big

    they naruto run in a small

    they naruto run everywhere

    they naruto run till they fall

    they are like a disease to the earth
    like a cancer, a plague and curse
    like a date with the devil himself
    but a fate much much worse..
    so contagious you need wear
    a mask..
    less you end up afflicted as well
    if you haven’t your already gone
    “welcome to weeaboo hell”

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    Flaming Arrows – Desu Desu

    Beaker – 6
    Welcome to Weeaboo hell. Dude youre telling me. This track was funny but yall know what you did here… the beat was simple and built around anime samples not really the beat pack – not really all that spooky but certainly funny. Also not so much a story happening here – more like a warning. They are coming and there is nothing you can do about it.
    beat: 6
    lyrics: 6
    challenge: 6

    Lars – 8
    Cool sample and flow, very enjoyable track and concept!

    Rob – 7
    Off to a fun start. would have liked a bit more effect on the lyric track. Ya this all fits together nicely I really like the chorus or repeating part desu desu

    Richie – 7
    The flow on this song is dope. Song is hella relatable to my life as a weeb, lol. I felt the naruto run scheme went a little too long in the second verse, it would have been perfect if it ran 2 bars. Hook could have used a bit more variety. Beat is a BANGER, but could be mixed a bit better, it just sounds really low and compressed. Vocals sound good, the overall song mix could be a lot louder. challenge completed. This song jams, but most of my gripes with this song have to do with the mix. I want that shit to kick my teeth out, lol.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. The Bunker

  • addLyrics

    It was 1965 i was awoken from my slumber.
    In the middle of the night by my father and my mother.
    They said get your sister Megan , go and head down to the bunker.
    Cuz the Russians started busting now we have to live down under.
    As the months passed ,we start to drop in weight.
    Hunger pains, i can see every rib up in my cage.
    The shelter air is so stale and hot.
    We didn’t stock up on as much food as we thought.
    Now I’m living in fear of my monster of a dad.
    Cuz now i see how desperation changes a man.
    As the time kept passin, i would hate him with a passion.
    Cuz he slapped me when i asked him to add a fraction to my ration.
    Heard my mother coughing and hackin so i asked her what happened .
    Patting her back and gasped when i saw the blood clot in her napkin.
    Days later ahe passed, i guess her body couldnt take it .
    My father said it must’ve been the high levels of radiation.
    His desperation reached levels i didnt know it could be reachin.
    Had a pot that he was heatin , and some bottles full of seasoning.
    At first i was mad cuz i was starvin , he was eatin.
    Then i saw my mothers body , it was chipped up into pieces.
    I was speechless , Megan’s screaming tried to stop him , she was strong.
    But she was wrong, only a fool tried to take food from a hungry dog.
    He put his knife in the side of her neck, i cant lose her too cuz shes all i have left.
    Came to her defense, with one of my own i stuck that blade inside of his chest.
    That didnt slow him down at all , he threw a hook that shattered my jaw.
    Approached me to finish me off, i saw a hammer mounted on the wall.
    I swung and i dug in his knee with the claw, hearing a crack and watching him fall.
    I ran to Megan beggin to god, checkin her pulse but she already gone.
    Looking at my dad in a pool of my sisters blood.
    I said i feel nothing but hate for you , you killed the last person i love.
    I held my weapon high , and hes begging me not to do it.
    But i hit his face with the hammer until it was going through it.
    With no reason to live anymore , i climbed up the ladder towards the door.
    I unlocked the latch and i opened the hatch and saw the world the same as before.
    There was no war , there was no fallout , there was no bombs.
    I ran inside to find some answers about what exactly went wrong.
    I read a letter from my father’s doctor , learned his secret.
    Diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic ,refusing treatment.
    Then i seen the prescription for emphysema , breathing problems .
    My mother died and its ironic , we could have fought it with antibiotics

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    gross/beats – The Bunker

    Beaker – 9.5
    We’ve got our first realism is scary track… great subject matter and with Chernobyl still fresh in everyones memory this one carries a special kind of weight. Beat composition is fucking beautiful – drums are particularly great, mixed really perfectly with a lead kick and grimy bass line. Sampling and chopping is expertly executed as well – the beat is not corny spooky like you might expect but definitely creates the type of sonic landscape this story needs to really drive. The idea of just giving up on your life standing in the middle of the fallout just to know what happened – only to survive long enough to run out of meds. This story is a crusher. This beat is a crusher. I don’t have a lot to say here because there is so little to criticize.
    beat: 9.5
    lyrics: 9
    challenge: 10

    Lars – 7
    Like the energy, but vocal mix sounds like it could be more smooth. Liked the flow.

    Rob – 9
    music is great. love the sound of this one. I believe in the vibe. When the music all dropped out at a little past the 2 minute mark I was totally in. The samples YES. Ya this is my fav so far.

    Richie – 7
    I have a warm spot in my heart for cold-war era anything. very creative. I appreciate the effort the vocalist took to add variation to their cadence throughout the song. With that said, I think a few lines could have been spit a little tighter, but overally I dug it. “i like the beat. would have loved to hear more variation in the drum pattern though. vocals sound clear in the mix. The newscasts were a very nice touch in making this song period-authentic. Challenge completed. I like this song, and would love it with just a few minor tweaks.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Helevator

  • addLyrics

    (Working up to the 9th circle)
    I’m making my way
    I’m doing my time
    I’m putting in work.
    I’m doing just fine.
    Work until you’re dead
    Work and then you’re dead.
    You sure say that a lot.
    For the first day of the job.
    Now about that suit and tie.
    Um. Excuse me, where am I?
    Oh right, you’re dead, kid.
    that’s what I shoulda led with.
    You fell asleep at the wheel going home and
    mistook a bus for an exit.
    Killed a few folk.
    Wait is this a joke?
    Sorry but, nope.
    Welcome to Hell.
    This is the lobby.
    My name is Bill.
    I get to take you to
    Meet up with GIll.
    Gill’s gonna take you to
    meet up with Phil!
    Phil’s gonna give you the role that you’ll fill
    Forever and ever and ever.
    Wait, role?
    You sure question a lot
    Stead of doing what you’re told.
    You know what you’re asking about.
    Job, Gig, goal.
    This is Hell. Not a charity

    Wel slot you where you’d die to be!
    You’ll do it well eternally.
    Until it’s just too tiring.
    And then you’ll keep on going. Going. Going.
    And going till it’s boring.
    And hell, well we keep rolling
    Welcome to employment,
    You won’t find enjoyment.
    We’re so glad you’ve joined us.
    You’re saying my hell is i’m gonna make it?
    Until I get sick of it?
    Like I will finally be productive?
    Here in the pits of it?
    After a lifetime of pounding the pavement
    Oh, what a twist, I confess
    I think I could get used to not feeling so wasted
    Show me the gig i got.
    (Working up to the 9th circle)
    I’m making my way
    I’m doing my time
    I’m putting in work.
    I’m doing just fine.
    Work until you’re dead
    Work and then you’re dead.
    You sure say that a lot.

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    Helephino – Helevator

    Beaker – 7.75
    can you go “up” to the 9th circle tho? Another absolutely crazy navi/selene track. This beat is absolutely wild – wonky bass with crazy rapid fire flat snares with a simple bass lead that actually makes you physically feel like your descending or falling. Then you hit the bottom. At some level the cs lewis fan in my thinks this is about Screwtape and his nephew Screwloose – if not then it should be. The idea of demons tricking new arrivals in to accepting their fate in hell, and how to get more recruits… it actually feels like that the one missing part of the ‘story’ here – framing of your protagonist. The beat is great – the mix is great. This song is overall great and will definitely get some replay – just maybe not on Halloween playlists.
    beat: 8
    lyrics: 8
    challenge: 7.5

    Lars – 8
    Liked this beat a lot, the flow mixes well and the concept is hilarious.

    Rob – 10
    Getting a soul coughing vibe here and thats cool. This shit is damn fresh sounding to me. MIx is superb so much going on its like i find myseld looking around with my ears. omg yes this is so the kind of weird I am into thank you whoever this is! Let me be clear as much as there are like 3 others I really really think are potential winners this round this is my pick for winner.

    Richie – 10
    Vocalist has an amazing presence on the mic. The melodic bits are a really good example of how to add melody to your voice without trying to sing sing. I usually hate talking breaks in the middle of songs, unless they are absolutely entertaining and necessary… and that’s the case here. wierd ass time signatures and a whole lotta changeups. This song doesn’t get boring at all. Vocals are bright and crisp. the whispers around the 2:10 mark are panned nicely, touches like that just make this song that much more atmospheric. Challenge completed. The ending… when the song fades out while repeating the lyrics from the beginning of the song… really encapsulates the fact that hell is an endless cycle of misery, and puts this song over the top for me.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Cleetus
    Kaiju No Uta

  • addLyrics

    (Hello Cleetus, my name is Dr Isaac Yankems and I am here to conduct a little study with you today. I do hope you are willing to answer a couple of questions for me. I just want to get a better understanding of you and a little bit more context of where you come from and what you do. So whenever you are ready… please give me some background)

    Find me in a, dark alleyway, looking for my next victim,

    Creeping and stalking, planning and plotting how i get them

    wondering how I’ll end them, should I take it real slow

    or should I smash their face in with a 2×4?

    Repeatedly, or at least till he stops twitching

    I am addicted to leaving bodies beyond recognition( why)

    I don’t know why I do it, or why I continue too

    I just blame my parents for all the twisted things that I do

    (tell me bout your last victim) It was rejuvenating

    I broke into his house and caught him while he’s masturbating (ugh)

    I cut his power then lured him out his man cave

    chloroformed him, tied him up and took him back to my place

    (did you kill him) yes I did, only after my fun

    never using bullets, its too easy to use a gun ( what you do)

    disconnected his privates and told what he did’s a sin

    (my god why’d you do this) let me fill you in…


    slaughtering anything in my sight

    I’m a frightening being created to take your life

    mentally unstable, all I want to do is kill

    put a hatchet in your back and tie you down to a saw mill

    I’m standing over you watching you sleep

    when you having sleep paralysis I’m who you see

    The unstable killer craving fear in your eyes

    I’m a psychopathic monster, you Ready to Die

    (They’re gonna lock you up and throw away the key,)

    that’s ok with me, the spirits of the dead will keep me company(how so ?)

    all of the living, that i changed to be deceased

    They become my friends (luckily that number wont increase. So how they catch you?)

    Well I never been hard to find

    i like to hide in plain sight like a government spy

    I pick my victim out of society, show them my reality

    commit some kind of battery, AND KILL EM!

    (BUT i ask how did they catch you?) well i was stalking these guys

    and by guys i mean girls, I’m very sure it was 5,

    to a cabin in the woods, yeah i know its cliche

    but i couldn’t help my self, cause i wanted to slay,

    so i immobilized there vehicles, and cut all the lines,

    and like a horror film, I hunt them down one at a time

    (But did any one survive?) I should have got all 5,

    but one managed to call the cops so they arrived ,but right before they got there

    I dragged her through the forest by her hair,

    she was so pretty, so I went and stripped her down so i could stare

    did a little knife play, left my name on the cake too

    she tried to run so I beat her FUCKIN FACE BLUE

    DR I CAN SHOW YOU! (i think that is enough for today

    guards you can open the door?)




    Chorus x2

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    Kaiju No Uta – Cleetus

    Beaker – 7.5
    This track takes several listens to fully understand the story and once I got there I was a little let down – this is more of a horrorcore track about doin horrorcore stuff. Straight away you can hear elements of the beat kit and they are really nicely arranged and executed here. The beat is stronger than the vocal delivery but not by much – I would really enjoy this instrumental as environment music for trick-or-treating or a corn maze… its really fun in a mike oldfield/tubular bells kind of way. The idea of a crazed killer killing stuff is not what I was looking for in this challenge but this is a solid submission… the outro just ensures that this track wont get much replay but that laugh at the end was almost thriller-esque… missed opportunity fam.
    beat: 7.5
    lyrics: 7.5
    challenge: 7.5

    Lars – 9
    Amazing beat, love the back and forth and story telling. A winner!

    Rob – 6
    i like how this particular round is making people experiment with vocals and effects on them a lot and this one does a great job on that. The music is faster and thats refreshing becasue a lot of this stuff is slow. Even just more beats in a slwoer tempo helps a song like this sound bigger to me,

    Richie – 8.75
    this song is morbid as fuck, lol. Very vivid story, the graphicness gives me Eminem vibes. Hook is very catchy as well. Vocal performance is full of energy, I’m diggign this. Hook at the end felt a bit long with that repeat. love the melody on this beat… it’s suitably creepy. I feel the vocals could be just a hair louder in the mix. Great use of panning to differentiate the interviewer from the interviewee. Yeah this song was perfectly disturbing. Minor issues with the vocal mix and song structure, but overall I enjoyed this. Imma be watching my back when i’m watching porn in my mancave, lol.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Hemoglobin Goblin

  • addLyrics

    king kong mega dong schlong
    junior detectives 3 years strong
    wen we first hit the scene
    we knew the night be long
    all kinds of things where they don’t belong
    not to be explicit
    it was quite cadaveric
    from the amount of blood
    the murder was implicit
    so thug dusted the room for prints
    while i dusted my nose for prince
    rip the purple one sniff
    my initial analysis
    is to stay the hell of this
    monsterous insiduous
    unmatched in its viciousness
    like dude thy most be so mad
    shishkabain throbbing eye skewered gonad
    if we were normal men
    i bet we would be horkin
    but we don’t care
    if you can blink your foreskin
    but we went to to tag this un kind dude
    it suddenly whispered behind you
    hemoglobin goblin
    hemogloblin goblin
    hemoglobin goblin
    auto erotic
    hemoglobin goblin
    he’s alive how can this be
    suddenly it was on to me
    the master of photography
    of this chainsaw pornagraphy
    clawing down my back
    trine rearrange the geography
    a hype beast blood ghoul
    about or foot two
    covered in a fine drool
    of supreme drop goo
    a missile barrage of teeth hair and claws
    deep tears no pause
    is it there or mirage?
    bewitching my behoovement
    it was gone like a fool
    i need some home improvement
    so i went for my tool
    ar ar ar ar
    i keep that nana on me
    couldn’t fid the goblin so
    i peeled on the zombie

    talk you nasty daff
    before i shoot you in the head
    the corpse just laughed
    you’re already dead
    he pointed at the my blood on the floor
    i fed the goblin and now you’re feeding him more


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    KKMDS – Hemoglobin Goblin

    Beaker – 7.25
    KKMDS – I was super looking forward to this track since Ill Gill does the NC:Halloween compilation every year and I appreciate what this team pulled off. The beat is pretty fun and J plopped some of my samples in here as requests. I am not sure what the story is but that’s on me I think because I don’t know what Gill is saying most of the time. The mile long outro reminded me that these guys are in it for the fun of the game and I dig that, too. The fact that Gill could say hemoglobin goblin 6 times before he screwed up will be fun when and if this track is ever played live.
    beat: 7
    lyrics: 7
    challenge: 8

    Lars – 6
    I like the beat, the flow could have more energy and be better delivered. Hard to hear lyrics.

    Rob – 7
    I may never forget this song simply because of the title. so good

    Richie – 7
    flow complements the beat perfectly. Kinda gave me MF Doom vibes during the verses. I feel the hook could have been better. Yeah, i know that outro skit was imeant to be ronically long… but it got still got old after awhile, lol. beat giving me 80s vibes… especially with that synth bassline. vocals could be a bit brighter, and the vocal doubles are a bit too loud for my taste. very creative and entertaining song. Vocal mix could be tighter, and the hook could be better. Throw out the long outro too. Other than those complaints, I enjoyed this listen.

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    01. Behind Me

  • addLyrics

    It’s the worst fear that I’ve known
    She said if we die, we die, Ivan Drago
    She said “That’s it” she’s had it, that’s Iago
    Help me I don’t know if I can survive, no
    How do I keep running when she’s still behind me
    Hiding but she still ends up behind me
    Think I’m safe but then she’s right beside me
    And the homies all keep dying
    Help me
    I came to
    With my head throbbing
    Bout to vomit
    Couldn’t see, hardly
    My slain crew
    Was scattered all around me
    Bunch of bodies
    I knew something went south at this house party
    Heard Screaming down the stairs in the living room
    I hopped up quickly
    Feeling sickly
    Smelling guts, bowel releases and impending doom
    Raced downstairs
    feeling brave
    My guy Cade
    Grimaced at me in despair
    and then was ripped it two
    A lil ash colored girl in the distance
    Lowered her arms and then giggled at my entrance
    4 of us alive, I’m afraid to lose my temper
    Blood everywhere and I’m Minoru with the whimpers
    She called “Do you wanna play right now”
    I yelled at the others “We should run away right now”
    They said she can call us back to this place somehow!
    Oh no!
    My mom warned me, this is how these parties end
    Ran away while Crystal’s face was split in two like Harvey Dent
    Got pulled back into the house and I watched Nate’s head get crushed
    Now I’m cornered near a bowl, is that blood or is it punch? (Or tomato juice?!?!)
    It’s the worst fear that I’ve known
    She said if we die, we die, Ivan Drago
    She said “That’s it” she’s had it, that’s Iago
    Help me I don’t know if I can survive, no
    How do I keep running when she’s still behind me
    Hiding but she still ends up behind me
    Think I’m safe but then she’s right beside me
    And the homies all keep on dying
    Help me
    Now it’s just Jonathan and I
    And this girl with murder in her eyes
    She clenched her hand into a fist
    And I prayed “don’t let me go the way that Krillin dies”
    I’m black and I wasn’t first
    I guess I should be glad that I’m still alive
    As if she could read my thoughts, she said “That’s why I’m here committing
    Have you ever wished that people would view you as innocent
    When they lock their doors when you walk by
    That’s your skin
    You know that you can’t slaughter them, but who cares
    If you did
    You projected all your rage, because no one
    Blames a kid
    She smiled and I smiled back
    For a split second everything went black
    When I opened my eyes
    Jonathan was staring back with fear and surprise
    On my clothes
    Bloody stains
    I personified my pain
    He knew he could not escape
    I felt great
    It’s the best feeling I’ve known
    I mean, if they die, they die, Ivan Drago
    I just hate to be dramatic, like Iago
    But I don’t believe that you will survive, no
    You can run, but I’ll still end up behind you
    Hide but I’m still going to find you
    Think you’re safe but then I’m right beside you
    And just like your homies you will die, too
    Now I’m saying sorry
    To their mangled bodies

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    Krunktomatons – Behind Me

    Beaker – 7.5
    I am glad I knew this was a game of thrones track before we got started because it would be hard to figure out. This is the second round and the second long running, deep vocal track from krunktomatons. The sweeping soundscape and production here is very solid – if you try to focus on the beat you can hear a wide open field of atmospheric drones and suffocated drums that could have turned in to literally any song – and maybe that’s part of my problem. The beat is super spooky, tho it has a transient macabre feel… the lyrics tell a story (you may or may not already know) but its not necessary a spooky story… its just the sad and brutal story about the red wedding (I think) and if not then I totally missed this one and don’t know who to blame. The lyrics get a good score here but at the cost of the challenge.
    Bars are solid, hook is good and grows on you over several listens. The beat is legit nice… but I feel like I could take these stems and remake two entire different tracks that better satisfy the challenges.
    beat: 7.5
    lyrics: 9
    challenge: 6

    Lars – 6
    Nice melody, great energy, reminds me of $uicideboy$!

    Rob – 8
    I had missed this one so I circled back after listening to the last track on the soundcloud that had a great rain saample. This one started with that so it pulled me right in. I like this delivery a lot and the singing was real nice.

    Richie – 9.5
    Flow is really dope. Plenty of variation and everything is spit very tightly. Hook is fuego. beat is a BANGER… that switch up around the 1:00 mark is Travis Scott / Drake caliber. Producer really knows how to execute that current radio trap style perfectly. The strings that come in toward the end… epic. The vocals have a sort of flanged effect on them that could be mistaken for a bad booth. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either, lol. Challenge completed. This song jams… a lot. Minor gripe with the vocal effect, but other than that, good shit.

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    01. Halloween Date
    Literal Black Magic

  • addLyrics

    Halloween Date

    Halloween time and I got myself a date
    Ain’t single cuz it ain’t Valentine’s Day
    I wake up all in the early morn
    Trip over a diss track about Cat Porn
    Yo, it’s spooky, there’s ghosts in my house
    Straight moanin and groanin, yellin “Get the fuck out!”
    Don’t let it bother me cuz I’m Jollimus
    And you know my dauntlessness is bottomless
    Ignore them fuckers so I can primp and preen
    Preppin for this girl, makin sure that I’m clean
    Yeah, you know what I mean, makin sure that I’m fly
    Gotta keep that sexy white girl in my life
    Rush out the door cuz if I’m late she’ll be pissed
    What’s next on my Halloween playlist?
    Fuck, It’s Golden Butt Nugget Boi

    Oh shit it’s Halloween and I’m fuckin’ nerdcore
    Hit it raw from the back on the way out the door
    It doesn’t matter if you try, doesn’t matter if you care
    Halloween shit is fuckin everywhere
    Oh shit it’s Halloween and nerdcore still blows
    My mind like a kid their first time seeing snow
    It doesn’t matter if you care, doesn’t matter if you try
    This Halloween tale will eat the fear in your eyes

    We meet up by the farmers’ market
    Appropriate cloudage so it’s gettin dark
    Almost trip over a vicious little zombie
    I’m thinkin “Who’s this little honky?”
    She’s like, Oh, that’s just Jonathon
    He likes turtles, he’s so fond of them
    With that said, we mosey on
    Snag her a bottle of some Sauvingon Blanc
    We move on to the main attractions
    Bobbin for apples brings her satisfaction
    We have a blast jumpin in the leaf pile
    Can’t lie bruh, I luh to see her smile
    Look in her eyes, both are baby blue
    Girl thanks for lettin me be black next to you

    Oh shit it’s Halloween and I’m fuckin’ nerdcore
    Hit it raw from the back on the way out the door
    It doesn’t matter if you try, doesn’t matter if you care
    Halloween shit is fuckin everywhere
    Oh shit it’s Halloween and nerdcore still blows
    My mind like a kid their first time seeing snow
    It doesn’t matter if you care, doesn’t matter if you try
    This Halloween tale will eat the fear in your eyes

    We watch the sunset as we wander around
    Halloween type shit all over the town
    Haunted maze, haunted days, haunted car, haunted house
    Sexy girl on my arm and I’m hauntin her blouse
    We came across a Spooky Song Party Explosion
    Everyone was doing the Locomotion
    Candy Snatchers, nerdcore rappers, Blood Sucking Freaks
    Old man yellin’ “Don’t Trick or Treat on My Street!”
    If not for her, life would be too mean
    I’d still be Forever Alone on Halloween
    Good times rolled, awesome dinner was eaten
    Took her home, then she told me her darkest secret
    The date was fine, but yeah, we broke up at dawn
    she was made out of motherfuckin’ candy corn
    Welcome to my nightmare

    Oh shit it’s Halloween and I’m fuckin’ nerdcore
    Hit it raw from the back on the way out the door
    It doesn’t matter if you try, doesn’t matter if you care
    Halloween shit is fuckin everywhere
    Oh shit it’s Halloween and nerdcore still blows
    My mind like a kid their first time seeing snow
    It doesn’t matter if you care, doesn’t matter if you try
    This Halloween tale will eat the fear in your eye

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    Literal Black Magic – Halloween Date

    Beaker – >9000
    Jollimus Prime maintains his 100% participation rate by dropping this gem for Halloween.
    beat: it had a beat
    lyrics: >9000
    challenge: it’s a challenge to not love him so much <3 Lars - 9 Very funny concept and delivery, like the story telling and beat. Rob - 5 not a fav. this round for me has been hit or miss and this ones a miss. Ya mix is good and vocals are clear but it doesnt grab me. The deep growl sound is my fav part maybe happens 2x in the song. Richie - 6 "Thanks for letting me be black next to you" LMAO. This song is funny. I think some of the flow could be a bit tighter tho. lol the melody on this one is whimsically spooky. Always a fan of melodic wood percussion. Is that a duck call? Vocals sound good but the doubles could be blended a bit better. I feel the drums are a bit too understated for my liking as well. Challenge completed. This was a fun listen. Would be a lot better with a few tweaks.

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    01. We're The Monsters
    Mundane Monsters

  • addLyrics

    Verse 1

    what an excellent element for this experiment
    malevolent weather for monsters to gather
    Dr. Albatross, crank up the gruesome
    it’s time to get these corpses groovin’

    when we was younger, cultivating our hunger
    a night of fright meant lightning and thunder
    we primed our pumpkins for the privileged plunder
    society stuffed little oven plumpers

    years of rooted masked conclusions
    slowly schooled our soft delusions
    the cereal couldn’t hide the surprise inside
    we engineered this blight so we all could do the slide

    chorus x2:

    we’re the monsters! we’re the monsters!
    in pretend skin doing our best imposter!
    we’re the monsters! we’re the monsters!
    this night nets us a killer profit!

    verse 2

    you become a little lost, stumbled on your moral path
    you seem a bit weary may we offer you a mask?
    politely you decline, “maybe some other time”
    slowly backing away you feel the drip of our slime

    getting worser and worser at hiding our Hyde
    stranger things come from chasing these guides
    these creature comforts barely creeping us alive
    summon demons of beguile so we all can carve a smile

    the scary one is us! the scary one is us!
    followed you here from the office to the bus
    the scary one is us! the scary one is us!
    day after day no escaping from the hunt
    the scary one is us! the scary one is us!
    this social club comes with a fierce gang up
    the scary one is us! the scary one is us!
    a room full of masks and you don’t know who to trust

    make it a scene, let out a scream
    jump in your whip and fumble the keys
    your skin starts sagging and your bones is creaking
    death leans in and its breath is wreaking

    it emerges so we’re swerving, no one ever sees that curve and
    both our purpose and this burden is quickly murdered
    the convenience of greed sends the dream careening
    the next mutation get stuck with concert cleaning

    chorus x2:

    we’re the monsters! we’re the monsters!
    in pretend skin doing our best imposter!
    we’re the monsters! we’re the monsters!
    this night nets us a killer profit!

    outro x 4

    beware the monsters, we’re the monsters

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    Mundane Monsters – We’re The Monsters

    Beaker – 7.75
    that ol florida rain. I enjoy the intro to this beat and the carry over doesn’t let you down. Simple, but grimy with a nice kick and lead selection – the mix is also nice tho a more powerful lead could have really driven this track. The work on the vocals pushed them in to the middle of this mix but the track is well balanced and enjoyable. The song itself seems to be a play on the metamorphosis but there isn’t a lot of guidance for the listener to get there on their own. If you like Mystikal hes got a song called ‘im on fire’ about a dream in which his mixtape sets his house, and him, on fire. This track has a similar feel – the team paints a picture for you without filling in the gaps – how did we end up surrounded by these things, what are they really, what are they doing to us. The difference between those two tracks is the hook – in this case we are stating ‘we’re the monsters’ as the protagonist realizes they are in danger and attempts to escape… for Mystikal he realizes hes on fire and why, and is attempting to escape. A little more context could have pushed this over the edge for me and provided the storys clear beginning and end.
    beat: 7.5
    lyrics: 8
    challenge: 7.5

    Lars – 7
    The verses kind of lose it for me, but the hook is really dope and I love this beat a lot! Awesome project.

    Rob – 7
    seems forced at first but then I like the hook a lot. it immediately grows on me. New sounds added in second verse is a big plus for me. ya changinf the rhyme scheme is a good choice too, this song won me over the longer it played

    Richie – 6.5
    beat is cool, I feel it could use a few drum fills to add more drama to the melodic changes. vocals sound good, but i’d save some of the effects for the hook/bridge parts only. flow was good, I enjoyed the hook as well. I think the “scary one is us” part could have been cut in half. felt a bit too long. challenge complete, I like this song, less vocal effects, and more drum fills please 🙂

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    01. Attack of the Nerds
    Mystic Shadow

  • addLyrics

    I woke up in the mornin and hopped outta bed
    But it wasnt my bed
    Last time I fell asleep it was off of a ledge on the top of a house full of people that wanted me dead

    5am i got a text
    I was up eatin chex
    Thought it was gon be somebody taggin me so they can flex
    Tapped the phone, saw a message sent sayin that im next
    Inviting me to a label so I can stack up the checks
    All these stock rappers werent the stock they were tryna invest
    Im a broke rapper so you know off the top its a yes
    They were thrilled, thought that they were killin and blockin the threats
    I was only bringin up the fam cuz im not with the stress

    They said before I go up I need to show up to a house party pre-celebrating the blow up till they throw up or pass out smokin dro up
    My introverted ass almost told em go nuts
    But if i dont show face
    There’s gonna be no space
    For these new rapper’s hearts no room to pulsate
    Brushed my teeth again with charcoal fuck a colgate
    Hopped in the whip easy directions the road straight
    Got hype af and drove like the car has no brakes
    Pulled up to the spot guarded by a gold gate
    It opened without a button figured cuz im so late
    Woulda turned around if I knew about my own fate

    The driveway literally was about a minute
    Pull up to this mansion lookin like nobody in it
    Didnt think much of it the windows prolly tinted rang the doorbell swear it sounded like somebody sprinted
    Eccentric hi, she look me up and down and sigh
    I wonder why, then slowly let myself inside
    Now that Im thinkin about it i shoulda took the time
    To question the fact i aint see another car but mine
    Im gettin offered drinks everywhere but i decline
    Cuz i stay positive and drink water everytime
    I passed a blunt got back a roach and nearly lost my mind
    Said fuck it im about to leave and then they closed the blinds
    Party was hardly lit and still they cuttin off the lights
    All of sudden people pull up like they wanna fight
    Fuck a drink im servin blunt hands left and right
    Now at this point you’d think they’d pop out a knife
    But they smile and their teeth sharp as a knife
    I’ve gamed too long to not know this is death or life
    I main pirahna plant and so i brought the pipe
    Pow pow knock the wind out they pipe
    They blocked all the exits so I headed up
    I hear a demon on toilet like he dead or what
    They hoppin out the rooms till I red dead em up
    Feelin like a game like I actually spent a buck at an arcade cabinet
    Hopped into a bedroom and hopped on the cabinet and out the window fast as shit
    Climbed on the ceiling and I swear that I was baffled quick
    They were up here as if they knew that I’d dash and shit
    This demon ig thot with wings approached me after and I turned the stripper to a clicker when i trigger blasted it
    Sky lookin like the rapture its, crazy how i’m shootin accurate
    So many bodies clapped i swore it was an audience
    I told their god there’s the sacrificial offerin
    I told the devil that he may cry watching this
    I was on the edge of the roof falling off of it
    Mid-air i noticed i wasn’t scared
    Looked at the edge and I jus watched the devil sit there
    Closed my eyes and accepted my fate
    Guess imma make it in another life, fuck it i’ll wait

    I woke up in the mornin and hopped outta bed
    But it wasnt my bed
    Last time I fell asleep it was off of a ledge on the top of a house full of people that wanted me dead
    Stormed out the room, hope nobody seein me
    Whole crib lookin like an air bnb
    Stopped creepin cuz forreal the joint seemed empty
    Once I saw a platinum plaque on the wall

    It read… Nerdcore ENT.

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    Mystic Shadow – Attack of the Nerds

    Beaker – 7.5
    not only is this track super fun but they inadvertently directly address one of the challenges most difficult parameters – tell a comprehensive story. I listened to this track then took a break and came back to it because I got way too lit. This track made me take a rip – I couldn’t help it. This track feels so 90s – a little lofi, a little grimy, a little trappy. The beat is simple but really wonderfully executed with perfect drops and fakeouts that really highlight the punches. Another chase and escape track the story is missing a beginning and as such cant really create an end… I know that by the end the protagonist has given up and accepted his fate but we still aren’t sure why or how the stakes got that high. We called it out in the beginning but never did establish why they want the vocalist dead. The beat and lyrics score high here, but the challenge suffers slightly. The spookiness of the track would have gone up organically if the story you told was scarier.
    beat: 7.75
    lyrics: 8
    challenge: 7

    Lars – 6
    Fun flow and energy, but the beat feels a little repetitive and could have had more layers to make this a winner. Great potential though!

    Rob – 8
    this is so legit. great sounds nice flow thick crisp beat. story interesting that I could follow. love it all.

    Richie – 9
    That early switch up was flames! Beat is a banger. I think the vocal mix really works with the vocalist’s voice…but the vox could be a taaaad higher in the mix tho, like just a tad. SFX were well done too. solid flow, cadence switches are solid, rhyme schemes were really good. Love the extra bit at the end after “fuck it I’ll wait”. Would love to hear a bit more energy in certain spots, but overall, very solid shit. This song was really dope. The switch-ups in both beat and flow kept this very interesting. This is some good rap music right here.

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    01. Blood Money

  • addLyrics

    The narrative revolves around a 20 dollar bill infested with an evil spirit that infects people’s minds, searching their memories and subconscious for things it can use against the host in order to cause them to hurt themselves and/or others.

    Paid for weapons
    Paid for drugs
    Folded and creased.
    Paid for love
    House always wins and you can’t walk away with the (blood money)

    A bill sits folded holding a soul
    It’s more than a moment holding it all
    More than a mentor more than a roll
    Each subject, molded and cold
    A parasite bite on the stem of a brain
    Old soul finding new dragons to chase
    A serial number soaked in blood from a blade
    Rolled up sucks more dust to the face
    Carried away. Eyes wild, looking for another taste
    Now wrinkled and tucked in a purse okay
    Never spent too long stuck in the same place
    Theif walks up behind her at the ATM
    Purse is open, she reaches in
    Out comes a knife,
    And metal is in and out his windpipe twice before he can even speak again
    That’s what he gets,
    wipes the blood on his shirt and spits
    Down the block to the ABC store,
    tips the 20 to the clerk and the cycle starts again
    It searches the body it found
    Finds the memories and then roots around
    Flashback to the desert eagle under the counter
    And a memory of his ex, can he live without her?
    The fiend says probably not.
    The demon is seething, the door is now locked
    Grabs a bottle of jack from the rack
    Hands on the the cap and he’s twisting it off
    Tilts it back, coughs and laughs
    More poison can’t hurt, leans over the counter and grabs
    Licks his lips, metal on top of the whiskey bite
    Flash of light.

    Breaking a 100 at the donut shop
    Sliding across the counter is the 20 spot
    A call comes in that the block is hot
    Unidentified male, b&e at a mom and pop
    In the car, on the scene,
    Uniform so fresh so clean
    Stroll so mean, straightens his sleeves
    Grabs the perp, rattles his teeth
    But the bill is searching it’s trying to find
    Invading the crevices inside of his mind
    Sees humanity buried inside
    Sinks his teeth in, officer cries
    Every lie, every time
    Every face of every child
    Grabs his weapon and fires
    Into his eye, the perp screams why
    Blood in his mouth squirts out of the swine
    Piggy screams, a hole in his mind
    But that is fine, it was his time
    Even his wife will not cry
    Abusive and cowardly, a monster who dies
    never absolved of his crime
    He was forgotten before his body was dry, shit
    Gurgling stops and now he is silent
    Perp grabs cuff keys off of the corpse
    Screaming for help, now he is horse
    No one is coming alone here of course
    Oh my god what is in store
    Nothing now to do but go on the run
    No other option he grabs the money and gun
    Loads a clip, starts to cock it
    Bloodmoney burning a hole in his pocket.

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    Not Dead Yet – Blood Money

    Beaker – 8.75
    This track is on an entirely different level than most entrants this round. The production quality on this track is excellent and puts Not Dead Yet up with gross/beats and Kokoro as having a functionally professional audio engineer on the team. The use of big strings as leads immediately evokes the spooky nature of the challenge and compliments the vocal delivery and subject matter perfectly. The beat kit elements are obvious and generous – executed perfectly through the track. That drop in to the hook is beyond epic – a huge sound that crashes down on the BLOOD. MONEY. and sounds almost Hollywood movie-esque. At times a tritest on capitalism, a times a rant against conventionalism and at all times a sonic assault on all your senses – you can smell the blood, taste the steel and smell the dank of a back alley doctors office digging rounds out of abdomens for a bill a pop. I am missing the story here, because there really isn’t one… this isn’t a story about a person or people in a spooky situation – this is a story about the human condition and how ‘makin it’ in modern society is not so dissimilar from surviving in a post-appocolyptic hellscape.
    or maybe not idk.
    beat: 9
    lyrics: 9
    challenge: 8

    Lars – 8
    I like the flow a lot, this is a creative and very spooky song.

    Rob – 9
    creepy right out the gate damn. More than any other so far hahah. ok good job I wanna hear whats next wow. Then I realize who this is and I am not even surprised FUCK YA. when it open up wide at 120ish I LOVE IT love all the layers!

    Richie – 8.5
    waiting…waiting…there’s that beat drop! Worth the wait for sure. Plenty of change ups, both melodically and drum-wise to keep my ear on the edge of its seat. Vocals sound good. It’s always a risk using crazy vocal effects, it definitely pays off here. Love the flow throughout this song. The changes in cadence felt super natural… a sign of a good lyricist. I like the hook. On that “Pay for weapons, pay for drugs…” part… would have loved to hear something slightly different instead of it repeating 4 times… even if it’s just the last time having a different ending bar. The beat was atmoshperic as fuck, especially those lush cinematic strings that come in at the end. Song was dope, well-written. A few little tweaks to the song structure and this will jam even more!

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Stuck In the Game

  • addLyrics

    Just took about 500 microgram and goddamn it
    I’m standin in front of bowser’s haunted castle
    A hastle because I gotta kill these koopa troopas
    And about a thousand bloody goombas
    No amount of roombas can clean up this mess
    Unless you find the best cleaner and pay them
    Numb cause I can feel Dry bones creeping
    Seeping into my psyche like a bomb-omb blitz
    It’s okay I keep telling myself as I keep playing
    And paying with blood because if I slack
    A thwomp will stomp me until I’m paper
    Couldnt be bothered with reality cant you see
    Would rather see Lucy in the sky with diamonds
    Instead of bodies floating and forming islands
    Just another day at work, cause I’ll be killed if I shirk
    They got my wife and kids, so I gotta close these lids

    Dont want to look inside, cause I might just die
    Finally losing my high as I cut this mans thigh
    Gotta keep goin and bide my time, it’s a crime to lie
    So I just keep my head down, and ignore that sound
    Sounds like hell in the room over and smells of death
    The CCP looking for a reason to harvest ya organs
    As I stand here and try to harvest his organs
    Tried putting him outta his misery and now I cant see
    Blood in my eyes, cries in my ears, death on my mind
    I just want some beers and get rid of my fears
    Havent been to sleep in days since I started
    This job was given to me by satan hating me
    Punishment for being a good man I guess
    I was a dad but now I’m getting sad realizing the lies
    havent seen my family’s real eyes in days
    They dead as I am as my tears fall off the roof before I die

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    PBKGSR – Stuck In the Game

    Beaker – 5.75
    This is a good submission – the beat is pretty solid but moves between a Doom like vgm atmosphere and an almost drum and bass energy that I keep waiting for but never arrives. The lyrics are a little out there – a bit all over the place but trying to stay close to the challenge… rhymes are simple but delivered timely. Some improvements are available here but this submission was garbage. I would first take another look at the mix on this track and try to find a finer balance between your track elements and vocals – level things out by getting more energy out of your vocalist. GG team.
    beat: 5.5
    lyrics: 5
    challenge: 7

    Lars – 4
    I do like the beat, but the laissez-faire vibe of the delivery of the lyrics doesn’t quite work for me.

    Rob – 5
    so weird I like it but I dont think the scratchy recording on vocals was ntentional? Maybe it was. This stuff is all so experimental I like it all so I feel bad for judging it aside the rest. I like this a lot but its not the winner oc this round for me?

    Richie – 5
    beat kinda reminds me of an underground sewer level in some MMO I’ve played. It’s not bad but it sort of has more of a background drone music feel rather than something that drives the rhtyhm of the song. Vocals are very muffled in the mix. The lyrics on this are actually pretty good. They don’t necessarily flow with the beat well. The poetic part is solid, but the rhythm part is lacking. This is a good foundation, the beat is a lot more servicable than the vocal quality, so I’d work on getting the vocals to sound brighter. As for the song as written, try to focus on making the rhyme schemes fit better onto the beat.

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    01. Tumbling into DashCon (Never Forget)
    Pinky and the Mancubus

  • addLyrics


    Yes, Yes, it will be a fine night
    A fine weekend
    One of the most greatest creator driven conventions in the world
    Dashcon, a first for Tumblr, a first for our audience
    Come to our Convention, enjoy our community
    Prove yourselves

    Verse 1

    Come to our convention, you belong with people
    Accepting all attendees, all welcome and equal
    The internets dankest, there will be thousands in number
    Dash to Dascon, first convention from Tumblr

    Windy city in the Garden ushers you in
    Day one, starts at 1, but it’s nine AM
    Talk with friends in line, no need to get surly
    Surely more will show up, it is a bit early


    Steam Powered Giraffe will not be playing
    No refunds for what you’re paying
    We need more cash while we’re delaying
    No refunds for what you’re paying
    Say goodbye to Nightvale they’re not staying
    No refunds for what you’re paying
    The sing-a-long silenced, now dismaying
    No refunds for what you’re paying

    Verse 2

    Nightmare day two, call it extortion
    There are worse things, like testicular tortion
    May not have everything, we have a quarter portion
    Perhaps we’re less shire, a bit more dwarven

    Here’s Pacific Rim, let the robots distract you
    We’re adjusting our policy online, you’ll see that soon
    They decided to walk, hardly our fault
    An extra hour of ball pit, will that dilute your salt?

    The vendors abandoned you, and us, I fear
    This is chaos, bad luck, an accident, or is it dear
    Perhaps it churns and is now becoming clear
    That after cash and ask and cash, you’re still here

    We knew you wouldn’t leave, you’re committed
    Though we traded room for kiddie pool filled with balls pitted
    Against you, the truth, though you try to deny
    Check the site again, no matter how much you click, refund denied

    Steam Powered Giraffe will not be playing
    No refunds for what you’re paying
    We need more cash while we’re delaying
    No refunds for what you’re paying
    Say goodbye to Nightvale they’re not staying
    No refunds for what you’re paying
    The sing-a-long silenced, now dismaying
    No refunds for what you’re paying

    Verse 3

    Day 3, you peed in the pool
    So it’s gone, are you happy, no kiddie pool for you
    Your demands for an explanation will not be refused
    Let our organization evade and diffuse

    Our tale is legendary, obituated by historians
    Wish you could change the past, but you’ve no Delorian
    Recorded and kept in a vault, we’ve thrown away the key
    No one will ever see the D V D


    Steam Powered Giraffe will not be playing
    No refunds for what you’re paying
    We need more cash while we’re delaying
    No refunds for what you’re paying
    Say goodbye to Nightvale they’re not staying
    No refunds for what you’re paying
    The sing-a-long silenced, now dismaying
    No refunds for what you’re paying

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    Pinky and the Mancubus – Tumbling into DashCon (Never Forget)

    Beaker – 8
    first of all the subject matter for this track is stellar. From a challenge perspective this track hits most of the elements pretty well – we’ve got a spooky story, we’ve got some of the beat kit, we’ve got a fresh lead (that guitar speaks to me directly)… the beat isn’t really spooky but the idea of investing in dashcon is pretty spooky on its own. The mix is decent if not a little long (you could ditch the intro entirely and still get the whole story behind the track) and the work done on the vocals is really very nice. A great approach to the challenge and an unconventional entry to break up the monotony. The hook is pretty good but all of these insights are viewed from the ‘dashcon topic’ lens which I am glad works because the whole damn track is held together by the meme.
    beat: 7.75
    lyrics: 8
    challenge: 8

    Lars – 6
    I like the weird vibe of this song, but I think the flow could be paired with the beat a bit better. Still dope though!

    Rob – 8
    yaya more weirdo haha. unique and fun like hearing the guitar. mix is great vocal effects are very roomy and full. synth (?) bassline is thick like I like it could be thicker and in front maybe would be the only thing I would change.

    Richie – 9
    Another example of taking a huge risk with extreme vocal effects and having that risk pay off. Sounds like satan himself rapping. The beat is good, way to play to your strenghts with the guitar. I felt you could have kept the snare/clap layered with the snap through the first and second verses tho. Very creative story. No steampowered giraffe? That really is a nightmare. I thought the hook was great, wasn’t boring or repetitive at all. Felt like the song ended a bit abruptly after that last “no refunds for what your paying”. Very entertaining song, especially loved the hook. Every convention-goers worst nightmare, in song form.

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    01. Ghost With the Most
    Primal Winds

  • addLyrics


    1st Verse 16bars

    It all started with a couple living in a big house,
    died in a car accident and had to figure it out //
    no one hears commotion when they scream and shout,
    or seen about, unless your an unusual demon child //

    Can’t go outside cause they’re stuck in the afterlife,
    and now they have to pay the ultimate sacrifice //
    stuck in a waiting room, thought it’d be paradise,
    do I sit beside side the torso or a nice pair of thighs //

    Failed at haunting the family unwanted in their home,
    nothing was working, tearing flesh off bare bone //
    it’s time to raise the curtain, as you hearing them moan,
    your cover is blown, lips are sown, another is born //

    Couldn’t frighten the Deetzes with their weak scare tactics,
    so they got juicy Beets to strike some fear factors //
    a freak in the attic, that reek like an addict, speaking erratic,
    now the beast is unleashed to wreak some havoc //

    Hook 8bars

    Have you fearing the tyranny as you hearing me grows,
    he’s coming for your throats and those who summon me knows //
    I’m the ghost with the most, so grotesque with the flows,
    a pest when he shows, you emcees are toast //

    Have you fearing the tyranny as you hearing me grows,
    he’s coming for your throats and those who summon me knows //
    I’m the ghost with the most, so grotesque with the flows,
    a pest when he shows, with plenty of jokes //

    2nd Verse 20bars

    This is a haunting, so daunting, the stuff you all wanting,
    storm after the calm bring, where dyings a bomb thing //
    the anomaly that’s fondling your woman while pondering,
    if you’re new at this shit! Can’t manifesting what I’m conjuring //

    Just say the name three times to let the evil loose,
    he plan to break the curse and reproduce, dream induced //
    the Beetle Juice who peekaboo’s, give me a noose, to be recluse,
    if we to lose, skips right to the obituaries and read the news //

    Take the form of a snake, he like Cirque du Soleil,
    do shit on purpose to hurt us in a murderous ways //
    beneath the surface he’s lonely and wants someone to play,
    they had enough of the baloney and just trying to escape //

    Take numbers from the dead to get ahead of the wait,
    only to have your head shrunken to the size of a grape //
    showing love in the form of hate, take any form or shape,
    while he formulates way to get down and fornicate //

    On the paranormal playing field he easily out ranks ya
    the netherworld prankster that’ll scare a normal wanksta //
    smells like a drunk smoking dank in a skank bar,
    dressed in pinstripe clothing so you know he’s a gangster //

    Hook 8bars

    Have you fearing the tyranny as you hearing me grows,
    he’s coming for your throats and those who summon me knows //
    I’m the ghost with the most, so grotesque with the flows,
    a pest when he shows, you emcees are toast //

    Have you fearing the tyranny as you hearing me grows,
    he’s coming for your throats and those who summon me knows //
    I’m the ghost with the most, so grotesque with the flows,
    a pest when he shows, with plenty of jokes //

    Closing verse 4bars

    Gonna slaughter everyone even if our plans are disrupt,
    didn’t come for first place, we came for your daughter chuck! //
    I’m dat modern fuck, bio-exorcist that’ll clobber ya,
    If these lines were any dirtier, it’d be considered erotica //


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    Primal Winds – Ghost With the Most

    Beaker – 8.25
    as other folks have mentioned, the sampling of Beetlejuice was an epic choice and lends itself to this challenge really perfectly – the story is there for you to adapt and make your own. I want to start with this beat because its good – REALLY good – but it could have been great. Layering the orchestral theme was a smart choice but there were some missed oppoturnities, especially as we approach the anniversary of A Fifth of Beethoven – reproducing the orchestra with a spoopy inspired synth may have been a lot of work but it would have totally been worth it. In absence of that, some scratch work on the lead sample especially around the punches from your vocalist would have pushed this over the top. The drum kit is there but Im not hearing much other use of the kit – which is alright but a little disappointing given the awesome production work here. The vocals could have been mixed and mastered a little better but that’s my only real complaint. The bars are solid and a fun interpretation of the Beetlejuice story. Flow is solid but as mentioned I would have liked to highlight some of those punchlines as the bars were solid but mixed behind the bass. Hook is nice but not really sing-a-long-able but that’s because the growly delivery is hard for people to emulate. I have already added this track to my own Halloween party track playlist.
    beat: 8
    lyrics: 8
    challenge: 9

    Lars – 7
    Reminds me of Ces Cru, the Strange Music group. Love the energy and internal rhymes!

    Rob – 9
    great use of a sample. piano and tamborine with the drum beat and far away horns I love it all. vocals are at a great level in the mix. Skilled rhymes and all understandable. Has this we need to rush to get away menaching feel I really appreciate

    Richie – 8
    FUCKING DOPE SAMPLE FLIP. This brought me back to the 1988. I love the beat and how you switched up the way the sample is used throughout the song. vocals sound good, could be just a little bit brighter EQ-wise. flow gives me lowkey eminem vibes. Loved the ryhme schemes throughout this whole thing. Song is dope as written, but I feel the story sort of derailed into shit talking from the perspective of beetlejuice after the first verse.

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    01. Night of the Mask ( La Muerte De Chupacabra )

  • addLyrics

    (la muerte De Chupacabra)
    Verse 1:
    Ey yoh, the streets ain’t safe for you non savages
    You averages getting chopped like some fresh cabbages
    Meet the villain outside with weak enough challenges
    Striking down an emcee with flows
    how he damages
    See back in the day, before the villain had the mask
    Everything was chaotic with many scary whimsy tasks
    It was like mutants against the sentinels sent by Bolivar Trask
    No time to relax or act scared
    What’s feared more was the lure of the Chupacabra,
    The most prideful of beasts since mufasa
    And got his own domain like Anakin in mustafa
    And also known to be Deadlier than cobra snakes are
    One brave night, the young villain went trick or treating
    Meaning he was unprepared scared for the meeting
    He had his costume on, worn for the evening
    It was black with red eyes and horns like a demon
    On Halloween I mean the scene was amazing
    Even though you had some scary dudes outside misbehaving,
    breaking into people homes
    Faking lethal feeble bones
    attacking homeowners like they skipped payments and- can’t afford the loans
    So he walked out of the house and went to the corner store
    thinking he could get some sweet candy free from out of the drawer
    The lady at the counter said (hell naw)
    So he stole the candy and ran
    When all of a sudden the lights went out
    He was scared shook
    Shouting, hoping nothing scary happening from out the books -like he read as a youngin
    (Son he got to running )
    Yeah I know that,
    but like I gotta make it seem interesting
    So when you listening, you can feel how the villain feeling
    Been a minute since the villain met face to face- with a monster
    And was terrified like what hot water do to fresh lobster
    Then again maybe it’s in my head I need a doctor
    Disregard all hopes and dreams when the chupacabras on the scene
    Contact your local minister to pray for thee
    Cuz this dude is ugly and mean
    he will devour your soul and spleen
    Verse 2:
    It was too late to make haste from out the scene
    Villain being terrified cried when he saw the thing
    Known as the chupacabra, the goat sucker
    It was at this time he knew he’d be a good rapper
    A contender for “greatest of all time”
    With obscure rhymes
    No chains attached he would be free to get
    But before that, in this continuity chupacabra
    Saw him panicking so he take a shot him
    Scratched his eyes
    Now you know why he wears a mask
    To hide the signs and flaws from the sad attack
    Chupacabra with the claws devours cowards
    And anybody who got a sword on(zordon) like rangers with powers
    With great power also comes an alarming threat
    Is what the villain thought as their weird eyes met
    But before the last blow was dealt someone screamed “ahh Chupacabra” so the monster turned and Left but he said…
    Chorus X2 :
    Disregard all hopes and dreams when the chupacabras on the scene
    Contact your local minister to pray for thee
    Cuz this dude is ugly and mean
    he will devour your soul and spleen

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    RockRow – Night of the Mask ( La Muerte De Chupacabra )

    Beaker – 6.75
    This track makes me feel conflicted because the song is good but all the stuff around it is not – I want this released without the intro (maybe on the album make the intro its own track without a transition pause)… because it drops right in to an almost Castlevania type beat – really great for a Halloween track. The church Rhodes is a little simple and would have been more effective on the piano roll instead of as a sample. The raps are mediocre – delivery is a little flat and that sing-songy hook honest to god kills this track. The verses could carry this but if this track gets more attention post-vpc, I would suggest bringing in a few features and redoing the hook entirely. The story here isn’t really an A to B to C journey, but it is a story about a mythical creature that is pretty scary so its close. Nice effort – in future rounds either spend a lot more time on those vocal harmonies or stick in your lane and do raps.
    beat: 7
    lyrics: 6
    challenge: 7

    Lars – 9
    Spectacular flow and beat, this is a gem of the whole concept! Amazing story telling. Wow.

    Rob – 9
    Reggaeton beat halloween music is pure freaking win for me. I live in a spainish neighborhood and this song speaks to me in so many ways . Im literally danincing in my computer chair right now as I type. Daring part at about 2:20 so good!

    Richie – 8.5
    Love the mix on this song. Vocals are crispy, and the beat has a kick that actually… kicks. The beat could have used something extra during the hook tho. Flow is fucking solid. Real lyricist shit right here, love the rhyme schemes. Love the “ahhh chupacabra” scream voice, lol. Singing vocals during the hook weren’t bad at all, good shit. This song is dope. Loved the hook but it just needs a bit more productionwise to stand out. Other than that, very solid entry.

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    01. Wake Up
    Sailor Doom

  • addLyrics

    I wake up
    At last eyes open
    Scanning through the darkness,
    Twitching, turning, stomach wretching
    Blood stains on the carpets
    Every footstep leaves an echo,
    Hear them playing over,
    Followed by another pair, and
    Grabbing doorknobs, frantic turning
    Desperate cries and slowly learning
    There’s no exit, there’s no leaving
    Panic sets in, heavy breathing
    Down the hallways, hear the chasing,
    Turn the corner, now they’re facing
    Feel the ter-ror setting in…
    Try to scream
    dead again
    And its coming for me
    And it’s chasing for you
    Chasing me over it’s chasing me always
    Tell me, what to do?
    It’s never ending
    Here it comes again
    The nightmare forcing me to wake up
    But it wants me dead
    Oh it’s howling, it’s screaming
    You need to wake up
    But i’ll be gone by moonlight
    Awake by day break
    Over and over again
    its never enough
    (Wake up)
    I wake up
    Again… eyes open…
    Scanning through the darkness…
    Feel confusion setting in like
    Blood stains on the carpets
    Hear familiar footsteps marching
    Forward in a line, no hopes or
    Saviors from divine, just a
    moment stuck in time
    Hear the echo (time to)
    Start the next show, (always)
    Try to escape (but it)
    Never lets go (no)
    As the despair
    Starts to set in,
    Hear the cries and tries to
    scream for help
    dead again
    I wake up
    Yeah, it’s a beautiful day
    Ain’t no birds in the trees, just sweet decay
    And it’s dark and cold, and the house is old,
    With tons of room for us to play!
    We can start with a game of hide and seek
    I’ll even close my eyes, promise not to peek
    Here’s a head start, put you by the red part
    Of the carpet where your heart quit last week!
    don’t know who you pissed off to get tossed here,
    I don’t ever judge, look, i’m not the boss dear
    Paid me fat dollars so you get stuck, yeah
    soul’s kinda fucked, yeah
    in case I was not clear
    Anyway, that’s the mess you’re in
    Hope you said goodbye to your next of kin
    We’re a bit behind (nah, we’re right on time!)
    OH BOY! Here I go killing again

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    Sailor Doom – Wake Up

    Beaker – 8
    another spooky-because-of-bells approach to the beat but it generally works. The muting effect on the drums were a bad call – Twills voice demands those snares be sharp and the kicks be clear as she occupies a wide range of the mix. I like the drum work a lot, I just wish I could hear them more. Twills delivery is good and the backing track vocal modulation work is really solid (Hackney I like that shit a lot keep it up). The bridge in to and out of the hook is very solid work and the piano helps create the atmosphere you were going for. The sweeps are used very well and the lead synth sounds good in the mix… Overall this is a great track that just came out sounding like it was mixed on a 4track Tascam. The lofi thing could work if Twills voice wasn’t so dynamic.
    I enjoy the story and delivery – the raps are well written and the panicky sounding punches and voice escalation actually help the production sound cohesive and Twill carriess a lot of the weight in the verses. The close was super dope – the wakeup and fade out was great… I would have even extended that lead to drag out and fade over another 4 bars. For advice on this one – Twill could have used a little autotune and layering especially in the hook/bridge. Post prod work was difficult for this im sure but as mentioned that was a result of a highly sonically dynamic beat and vocalist. I would have stripped the mix entirely and started from scratch once the vocals were in place instead of trying to mix each of the vocal cuts into the ‘finished’ beat individually because you can hear the differences between them.
    beat: 7.5
    lyrics: 8.5
    challenge: 8

    Lars – 7
    I like the creative chances this takes, but the rock vocals could be more in tune and more in the front. I enjoyed it though!

    Rob – 8
    ok yall gotta stop with song after song of goodness. Like How am I supposed to be a judge if you are all basically good?? This song is great but I want it to have a bigger sound wider I dunno how to describe it. I suppose thats part of what the song design is all about but its great no doubt and the scream at 1:44 is really shrill and scary. The thing Is I really like the music but ti was a little hidden at times.

    Richie – 8.5
    beat sounds crispy AF. loved how the foosteps were panned. The drums had good variety, fills, etc. loved it. Felt like the hook could have used an extra instrument or two to spice things up a bit more. Vocals were really dope. Very lush. Really enjoyed the lyrics and vocal performance on this… especially the bubbly happy switchup towards the end. Vocalist has a wide range of emotional expression on this, and it really shines. enjoyed this entry a lot, beat is good, just needs a little more drama to be a banger.

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    01. Curiosity Killed The VPC Contestant
    Saints of San Secuestro

  • addLyrics

    You hear a detuned organ in the distance
    And you know that its best to mind your business
    But your curiousity gets the best of you
    So you go and check it out you’re right on schedule
    You open the door to a house dilapidated
    Little do you know that your end’s been orchestrated
    You walk on in and it seems that there is no one around
    Listening real hard tryna find the source that’s making the sound
    And right in front of you there are some double doors
    Then you hear footsteps echo through the corridors
    You open them up and you walk into a grand room
    And then you realize that you’ve met your damn doom
    Then the doors slam behind you and they lock
    It scares you so bad that you’re going into shock
    The room grows cold and so quiet like death
    You close your eyes. and you take a deep breath

    You hear your heartbeat you better not breathe
    You better stay quiet cuz the killer might be
    Right behind you with a knife too
    He’ll slit your throat and he’ll end you fuckin life dude.

    You hear a detuned organ in the distance
    And you know that it’s best to mind your business
    And you feel like you been here before
    But you just can’t stop yourself from opening the door
    To a house that’s quite dilapidated
    You’re trying to resist but your will has been negated
    You walk on in and you know that someones there
    You hear the footsteps in the corridors and you’re scared
    You see the doors and you know you shouldn’t do it
    You open them up anyways and yell “Yo screw it!”
    You see the grand room and it’s a grand view
    You take it all in cuz you know you’re damned too
    The doors slam behind you and them bitches lock
    You don’t give a fuck so you just whip out your cock
    The room grows cold and and it makes your dick get small
    And you try to figure out the meaning of this all

    You hear your heartbeat you better not breathe
    You better stay quiet cuz the killer might be
    Right behind you with a knife too
    He’ll cut your dick off cuz he don’t like you
    You’re drenched in sweat and your heart is beating faster
    You wish that you could find a way to escape this bastard
    You roll over in pool of your own sweat, fall off the bed
    Then you realize that it’s October 20th and you haven’t done anything for the VPC and you’re not competing in round 2 NOOOOOOOOOOO!

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    Saints of San Secuestro – Curiosity Killed The VPC Contestant

    Beaker – 7.5
    So Im just gonna say straight away – this beat is not spooky. Ok. That being said this track is pretty fun. The vocal delivery and flow is pretty fire and the story we get is a standard ghosts/baddies in a haunted house type narrative. Why did we go in the house? Who knows – is it important? Only to the story telling challenge. The wordplay is fun and unless Im reading too much in to it this is about joining the NCHH community and not realized what youre getting yourself into, trying to make an impression and ultimately shitting the bed, resulting in a few diss tracks from the community. As the track closes we get a sense that maybe this was about nearly missing the VPC deadline but that feels like an after thought to rest of the song. This another really good entry that I thoroughly enjoyed but cant score high on the challenge value – the spooky beat, heavy kit sampling and story just weren’t there for me.
    beat: 8
    raps: 7.5
    challenge: 7

    Lars – 6
    Beat kind of subsumes the raps, but I can tell they both have talent! Hard to hear the rap that well.

    Rob – 7
    ya this isnt all that compelling to me. Music is recordede well but delivery of lyrics isnt really doing it for me. Im not buying it but then I do like the part about the vpc so thats cool then when it goes instrumental I really like it so sorry to the vocals but im bumping the score at the end because of that. the hook is better to me now after that great solo but for me this song is about the music

    Richie – 8.5
    loved the lyrics, my only complaint is the understated nature of the hook performance. in combination with the beat, it felt more like a bridge or transition, kinda left me expecting something more grandiose to follow. love the swing on the beat. I can’t remember the video game… but it reminds me of one, lol. Vocals sound very solid in the mix. Production-wise, the hook felt more like a bridge. Understated hooks are hard to get just right. very solid entry, loved the swingy cadence of the beat and the vocalist’s flow. Gimme more hook next time!

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Come On Down

  • addLyrics

    Gotta get ready for this one
    It’s gonna be a bloodbath
    And it’s the…

    [Verse 1]
    Last day of the rest of my life.
    Need to suck it up just to pay the ultimate price.
    I grab a bag of garlic and hit the road.
    I really need this motherfucker’s head to explode.
    Studio 33 in L.A. CA.
    A line has formed right outside the doors already.
    Push my way to the front with my sunglasses on.
    I gotta find this demon, a real Satan’s spawn!
    I wait in a line, then I wait in a line.
    Walk around the corner and I wait in another line.
    It takes so long just to get in the front doors,
    But I got a big surprise for the guy I’ve been waiting for!
    Enter the studio and sit in a chair.
    Got a deathgrip on somethin that I have stored in my underwear.
    The lights go up and the music sounds shoddy,
    When my name leaves the lips of a man named Mr. Roddy.

    [Chorus 1]
    Come, On Down, he said.
    You’re the next contestant on the price is right!
    I have my mission. I’m ready to do this!
    Hey Beaker, Bob Barker is a vampire!
    Come, On Down, he said.
    Make a bid, we don’t have all night.
    What’s your bid man? Let’s play a game!
    Hey Beaker, Bob Barker is a vampire!

    [Verse 2]
    I said one dollar, and they put it on the screen.
    Bob’s lookin kinda fiesty if you know what I mean.
    He’s holding his mic like he holds on to this secret.
    Well he’s a demon piece of shit, is all that I’m thinkin.
    He opens the envelope and looks me in the eye.
    His face is so evil. I really hate this guy!
    Bob calls me on the stage and says that I’ve won.
    Let the games begin, you vampire scum!
    I clutch the wooden stake that was hidden in my jeans,
    And walked up to Bob, as I entered the scene.
    His neck was really veiny. Caught a whiff of his breath.
    It smelled like rotten eggs. He really smelled like death.
    “So, where do you come from?” Bob asked me on the mic.
    “Not from here!” I said, not trying to be polite.
    He extended his arm. Thought he might try to kill me.
    And that’s when I heard the voice of Rod Roddy.

    [Chorus 2]
    Come, On Down, he said.
    You get to play a real fun game.
    Plinko! Where you can win lots of cash.
    Hey Beaker, Bob Barker is a vampire!
    Take these chips and drop them. Win up to 50 grand!
    We know you like money. We know you want to win!
    Hey Beaker, Bob Barker is a vampire!

    [Verse 3]
    I held my chips, as I stood next to Bob.
    Have to choose my next move carefully to move it along.
    Thinking away, I step onto the platform,
    And notice all the pegs in the Plinko board.
    I play along as the audience laughs.
    They didn’t realize I was here for a serious task.
    My anxiety is up and my heartrate’s bumpin.
    Dropped a chip down the pegboard and I won nothing.
    Bob glares at me. He can smell my fear.
    While standing on the stage as the audience cheers.
    “Enough is enough!” I whip out my weapon,
    And point it at Bob. Now he knows what’s happenin!
    He grins real big, and motions over to his beauties,
    Who are all bearing fangs as they walk over to me.
    Bob lets out a scream and the stage goes up in flames!
    Now it’s time to tango. Let’s play the game!

    Our eyes locked in a stairdown, waiting to see who moves first.

    [Chorus 3]
    Come, On Down, he said.
    You’re the next contestant on the price is right!
    I have my mission and I’m ready to do this!
    Hey Beaker, Bob Barker is a vampire!
    Come, On Down, he said.
    You’re the next contestant on the price is right!
    I have my mission and I’m ready to do this!
    Hey Beaker, Bob Barker is a vampire!
    Bob Barker is a vampire!
    Bob Barker is a vampire!
    Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
    Bob Barker is a vampire!

    [Verse 4]
    I dart behind the Plinko board as Bob lunges at me.
    The fangs inside his mouth, I can tell he’s bloodthirsty!
    Wad up a handful of garlic and throw it at his face.
    He blocks it with his hand. It goes all over the place!
    I pull out the wooden stake as smoke fills the room.
    Gotta send this demon back to sleep. Back to his tomb!
    I take a stab that he dodges. Sinks his teeth in my arm.
    The crippling pain overcomes me. Awful body alarm!
    Bob stands over top of me, blood dripping from his mouth.
    The beauties, they surround him like they’ve seen a drought.
    He grabs my head and twists it, then he bites into my neck,
    But not before I stabbed him in his mother-motherfucking chest.
    Blood gushed out of his torso. Liters by the second.
    The room is going dark. I don’t think that I’ll make it.
    Flames fill the room. It sure is getting hot!
    At that moment I remembered something important I forgot.
    I reached down to my ankle and grabbed the pistol.
    With one silver bullet. I know I can’t miss though!
    I aim. I shoot. I hear a loud pop!
    The bullet pierced him in the face. A perfect headshot!
    He screams real loud, like a dying demon should.
    The beauties catch on fire like I knew they would.
    As I lay there dying, thinking I just saved the world,
    The color fades to black, as I descend into the underworld.

    Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
    Bob Barker is a vampire!
    Hey, hey, hey, hey!
    Hey Beaker, Bob Barker is a vampire!
    Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
    Bob Barker is a vampire!
    Hey, hey, hey, hey!
    Hey Beaker, Bob Barker is a vampire!
    Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
    Bob Barker is a vampire!
    Hey, hey, hey, hey!
    Hey Beaker, Bob Barker is a vampire!

  • addJudge scores

    Sirtet – Come On Down

    Beaker – 7.5
    a bloodbath indeed. This beat is pretty solid and the immediate dip in to the raps made this track start strong but hit its stride quick. This track has a weird place in my heart and not just because Ive got a shoutout in the hook so lets get a little dissecty on it.
    This beat reminds me of my own earlier work – the samples and composition are tightly selected and quantized. The beat is solid, simple and effective. There is nothing crazy going on here and there are several opportunities to enhance the flavor. The mix is pretty good but also very simple – you can tell each part was lined up in its own track, quantized tight and set to an equal volume across all tracks. The same limiter is also on the master, pushing everything down to an even level. This would work if you were listening to this beat while playing videogames or as a backing track to some other activity – in this case it sounds like the beat was made and packaged and the vocals were just layered on with audacity at a few notches higher. I made this comment on a few other tracks but you can really hear it clearly in this example. Dropping the beat, changing up the bass and lead lines would give this nearly 6 minute track a little more variety.
    The lyrics and delivery are solid but get better over time – and what I mean by that is that the second verse is better than the first and the third verse is by far the best – like you gained confidence in the studio or something and just felt better about the track as you recorded it. The hook is fun and puts a sinister twist on the Price is Right. Even the word play improves from verse to verse – go back and listen to just your stems for the verses and youll get what I mean. LETS PLAY THE GAME
    Great submission with obvious signs of quality improvements over round 1.
    beat: 7.5
    lyricism: 7.5
    challenge: 7.5

    Lars – 7
    Haha, this song is hilarious. My one note would be to invest in a nicer mic, this could have been a perfect one.

    Rob – 9
    I can tell the lyrics are punched in but im ok with it because I can follow the story. I am certain I have never hear price is right rhymes before so I am interested. I was completely paying attn to all of that and couldnt even type. Perfect execution and nailed the landing at the end

    Richie – 7.5
    I love the Price Is Right, thus I love this story. Love the vocalist’s energy in the storytelling. The “hey hey hey hey” parts during the hook sound more like a live performance filler, so it doesn’t resonate as much to me sitting at my desk listening, lol. Beat isn’t bad, I feel like it needs a bit more bottom end. Turn that kick up. Vocals are adequately present in the mix, but could be EQ’ed a little better. song was good. There’s room for improvement with the mix, but other than that, an enjoyable listen.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Symphony of Lost Souls
    Sleeping Dragon

  • addLyrics

    Verse 1

    Designed by the pride of a divine countryside,
    Sypha takes the lives of those who dare stare in the eyes,
    in the wrong way, Sypha spits with a strong blade,
    grips on mics with fang shaped knives,
    scimitar marks left on the minds of mankind
    the ascent of Autumn brought, a most devious scholar of thought,
    and as Winter commenced, the words i sent put dents in the cement,
    right thru the layers of ice, aiming my hate at earth, the relentless pricing of life,
    I buy into the hype, selling my opinions to the minions of evil vengeance, but they still tell me that I’m the greatest…it’s not even debated…my fate demonstrated
    A hero and a legend, destined, see you can hear it when he beckoned
    I crush a soul in mere seconds…send ’em to the heavens…

    You peasants…every time I’m in a session

    Chorus (repeat)

    Where you gonna run….

    When Sypha comes…when Sypha comes

    Where you gonna go…

    When Sypha comes to take your soul…

    Verse 2

    Verbally with urgency, unfurling murderous wordery
    my hyperbole surgery
    Dropping whopping bombs, third degree onto your perjury
    Words’re heard to scream emergency
    These vamps want to eat, I’m a vegan to burger beef
    And a virgin to defeat…but still they wanna compete…
    Steal on crews and leave jewels, without the burglary, heard a me?
    I ain’t even gotta spit a verse, I let the fire burn fervently and…
    Cause an insurgency, Serving these beasts on beats that feast eternally
    When Sypha starts reciting, Poseidon grabs his triton, it starts thunder and lightning, life lines get tightened…When my tongue slur, it be like death becomes her, Leaving ‘em unsure, who they even came for, or who they came with, portraits painted with blood stains, I take names from the shameless, and leave craniums brainless, don’t try to attain this…

    with the aid of the blade, I invade your blockade

    Save grenades, persuade a tirade

    Did y’all sharpen your weapons?
    Mines is steady prepped, whoever wanna step in,
    I intercept em’, I like the sound of cracking necks and…I reckon,
    42 plays of power, I throw grenades at the tower, till bodies cower,
    Helios in Tuscany, a gift of the Maggi,

    Shifting ‘dimes in pairs’ as I cross the finish line

    Counting ‘nickels’ with my kinfolks, never seemed so sinful

    Now I leave signatures in end quotes that the pen spoke…

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    Sleeping Dragon – Sypha Symphony of Lost Souls

    Beaker – 6.25
    A Castlevania sample as the lead to frame a Castlevania track – sampling is solid and lots of good cuts from the games including some vocal samples from Symphony of the Night. I feel like the drum kit from the beat pack is in use here but its hard to tell because the beat is totally buried in some lofi filter. Vocals too – it could be a tape effect on the master but I don’t think so, as some of the samples stand out with a crispness that almost makes them feel out of place. Of all the Belmont story lines I wasn’t sure which this was about – I followed the hero vanquishing villains narrative but did not get any context for the hero (or antihero) and im not entirely sure if there was a boss fight type moment to conclude the story or not. Symphony of the night ends with the death of Dracula but this track just sorta fades out on the implication that the exit sample indicates victory. I enjoyed this track but felt the production issues, especially the vocal mix, hurt this track substantially.
    beat: 6
    raps: 7
    challenge: 6

    Lars – 7
    I think this is an amazing demo, but a solid mix would take this from a 7 to a 10. The flow and doubles sound amazing.

    Rob – 9
    this is great. Strong delivery video game sounds are great. Bass is subtle and distant and that works super well. This is a piece of art

    Richie – 9
    sheesh, flow and rhyme scheme are both fuego. Like…yeah, this is some real hip-hop shit right here. That singing part would have made a great hook. would have been perfect to have it circle back after the 2nd verse. This beat is nice, very classic vibe to it. I feel like the mix could be a bit louder overall. Singing harmonies were mixed well, and I know that ain’t easy… so props on that! The execution of this song really gave me Wu-Tang / MF Doom vibes. Mix could have been louder and the vox a bit more present in the mix, but then again… it works for the era of hip-hop this song reminds me of.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Murder On the Radio
    Some of BType

  • addLyrics

    Hi, we are “MadonnaKebab,” and this is our Live in the Studio for DJ Luke on Hampshire Student Radio, thanks for having us. This is our single, Murder on the Radio, of our ep 4 tickets to joker please

    Hot Damn theres a murder on the radio,
    everyone is singing our song
    Hot Damn theres a murder on the radio
    woah oh oh
    woah oh oh
    Hot Damn, murder on the radio
    everyone is singing our song
    Hot Damn theres a murder on the radio
    Woah oh oh
    woah oh oh

    man, You know I always kill it girl
    on the mic, on the stage, or behind the register
    kill every club in the god damn city
    they say “thank you for the fire and my gosh your are so pretty”
    i spit these bars like they actual spit
    legit, i had these people telling me to just quit
    but that soon changed when i re-arranged my position
    went from “please like my page” to that planetary fission
    like canibalism, theres a piece of you in me.
    that i see everywhere i go, walking in the street
    strangers, way i see it everyone should hear my lyrics
    call me Fly like Raid because you know i always kill it
    I should be taught in schools already im so clever
    no matter what the weather or the season i endeavour
    to write all the song that make everybody go
    hot damn, theres a murder on the radio

    Hot Damn, murder on the radio
    everyone is singing our song
    Hot Damn theres a murder on the radio
    Woah oh oh
    woah oh oh

    like im speaking in code
    i do not get what im owed
    like hot damn man, the DJ isnt listening
    im looking at him now, he still isnt listening
    but thats cool, your man madonna’s got a plan
    do you know why they call us boys madonna kebab?
    coz we’re known to skewer dieties
    skewer perceptions when people are near me
    reinvent what it means to be king like kong
    reinvent what it means to hear a song
    coz im telepathic
    i can get you estatic and then make it so tradgic
    fuck sake, he’s still on his phone
    Shout out DJ Luke! On Hampshire Student Radio!
    yeah there you are! you want an exclusive?
    16 – im going to kill this fucking dude

    Hot Damn, murder on the radio
    everyone is singing our song
    Hot Damn theres a murder on the radio
    Woah oh oh
    woah oh oh

    why do you think i came on your little show
    ive found a way to let everybody know-no
    madonna kebab always murder on the radio
    so dj luke? you got to go go
    raps like my hammer blows, off the top of the dome
    i locked the doors 10 minutes a-go-go
    if you think its about you, dont
    ill be famous by the end of this guitar solo


    Hot Damn, murder on the radio
    everyone is singing our song
    Hot Damn theres a murder on the radio
    Woah oh oh
    woah oh oh

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    Some of BType – Murder On the Radio

    Beaker – 7.5
    A punk rap combo shot from most of b type – sets the stage immediately by using the intro as a framing device for ‘spooky’ part of the challenge. Murder on the Radio but its actually about committing a murder on the radio. Opening with that punk af hook was a great call but the vocal mix leaves a lot to be desired… screaming that whoooa murder on the radio bit should be gravely, loud and aggressive… I want btype to be fighting with that guitar but instead hes just cruising behind it. The entire beat should have dropped for the ‘im gonna murder you with this hammer’ bit with a big dive back in to the punk drop. This track was a really cool interpretation of the challenge, especially story telling but kinda falls on the spooky instrumental bit. The guitar work is great and obviously recorded for this track but its just not spooky. I fully expect this track to be on a btype album in the future and the context of a Halloween song challenge wont matter at all.
    beat: 7
    lyrics: 8.5
    challenge: 7

    Lars – 8
    Punk vibe is awesome! Love this one, it is very different from the rest.

    Rob – 9
    thsi is so different. Honest and real and fun and cool and punk. instant fan all the way

    Richie – 7.5
    Love the faux interview at the beginning, lol. The whoooahooos during the hook definitely gave me that 2000’s punk vibe. The flow during the extended rock cadence could have been a little tighter, but other than that good shit. Is that a thriller flip I’m hearing?! I’m digigng that! Love the punk rock-ish hook. I lowkey think you could have performed the entire song in that tempo, lol. Guitar solo was dope AF too. I feel the vocals were a bit dry during the hook tho… like a rap vocal mix over a rock instrumental. If you’re gonna take me there, take me all the way there, lol. I like this song for parodying one of my musical guilty pleasures: early 2000’s pop punk rock. I feel like the vocal mix could have been pushed a bit further to compliment that a bit more. I didn’t feel like a story was being told explicitly, but the song was still an enjoyable listen.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. BAE

  • addLyrics

    So the time with you in this world has been fun
    So fun, so fun

    How is that you could destroy your love and so easily stomp on your vows
    How are you so quick to taking to flight in another’s arms, throwing in towels
    I’ll be much quicker to pick you apart and throw you round by organs and bowels
    Not a single word you’ll utter, no combination of the consonants vowels
    Consonants vowels, gave her so many, she swooned at the sounds
    Never once tried to clean up the mess or address things in relationship too many gowns
    Hundreds of feet in the sky, she was high off of your lies in the clouds
    What goes round comes back around, you’ll be hundreds of feet underground (fuck)

    Well the time with you in this world has been really fucking fun
    BAE usually stands “Before Anyone Else”
    Her tears will not be the only liquid set to run
    I suggest you continue looking out for your self

    Dear brother in law, a decade of marriage is very involved
    Through thick in and thin you and my sister evolved
    Into people I love and applaud This year however,
    You’re starting to show me your flaws. Flying around when the going gets hard
    Leaving my family with scars, while you’re up building confidence now
    To seductively serenade new secret someones with consonants vowels
    Invited her to this place far from your house, Knock knock i’m outside the door
    Can you two please get dressed up, I just want to say this out loud
    I think you two would look so good in a burgundy shade, don’t mind this pipe staring you down
    Bullets can help us create a cascade of red. Since you lovebirds love painting the town


    Self care is the most important thing now my dear sibling.
    Hope you understand my reasoning,
    my decisions for their death and destruction.
    I know that you loved him, but seriously fuck him

    Bae…….. baee…….

  • addJudge scores

    SongBotCo – BAE

    Beaker – 9.25
    From the first drone this track makes you feel creepy crawly – the wavering synths and wonky bass come together and make a great, appropriately spooky instrumental. The producer continues to capitalize on the spook factor by layering some great vocal effects across the track. I also really appreciate the way the bass line and vocals are mixed harmonically. There is a comprehensiveness about this mix that was missing from a lot of tracks this round. Samples are strategically used, beat kit is represented and the composition slaps. The lyrics are way darker than you would have expected and honestly hold their own lane in this round. The collapse of a relationship is definitely a fear for most but it isn’t clear until the vocalist has truly descended in to madness (as the wedding day approaches) that the relationship we are talking about is with their brother – not a significant other. And our boy just axed his fiancé. That twist really sold me on this track and its so clever and well executed that its hard to focus on any other part of the story. The beat never lets me down until the very end – the track could have just ended on the ‘seriously, fuck em’ line and left anybody paying attention completely floored – sitting there wondering if they really heard what they just heard. GREAT round 2 track.
    beat: 9
    lyricism: 9
    challenge: 10

    Lars – 8
    Very spooky! Love the 2010-dubstep vibe, it’s got a great chorus.

    Rob – 9
    this fucking round of vpc is killing me I give up you are all so good. This is great. who the f is this. I want more. both of you my god make more.

    Richie – 10
    ayeee, the flow on this is dope. I’m a sucker for choppy triplet flows, lol. Loved the melodic vocals on the hook. Great songwriting on this one. beat is really dope! Thank you for giving this beat a healthy kick. Vocals mixed really well. Again, one of those rare songs where extreme vocal effects are perfectly executed. This song went hard AF. I don’t have any complaints.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Mixtape Man

  • addLyrics

    2 in the morning,
    the rain was really pouring,
    hot in the venue ,
    just finished performing,
    as approaching the door in getting ready to leave
    a man with a trench coat with something up his sleeve.
    a stack of cds autographed with sharpie markers.
    Needed support,looking for future partners didn’t want to barter or make any mistakes
    I’m new on the scene so can you cop my mixtape.
    Idk , what your name ,
    brother that ain’t important
    just know the flow crispy like a pair of Jordan’s
    ringing bells from LA to New Orleans
    it’s 5 bucks if ya supporting me kid
    No thanks, I can see he couldn’t take it
    But I told em you gotta do what it takes to make it
    keeping it basic, the drive you can’t replace it
    Like the canines when they find
    dreams they chase it
    He likes just for you here’s a free ball
    just don’t discuss this with anybody at all
    High hopes the records holding some weight, put it in the player , the cd was blank…. the prank of the
    I’m the mixtape man, I do it for the likes, so share the hashtags on the gram I’m the mixtape man,
    On my way up even if I have come up with a scam I’m the mixtape man.
    My job is not pretty, but I would be damn if I drown in my pity
    For a couple bands I’ll steal for my city
    Along with a couple fiend who willing to ride with me
    Heading out the parking lot , somethings wrong and I felt that, pulled out into the street surrounded by a dozen hellcats, windows was all tinted couldn’t see inside and I squinted, gut feeling told me to floor it being curious killed the kitten
    It was a mission to get away on the freeway
    But they was trailing hard didn’t have any leaway so I shut my lights off and sat under a bridge, thought it wouldn’t work but sure nuff that it did, I drove back to crib, went to open the fridge and there was a mixtape, how it get to where I live. Looked back
    In the chair he was there with a ski mask
    Had a great laugh when he takes a huge sip from his flask
    he like “wanna know how I got here”
    Note that the strategy is quite clear
    You probably thought we just hustling the blanks
    But those were disc trackers the signals bring the ranks
    So thanks for not supporting
    that last 5 in the tank
    already took what you had left in your bank
    You fell for all the flanks
    Like you said if I gotta dream I gotta take it
    Do what you gotta do what you to make it ,(right (lol)

  • addJudge scores

    Soundproof – Mixtape Man

    Beaker – 7.75
    without a doubt my favorite concept of the round and I was hoping somebody would do it after that post in the fb group. The idea is one we’ve all joked about and is executed pretty well here. A fun submission hittin it just for the lulz but it still manages to slap. I scored the challenge low on this just in the interest of consistency – this song is more funny than it is spooky and while I’ve got it on my own Halloween playlist, it doesn’t really tackle the challenges as intended. That bass stab is recognizable, the atmos sweeps are fun – the beat is great for this track but not necessarily spoopy – more down beat and bluesy which fits the song way better than it fits the challenge. Vocal mix is ultra pleasant and enjoyable to listen to – the vocal modulation and autotune work on the hook is also excellently executed. I enjoyed everything about this track and appreciate you.
    beat: 8
    raps: 8
    challenge: 7

    Lars – 7
    Cool energy and beat, love the snare drum groove. Nice work.

    Rob – 9
    wonderful wonderful mix. this is good hip hop plain and simple.let me know when your next mixtape is out yo 🙂

    Richie – 9
    Love the hook… I’m the mixtape man! Great storytelling on this one. That “surrounded by Hellcats” verse was vivid… reminds me of the storytelling on “this is the end” by Diddy and Twista. yeah, this beat is guuuud. Ayeeee, autotune. Ok, I’m not mad at this at all. Production-wise, this wouldn’t sound out of place around the Carter era. The melodic harmonies under the vocals toward the end of the 2nd or 3rd verse, could have done without. Otherwise, good shit! Very creative record, telling every struggle rapper’s horror story.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. A Sexy Halloween (Good Gravy!)
    Spandex Moose

  • addLyrics

    Walk into the party, bottle of bacardi, and you know your boys on fleek
    So sleek, cos I’m wearing Ed Hardy, chinos khaki, wearing a mask for that enhanced mystique
    And it’s Halloween, so all the costumes are obscene, can’t believe what I’m seein in this sexy scene
    Not to demean, but these outfits are crazy, someone was a sexy submarine, periscope lacy

    A racy magistrate, wig so shapely, coming on to me a little to hastily
    Pretty sure that I just got groped by a pastry chef, that was a little unsavoury
    This isn’t safe for me, I guess my costumes a little too sexy, these people are animals
    Actually factual, cos I’m pretty sure I just saw a dude being eaten by cannibals

    I look again cos it can’t be true they’re cooking men on the barbecue like Hannibal

    I was hoping for a sexy night!
    Sexy people giving sexy frights!
    I was hoping to have sex tonight!
    But these crazy motherfuckers eatin flesh tonight!

    I just wanna make a sexy scene!
    With sexy you, and sexy me!
    But it seems, errybody gone crazy!
    Shady motherfuckers in this bitch, good gravy!

    I need water but the slaughter that I find got me panicking, I’m fuckin manic, man I’m fucked
    What’s happening? Everybody’s murdering each other, this is utter chaos, what if its the drugs?
    I saw them take em, I took a few as well, one or two so I could chill but now I’m stuck in hell
    I feel unwell, I bet any minute I’ll be breaking into houses with my mouth full of brain cells

    Now the walls are crawling and I spilt my drink, my shirt’s ruined, I need a minute so I can stop and think
    Take a swig, take a swing, get these motherfuckers off me, if there ain’t a fight right now, then there’s gon be
    Zombies, chewing at my arms and legs, the undead, crawling over each other just to get on me
    I’m strongly against being eaten, beating these monsters off me ain’t the meat I was meaning

    Another drink, glug glug, chug-a-lug, and another, but every single sip is getting rougher
    I spit it out, cough and splutter and I hear somebody mutter saying “which one of you dickheads even brought this motherfucker.
    Throw him out”, on the ground, and I’m passing out, to the sound of the pounding in my head
    And somehow even with the amount that I drank, come around in my own damn bed

    I was hoping for a sexy night!
    I got too fucked up, got extra hype!
    I took too much drugs, went against advice!
    Now I’m lying on my couch wi’ electrolytes

    I was hoping for a sexy scene!
    But the sexy people got extra mean!
    And now the doorbell ring, knock knock, its the cops
    Mr Danger, how about you come with us

    What? What did I do? What are you even talking about?

    Sir, multiple witnesses report you assaulting people at a party last night while screaming about…quote “cannibals trying to eat my dick”. Was that you?


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    Spandex Moose – A Sexy Halloween (Good Gravy!)

    Beaker – 7.75
    Another Spandex Moose track that immediately gave me the Spandex Moose grooves – not everybody will know it but this is a callback to a gig called Pete & Bas. Brit Grime is a favorite of mine but the sudden and jarring rip in to the hook almost made me fall out of my chair. It was like hitting a wall at high speeds – I am also seriously concerned about the hook being that im pretty sure it’s a feature. Verse two takes the track in another direction with rapid fire delivery and continuing to tell the story of what is apparently a drug fueled zombie orgy that ultimately turns out to be a bad trip. Weve all been there. Technicals aside this was a fun submission and the story takes a cool ‘it was all just a drug dream’ turn to wrap things up. I hope this isn’t a DQ – if not, heres how I scored it:
    beat: 7 (sample heavy without a strong presence of the beat kit)
    raps: 8 (great verses, unique delivery and flow, but the hook may be another vocalist)
    challenge: 8

    Lars – 5
    Funny song, but beat is pretty confusing. I can tell they are having fun though!

    Rob – 9
    the unexpected speeding up was very very fresh to me. Fun change up there to the piano part. crisp rhymes That bass is simple but I love it and then the slow down again winds the song down very well

    Richie – 8
    very entertainly lyrically. ivery good storytelling here. like…this could be made into a comedy movie, seriously. vocals are very buttery and stand out in the mix. IBeat could hit a little harder. Tempo changes are cool, but I feel like it happens just a bit too often in this song. an entertaining listen. I’m a sucker for variety, but one less tempo change would be perfect.

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    01. Wifi Dead Inside
    Team Kokoro

  • addLyrics

    Once upon a midnight dreary, I came home so
    weak and weary
    from a 13 hour shift of pretending to be cheery
    now I’m ready for some chilling, watch a movie,
    drink a beer, and
    see [if my girl want to] watch one with me like a horror,
    something eerie
    – Browsing through the streaming
    I ain’t got no cable tv
    Only do PvP gaming
    and I want to use that bitcoin
    anyways, that’s beside the point cause
    The images on screen started loading slowly
    I’m so annoyed

    The banging on my door has made me riled up
    maybe it’s the neighbor facing my same problem
    but I bought the fiber and the highest-end router
    I open up the door, and nobody was found there

    – hear my phone, [maybe they are calling me about]
    the internet
    but it says “unknown,” [I don’t give a shit] and so I
    answer it
    all I hear is breathing, I go “[can you come and fix]
    my slow connect-
    then the call ended
    I’m so offended
    – Suddenly a tap on the window of my house
    – I slowly turn around and put my hand over my mouth
    There’s a masked man staring, and I’m just about to shout
    till I looked down at my phone and saw
    the wifi’s out

    – Oh my God
    but the wifi’s out
    There’s a knife in his hand
    but the wifi’s out
    now he’s pointing where I stand
    but the wifi’s out
    I think he wants to kill a man
    but the wifi’s out, damn

    – Tell me now who’s at the door?
    I’m lookin out the peephole
    See my girl’s there, so I open it to be sure
    she says “Have you not heard any news?
    cause there’s a killer on the loose.”
    I said “I don’t have any wifi,
    you can help with the reboot.”

    – She said “Not right now.
    We have to leave, and get you out.”
    I asked “you got fast wifi?”
    She said “no”
    I pushed her out my house
    Closed the door behind her
    said “no thanks, I want to live stream.”
    She told me, “oh my God, help!”
    then I heard her cry and scream

    – Suddenly a tap on the window of my house
    – I slowly turn around and put my hand over my mouth
    The masked man has got her, she yelled “Call the cops now!”
    till I looked down at my phone and saw
    the wifi’s out

    – Oh my God
    but the wifi’s out
    I think he’s gonna kill her quick
    but the wifi’s out
    He stabbed her in the stomach
    but the wifi’s out
    and now her throat has been slit
    but the wifi’s out, damn

    Chorus 2:
    – What the fuck am I paying for?
    Call the company, wait an hour just to hear they want to make me hold
    Yeah I’m goin crazy, I don’t know what to watch now
    It’s a horror story, cause the wifi’s out

    – Seeing things in my mind, cause I’m bored right?
    I was gonna watch an anime and play some fortnite
    curling up into a ball, I lay down on the floor like a
    newborn, till the masked man’s under the door light

    – I’m paralyzed in fear and said,
    “Can you fix it?”
    Pointed towards the modem, then he walked while the blood dripped
    He unplugged it, waited 30 seconds, plugged it back in
    said “Hyuck, bye.”
    and left like it never happened
    (maniacal laughing)

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    Team Kokoro – Wifi Dead Inside

    Beaker – 9.25
    florida rain again – a great and easily spotted sample from the beat kit. Another great use of tubular bells to create an immediately spooky atmosphere for a song that immediately kicks off its story about all of our greatest fears – a wide spread internet outage WITH a killer on the loose. Its like things couldn’t get any worse and now comms are down. Rob assaults you with his signature dubstep bass drops and beat cuts making sure to highlight NLJs high-energy delivery. The story and delivery is crips in a way that makes imagining the scenes easy for the listener – from peeping through the peep hole to finally getting a signal and hitting Pornhub its easy to visualize each step of this heroes journey. The voice work here is really superb – Joshua delivers his lines with a dramatic flair that is, dare I say, professional and maintains the listeners focus. You cant get bored with this track. This team excels on all quality levels, from vocalist delivery and flow to composition and mixing – the only thing short for me was the challenge around ‘spooky’. Maybe its because crayondroids is so damn hard or my natural affinity to bass heavy edm but something about this beat didn’t feel Halloween to me. It’s a great RoboRob beat no doubt, but he coulda been a shitload spookier. Great track team.
    beat: 8.5
    lyricism: 9.5
    challenge: 10

    Lars – 7
    Great vibe, vocal mix could be a bit better. Love the guitar!

    Rob – 9.5
    this song omg. What an incedible effort wow.Chaos and believeable absurdity hahah my god I just cant even ahha so good

    Richie – 10
    Love the vocalist’s range on this one. Can go from quiet and menacing to loud and aggressive and it all sounds natural. Song was written really nicely as well. Ending with “I’m gonna watch some porn” really resonated with me, as I often abruptly decide to pull up pornhub as well. How to mix a song 101. Vocals are crisp, beat complements the vocals perfect. Beat is equally diverse in melody and drumplay. Love the guitar segments during the rise up to the hook. Yeah… this shit is good. No complaints here. This song could be on a show soundtrack or a commercial easily… this is professional tier shit right here.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Game Of Horror
    Team Titans

  • addLyrics

    I’ve awaken in this place n I don’t know where I am/
    Last thing that I remember I was playing with friends/
    Now this blade replaced the sticks that I used to have in my hand/
    n I’m alone like yo where the hell are my friends/
    Then I see a dark figure it’s menacing from afar/
    So instincts told me to hide behind a car/
    I look for an escape n then I witness a bar/While the figure gets closer I think he’s growling stars/
    So I run in the entrance the figure is far behind me/
    I hop over the bar my heart is really pounding/
    I peep out the window n see some other dude/
    but he’s being mad loud so the figure see him too/
    So I panic for a second like what am I supposed to do/
    Then the figure chased the man like it was duck duck goose
    Then the figure caught the man hung him up like a noose/
    Gripped his legs with each hand n ripped his ass in two/
    So I ran away in horror cuz he ain’t breaking my neck/
    I see a exit in the back so I decided to jet/
    I saw light behind the door so the room is prolly lit/
    So I jumped thru it n I don’t know where my I am
    Attire completely changed camera hanging from chest/
    With scratches on the side that says f. West/
    Then I see a hoard of zombies so I have to do my best/
    So I pick up a bat n aim for the rising dead/
    So I sprint n I sprint to find some glimmer of hope/
    or maybe a AR right now that be dope/
    But a zombie tried to sneak n I dodge with a rope a dope/
    And I swing for the head this grand slam for the smoke/
    Then I see another door i decide to kick it in/
    In hopes of being free so this nightmare would end/
    But that wasn’t the case u should see the look on my face/
    Cuz once again it looks like I’m lost in another place/
    In a mansion on a hill it’s vacant n really silent/
    But I can’t shake the fear the violence is so vibrant/
    Then I look up the stairs a man tall as a spire/
    With a weapon in his hand but I don’t know what to call it/
    Ain’t no time for us speaking we don’t even know each other/
    And the helmet of this dude resembles Egyptian structures/
    I don’t think I’m gonna make it tell my shorty I love her/
    Lemme find another room so I can cower in cover/
    So I look at my surroundings so I witness a bunch of demons/
    And a lot dead corpses that hanging from the ceiling/
    And I don’t got no weapons all I got is these hands/
    How the hell did this happen cuz I don’t understand/
    Was in resident evil then witnessed a dead rising/
    now I’m on a silent hill n finally realizing/
    That I’m in a game of horrors that I’ll prolly never escape/
    I just wish I had a moment to press start n save/

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    Team Titans – Game Of Horror

    Beaker – 6.75
    Another carpenters Halloween type approach to the spooky track and it works nicely here. The keys providing the lead are nice and balanced and play well with the other samples. A dream story about a zombie apocalypse is a pretty convenient vehicle for a chase and escape narrative – and that’s what weve got here. If you feel like youre running through several horror video game tropes that is by design as the hook shouts out the classics the vocalist is rapping about. The flow is decent and the bars are pretty solid but this does feel like a summary of the games in question. In a way I feel like this track had the potential to be great but the challenges prevented it from really coming together. Weve also got one long as verse and a hook at the end which makes the track feel half done. The mix is nice, the sampling is solid – this could have been a good song instead of a good verse.
    beat: 7
    lyricism: 6.5
    challenge: 7

    Lars – 8
    This is truly a spooky song. The raps are ill and the vibe is very scary, nice work.

    Rob – 8
    there is a lot going on in this one. im having ttrouble floolowing the story but I think it is because i liek the music a lot. Its all good though good delievery too. the slow down at the end is perfect !

    Richie – 8.5
    love the flow on this one. the refrain at the end is really dope, really good callouts to some horror gaming classics. Would have been dope to hear it as a hook earlier in the song as well. The beat has a good foundation, wish there was a strong bassline to spice things up melodically, and maybe another element to add a sense of progression and dread to the story. Love the intermittent lo-fi compression effects put on the drums. Vocals sound good. As a rapper who loves taking lots of breaths during my takes, I’d recommend going through and reducing the volume of the vocalists breaths between lines. Dope song, definitely makes me want to play some RE, lol. Gimme that hook and a little build up in the beat.

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    01. R.I.P. In Pieces
    Thot Team Epic

  • addLyrics

    tryin’ to hide your embarrassment
    cause ya can’t follow the narrative
    that’s cause you can’t shake the sedatives
    you ain’t escapin’ my residence
    there won’t be no fuckin’ evidence
    there won’t be no fuckin’ hesitance
    this ain’t no psycho suspense
    this psycho ain’t gon’ repent

    now you awake and restrained
    i got the saw with the chains
    i let it loose on your brain
    nerve endins burnin’ with pain
    you say it’s moreso the torso
    i say behead her the better
    beggin for life and for death
    love fuckin making a mess

    r.i.p. in pieces
    rip it all to pieces
    time to meet ya reaper
    stalker and a creeper

    thought that you wanted the smoke
    that’s fuckin all that you wrote
    didn’t expect my reply
    said you was ready to die
    shoulda just said from the start
    that I’d be takin’ ya heart
    now getting under ya skin
    bitch I be crackin’ ya shins

    now that you actually here
    bitch you be showin’ ya fear
    fuckin’ ignorin’ objections
    get ready for vivisection
    get ready for those injections
    i’m ready for those dissections
    you scream but there’s no escape
    blood is the last thing you taste

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    Thot Team Epic – R.I.P. In Pieces

    Beaker – 8.75
    This is one of my favorite beats of the round, if not my absolute favorite. There is a simplicity to this beat that lets each spooky element shine. Great use of the same bells we’ve heard in several other tracks – mixed perfectly with just the right amount of reverb to compliment the haunting lead synth brilliantly used as an atmospheric element. At 2 minutes flat this track feels like its over before it starts – hella starts in on you immediately and you know this track is about our rapper and her dirty deeds. Both the first and second verse are like foreplay – lots of threats and illustrative ideas about whats gonna happen but never explicitly telling us the deed has been done – but UK does as the last 15 seconds of the song are a meltdown of track elements leaving me feeling like the injections were taking hold. The mix was excellent, the vocals and effects were right where they needed to be for this track to sound professionally mixed and mastered. Hellas flow is filthy and this is yet another track that is now in my own Halloween playlist. Cant wait for round 3 as I am hoping it will force a longer, more substantial product out of this powerhouse team.
    beat: 9.5
    lyricism: 8
    challenge: 9

    Lars – 6
    Kendrick would like this! Very creative flow and story telling.

    Rob – 9.5
    o damn here we go. DEEP bass and chimes or whatever that is. I believe i am in trouble here haha. This is making me smile because I am scared and I am glad it isnt about me haha. might be my favorite actually

    Richie – 8.5
    This vocalist has a really dope flow. Love the energy put into the hook, especially the way the last bar was whispered menacingly. I felt the song could have used a bridge or something after the second chorus, it seemed like it ended abruptly. that beat…woooh. love that music box melody at the start. love that synth bassline as well. Drumplay is very good, deafinitly a head bobber. Vocals sit nicely in the mix, but there’s an effect on them that hurts a little bit more than it helps. A very enjoyable, albiet somewhat brief listen. Very solid entry with only a few minor issues.

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    01. In With the Rain

  • addLyrics

    In With the Rain – Lyrics

    I rolled in with the rain
    Got dropped on a platform-
    Of creaking wood planks
    Should’ve never got off
    The last man
    on the last stop
    Of the last train-
    This got me stressin
    Caught me sleeping
    I learned my lesson
    Now I’m stuck in the rain without a coat
    And no reception
    No place for shelter out here
    Ain’t no motels or no restrooms
    Just trees and the track-
    Trains the only way back I’m guessing.
    A roof over my head right now
    Would be such a blessing

    Looking at the signs
    by the light of my cellular
    Scraped away some fungus
    Find a map
    Without the schedule up
    My clothes are getting soaked
    I need to go before I freeze
    The map shows hope
    In a town
    Way down south
    beyond the trees
    Somebody scribbled on the map
    They done wrote boy, “You need to stay away”
    I feel you on this one
    But I don’t think there was a better way
    So shivering down the road
    I walk the only trail i see to take-
    Ing a second to reflect
    on how this could be a mistake-
    Ing some shapes betwixt the night
    For eyes that are lying in wait-
    ing for another sign
    I think I lost my mind

    So I trail back
    Or push forward
    I’m getting closer
    My body’s warmer
    Due to exposure
    That’s when
    everything that’s in the woods light up
    And it starts feeling really creepy
    I see visions of apparitions
    They gliding out to meet me
    All white sheets with the eyes cut out
    And I now get what the the map was trying to say:
    These ain’t no ghosts out here
    It’s just the kkk

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    Whack – In With the Rain

    Beaker – 8.5
    Another track that almost tells me to stfu from rnd1 – the mixing and production work here are really good and easy to listen to. The sampling from the beat kit is apparent and little things pop up here and there in the track that give me the warm fuzzys. The story here is a little hard for me to follow – waking up lost and in the rain, the only place you know to go represents some type of risk but once we arrive it’s the KKK and this whole thing takes a turn you didn’t expect. Not sure how he got there, suddenly this track feels more like The Most Dangerous Game and boom its over. Clever, engaging and surprising this is another great example of taking a unique path to hitting every element of the challenge right on its head. Critically, I cant let the phrasing and transitions go for the producer. The breaks between verses and the hook hits hard, like two different packs for each part. This is a short track but it works given the ending.
    beat: 7.75
    raps: 9
    challenge: 9

    Lars – 7
    The low bassy rap is very cool, and I like the energy and swag. This is winner. Cool political twist at the end.

    Rob – 6
    so flat on the vocals. ya this isnt working for me but ill try……..the speed up helps a lot. I like it but it was over real fast and it had to warm up for me so in this super tough round it doesnt shine

    Richie – 7.5
    Vocalist has a good flow, love the double-time fast shit. The verse and story is really good, but this song desperately needs a hook. Beat is nice. Love that chill ass guitar. Vocals are very clear, but the beat could be a bit louder in the mix on this one. I ‘m digging this song, definitely one of my worst nightmares, lol. Very short listen, a hook would have made it feel more complete. Beat could be louder in the mix.

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    01. Dead By Daylight
    White Hippy

  • addLyrics

    Hardly an introduction
    Y’all must be smoking something
    You almost had me
    Hidden camera shows won’t punk me yet, but
    Who’s Claudette?
    And why do I feel we’ve met-?
    Wait, so we’re splitting? Bet.
    Wow, this ain’t funny, Meg
    The fog is thick
    I need to find my way back home
    Maybe the stars will guide my way
    Aimless the way I roam
    I’m feeling de ja vu
    But not convinced of this atrocity
    But Botany?
    I look at nature feeling knowledgeably
    That’s when my heart begins to beat
    And a coldness creeps up my spine
    A figure here is nearing
    My legs begin to run
    Yo, I’m too Black for this ish
    Think I saw Dwight pass on the way
    Dang, I should give him a tip
    That’s when it hit
    My leg is clipped
    At the same time I scream and curse I hear another, big time
    I look up, my bloody leg ain’t crap to what’s in front of me
    A man in a mask lifts Dwight and hangs him cunningly
    I’m struggling
    To get the trap off
    I do
    But the killer’s in pursuit
    I had seen what’s coming to
    No time to dodge the cleaver
    Turn around and I’m through
    Hauled like a sack of potatoes
    A fool
    Gotta get my head right
    Stalking in the dead night
    Going crazy
    Just might
    Heart is going bumpa dee dumpety dum
    Eyes wide
    Like a deer in headlights
    Running from my past life
    Praying not to be dead by daylight
    It all comes back to me
    Trapped by the entity
    It took this wound
    And me howling for a remedy
    In the distance growth is made on our side
    The killer looks displeased
    I see Meg and she hides
    While he
    pursues Jake Meg removes me from the hook
    While she patches all my wounds I say,
    “Girl, I am shook.”
    She says, “Look,
    almost done with gens on the North
    From here we stick together, let’s grab Dwight and let’s book.”
    Too late when corners turned
    Jake stops in his tracks
    After pulling Dwight from hook he got smacked
    Dwight grabbed
    It’s over for that man as the killer camps
    The ritual is done and I really can’t
    I’m told to run
    Meg says that she can handle it
    Something in her eyes makes me real hesitant
    Before I know it
    Got a toolbox and a dream
    Three generators done
    When I hear a scream
    No, two ring and the crows sing
    No, just me and the hatch gleams
    No, another trial that was up to me
    Yes, another win for the entity

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    White Hippy – Dead By Daylight

    Beaker – 7.75
    this track is a three minute tritest on the name sake game and its excellent. Big horns provide a solid, haunting lead to an otherwise simple beat. A solid bass line helps hold it together as the sparse drum line helps build a spooky feel but definitely lowers the energy of the instrumental. DbD is an anxiety inducing race against ‘the killer’ and the tasks needed to get away from them – this track is a slower, more melancholy examination of those tasks. I very much enjoy this track but the same source material could have, and very well might have, inspired a more aggressive, high energy delivery. One of my favorite things about the story telling in this track is that the killer wins – it’s the ‘you don’t get a happy ending’ trope that weve all come to appreciate in modern horror. I don’t have any criticisms about the mix here, the vocals are perfectly balanced and centered in the mix and the light touch with effects work sounds great. The hook is straight forward and on point – not a head banger but it didn’t need to be.
    beat: 7.5
    raps: 8
    challenge: 8

    Lars – 6
    I like the flow and story, wish the beat had more elements. But, I do like how you can hear the rap and the mixing is good.

    Rob – 9
    that subltle hook wow. The beat is just simple but so am nice I love it. Perfect simple execution very impressive

    Richie – 8.5
    very dope flow and rhyme scheme. Perfect balance of storytelling with bars. Hook gave me Missy Elliot vibes. Felt like there could have been something after that second hook, not necessarily more song but more voice skit type stuff. beat is good, felt like it needs a few more elements to give a better sense of progression. Vocals are clear, but I think the hook sits a bit too low in the mix. Great story by the vocalist, really enjoyed the raps on this one. Just needs a few things to spice it up a bit.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Childhood Home

  • addLyrics


    I’m out in the nighttime shivering, riding in the rain with a package I’m delivering, deserted-ass house in
    the creepy streets of Riverton, everybody says, don’t go, or you’ll probably never live again, wtf is wrong
    with you, why would you go to the house, where ya mama, she was slaughtered right in front of you, but
    me, I didn’t listen, I was doing what I wanna do, trying to find an object from my past, it’s important so, off
    on my way, following what the informant wrote, soon, I arrive, there’s a kitty there, adorable, cat runs off,
    follow him, I find a door that’s broke, get into the house, the conditions there, deplorable, creeping thru
    the muck, fuck, I’m searching for the bedroom, step in something wet, damn, it’s smelling like a cesspool,
    water getting deeper, shit like this is meant to test you, but it aint stopping me, you can save that for the
    next fool

    When I think about the past, in this house where they deserted us, I think about the times when their
    actions disconcerted us, I think back to the moments every day when he was hurting us, and all the
    times my mama didn’t think to be concerned with us, he’d beat us all the time, never giving us a reason,
    a motive, a cause, every day was beating season, he’d ease in, drunker than a fuck, already peed in, his
    pants, swinging blows, like he don’t know the hurt he’s leaving, he’s thieving, conniving, has the devil in
    his eyes and no emotions, ‘cept for token ones, he used when he deprived us, the night he beat my
    mama, til her eyes were staring lifeless, he made us help him bury her and laughed like he was Isis

    Don’t return to your childhood home, let the ghosts there wander, leave the memories alone, so
    the next time you dreaming bout the memories of home, just remember that those memories,
    were sad and alone

    So I’m finally in the room, my brother told me bout a wall, where the bricks look shifted, if you push one, it
    will fall, there’s a room built behind it, said he built it really small, put your hand inside the opening, you’re
    looking for a ball,I think I feel it!, I press it and the wall opens clearly, also, I hear a cough that’s sounding
    like its near me, crawling over there, undernourished, like severely, I see the man who took my mom
    away, he seems to fear me! pitiful to see, but it gives me satisfaction, my brother musta put him in this
    hole, like somewhere back when, the incident had happened, the night that he attacked him, and beat
    em really bloody, with a pipe, I saw he cracked him, the last time we seen him was that night, my brother
    dragged him out, put em in the truck, never questions on his whereabouts, my brother sent me here with
    a package ima empty out, I pour it in the hole, Sulfuric Acid? OH SHIT, I’M OUT!!

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    Xo+ – Childhood Home

    Beaker – 8.5
    wow this track. Its like – I looked… I googled… I was hoping this was in reference to something other than our rappers own childhood experience or his own ideas of a scary story just jesus Christ ok. So weve got an abusive dad, patricide and the unintentional disposal of a body and finally an arrest by the FBI. The topics here are like, heavy… The beat is really very solid – the beat kit is all over the place, lots of recognizable samples and great use. The mix is great and the effects on the vocals are well executed consistently across the track. Flow is solid, very enjoyable bars and great punches accented by some simple but effective production tricks. The scratch work was noticed and appreciated. FWIW im on your brothers side with this one. Great track Xo+.
    beat: 8.5
    raps: 8.5
    challenge: 9

    Lars – 8
    Reminds me of Bone Thugs! Very cool track and the melody of the rap is on point.

    Rob – 8
    nice low fi start there. music is great and lyrics are also good. I cant say enough how important it is for me to understand what you are saying. I hear every word in these rhymes. I always look at zillow to see if my childhood home is for sale so I can go look at it. Im still gonna go if that ever happens but now I will be scared. Thanks a lot 🙁

    Richie – 10
    Man, the flow on this one is killer. Good storytelling on this one as well. Hook was really good as well. Can’t go wrong with a theremin to give a song that spooky vibe. This beat has a lot of elements that keep things interesting. My ears never got bored. Vocals sound good. FX on the hook were well-done. This song is the perfect example of having a solid structure while being a tad unpredictable as well. Storytelling songs are tough, because they can get boring really fast, but this song does a good job of using the production to keep things interesting throughout. No complaints.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. The Visitor

  • addLyrics

    It was a quarter to three, I was bundled up and smokin some weed
    Just bought three pounds of the tree, a lucky ass boy was YZ
    I was rockin out to Sullivan’s beats, sippin on a fat cup of rare tea
    Kickin back is such a rare-tea, think I started to slip into sleep
    I was woken from my stupor in the night in the fall
    Checked my phone at quarter-four, nope, no missed calls
    A film of rime descended swiftly like a spectral pall
    And a voice said, “I am the Ghost of Mikal kHill’s Ball!”

    Then I received a visitor, translucent, near invisible
    An orb of pallid flesh that hung in space before my visage, all
    The heat sucked out the room like I was trapped up in a blizzard, y’all
    A morbid ghostly chorus lifted up
    When I kicked it with the visitor
    Chills and thrills with my ghastly phantom visitor
    He was hangin we was hangin it’s the visitor
    Appeared before me like a vision it’s the visitor
    The visitor, check it out

    “You are a friend to my owner, and a frequent kidney stoner
    I do not wish your jewels to run and one become a loner
    So heed the words I say now that I’ve taken form before you
    The health of future humans falls directly on your shoulders
    My time among the living will be short and very fleeting
    Put the song out in the next music challenge you compete in!
    If you fail your task, I’ll never let you forget
    I’ll haunt you til the chat is pressing f to pay respects”

    So said my ghostly visitor, translucent, near invisible
    An orb of pallid flesh that hung in space before my visage, all
    The heat sucked out the room like I was trapped up in a blizzard, y’all
    A most abhorrent chorus raised the words I won’t ignore from
    The Visitor
    Chills and thrills with my ghastly phantom visitor
    He was hangin we was hangin it’s the visitor
    Appeared before me like a vision it’s the visitor
    The visitor, check it out

  • addJudge scores

    YNGSLLVN – The Visitor

    Beaker – 8.75
    This is a story from beginning to end and fits the challenge parameters very nicely. The beat is solid – not super spooky but very mellow and pleasant. This track plays like something from Becks smartass little brother after sneaking in the studio. It sounds great, the bass is a little muddy on top of the drum track but the whole instrumental has that lofi feel so it works. Breaking the flow to negotiate with the actual ghost was not the move – but im glad the ghost raps… that *was* the move bois. LLYZ likes his own voice (don’t we all) and he tends to do the speaking thing in songs pretty frequently – while I enjoy it and it fits this track nicely it detracts from the replayability and likelihood of this track making its way into a party playlist. Mix sounded much better this round and im proud of the progress from this producer. Keep it up!
    beat: 8
    raps: 8.5
    challenge: 10

    Lars – 7
    Creative flow and beat, the double time is dope. Nice work!

    Rob – 7
    this is stuff I like a lot but I feel some others might not at least not for the same reasons. The rhyming is interesting well thought out. Honestly whoever this is I hope he has a good woman to deal with his sarcastic ass 🙂

    Richie – 7.5
    i spit out my oatmeal when I heard that bar about Khill’s cancerous ball. Love the vocalist’s energy and wit. Hook could have been a bit better. Would have loved to hear some raps over the switched up beat at the end. Beat has a good rhythm, but it sounds a bit empty…. BUT GOT DAMN a 5-on-it flip at the end? Well played! The effects on the vocals around 1:16 are heavy to the point it’s really difficult to understand what was said. I’d recommend turing the vox up during that part so it stands out more in the mix. Song has some good roots, beat needs a bit more (the 5-on-it part was perfect tho). The hook could have been executed a bit better as well.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. House of Zero

  • addLyrics

    Day to day in my life
    You know I stay on the grind
    With hot producers
    Find a place for my rhymes
    And that’s how I met Zero
    My partner in crime
    On the new collab
    Trading online
    One night on my way to Savannah
    Hey you live in Atlanta, right?
    What say we link up i.r.l.
    When I arrived
    The whole house was kind of dark
    When he greeted me
    I couldn’t ignore a harsh smell
    Didn’t point it out
    I didn’t want to be rude
    He said I got a new beat
    For you to listen to
    He played it
    It was fire so I laced it
    High fives then I asked
    Where is your pissing room?
    On the way to the john
    I saw a door cracked
    Weird lights were flickering
    So I went to peek
    But as soon as I
    Stepped to the room
    I felt a hand on my shoulder
    Yo Cool why you sneaking?
    It was Zero
    He explained that his roommate
    Was not to be disturbed
    I said sorry I was curious
    He said in fact
    You better hit the road Zach
    Because if we keep going late
    My roommate will be furious
    So I took a leak
    Gave a pound then I left
    Drove a few miles
    Then I went for my cigarettes
    Oh crap I forgot my backpack
    Turned around and called Zero
    Let him know I was coming back

    I sent a text
    I hit him on messenger
    Arrived back and knocked on the door
    But no answer
    I had to have my bag to do my shows
    If I didn’t have my gear
    Then it would’ve blown the whole tour
    I tried the doorknob it was unlocked
    Stepped in then I crept in through the dark
    I snagged my sack from the stu
    But on my way back through
    I saw the flickering lights and I stopped
    Something was compelling me
    To see what lied behind the door
    And as I approached the smell was sickening
    Slowly I pushed the door open
    And what I saw there
    Made my heart start quickening
    There was a body surrounded by candles
    In the middle of the floor
    In the center of a pentagram
    I hit the flashlight button on my phone
    And I aimed it at the face
    Oh my god it was him

    I don’t know how to tell you this but
    Zero’s dead
    That guy you been talking to online
    Is no longer with us
    Only in spirit
    I know you don’t want to hear it but
    I know you don’t want to believe me but
    Zero’s dead
    I saw it with my own eyes
    Body decomposing mouth open no pulse
    There was nobody else
    I’ve been collabing with his ghost

  • addJudge scores

    ZeroCool – House of Zero

    Beaker – 8.75
    first of all holy smokes THIS BASS LINE. Cut that intro and replace it with just this goddamn bassline then drop your drums with the first verse because this shit fuckin slaps. Also the mix on this track is miles above the mix on rnd1 and is so tight I have like 0 complaints – PZ and UK are now sitting at the big producers table where they belong and keeping this level of production will secure your spot in the top 10 this year. The story and songwriting here is really very great but takes a couple takes to really fully comprehend. The first hook is used as a framing device for the story as just a dead line announcement so we don’t get the feel of a full song here – instead its really a story delivered musically. The big reveal that PZ was dead the whole time is a fun surprise the first listen through and reframes the lens through which you view the track on subsequent listens – which imho makes this a top contender for playlist inclusion this Halloween – I just wish it had a stronger close. The thunder clap is definitely a trope that fits the spirit of the challenge but at that point the track is so strong it doesn’t need it. GREAT work and thank you for alphabetically being last because you need a fucking head banger after two solid hours of tracks. For what its worth, a traditional song format (verse, hook, verse, hook) would have put the raps score here to a 10 (assuming the rest was as good as this).
    beat: 9
    raps: 8.5
    challenge: 9

    Lars – 7
    Like the synth vibe on the beat, lyrics sound a bit off beat. Like the story telling though!

    Rob – 9
    just gimmie thick synthy shit like this and i’ll probably love it. Whenever I say I want it wider and bigger this is what I mean. That rain sound is fantastic let me say that again amazing wow used very very well .

    Richie – 9
    VERY creatively written song. Very entertaining vocal performance. Just as I thought that refrain at the end was going on a bit too long… boom… thunder. nice. Ayeeee, I like this beat. Could use another instrument line to give a better sense of progression. That synth melody is great. Vocals sound really great. Doubles are mixed really good. I was thoroughly entertained by this song. Thought the vocal performance was really good, along with the production. A few minor gripes, but overall I rock with this.

That was a lotta heckin teams, huh??

Stay tuned for Round 2, judge/admin pages, and more!

  • cover play_circle_filled

    01. Chupacabra
    1up Funk

  • cover play_circle_filled

    02. Where's Your Spirit
    1337 G33K B33F

  • cover play_circle_filled

    03. Rise Squad
    Bleak n Mild

  • cover play_circle_filled

    04. LOU (Life Or Undeath)
    Class 1-A

  • cover play_circle_filled

    05. Baking Nightmares (Bloody Mary Mix)

  • cover play_circle_filled

    06. Mistreated

  • cover play_circle_filled

    07. Don't Move
    DJ John Acosta + Tanjint Wiggy

  • cover play_circle_filled

    08. Welcome to the Life of Walter Henry Sherman
    Double Analog

  • cover play_circle_filled

    09. Desu Desu
    Flaming Arrows

  • cover play_circle_filled

    10. The Bunker

  • cover play_circle_filled

    11. Helevator

  • cover play_circle_filled

    12. Cleetus
    Kaiju No Uta

  • cover play_circle_filled

    13. Hemoglobin Goblin

  • cover play_circle_filled

    14. Behind Me

  • cover play_circle_filled

    15. Halloween Date
    Literal Black Magic

  • cover play_circle_filled

    16. We're The Monsters
    Mundane Monsters

  • cover play_circle_filled

    17. Attack of the Nerds
    Mystic Shadow

  • cover play_circle_filled

    18. Blood Money
    Not Dead Yet

  • cover play_circle_filled

    19. Stuck In the Game

  • cover play_circle_filled

    20. Tumbling into DashCon (Never Forget)
    Pinky and the Mancubus

  • cover play_circle_filled

    21. Ghost With the Most
    Primal Winds

  • cover play_circle_filled

    22. Night of the Mask ( La Muerte De Chupacabra )

  • cover play_circle_filled

    23. Wake Up
    Sailor Doom

  • cover play_circle_filled

    24. Curiosity Killed The VPC Contestant
    Saints of San Secuestro

  • cover play_circle_filled

    25. Come On Down

  • cover play_circle_filled

    26. Symphony of Lost Souls
    Sleeping Dragon

  • cover play_circle_filled

    27. Murder On the Radio
    Some of BType

  • cover play_circle_filled

    28. BAE

  • cover play_circle_filled

    29. Mixtape Man

  • cover play_circle_filled

    30. A Sexy Halloween (Good Gravy!)
    Spandex Moose

  • cover play_circle_filled

    31. Wifi Dead Inside
    Team Kokoro

  • cover play_circle_filled

    32. Game Of Horrors
    Team Titans

  • cover play_circle_filled

    33. R.I.P. In Pieces
    Thot Team Epic

  • cover play_circle_filled

    34. In With the Rain

  • cover play_circle_filled

    35. Dead By Daylight
    White Hippy

  • cover play_circle_filled

    36. Childhood Home

  • cover play_circle_filled

    37. The Visitor

  • cover play_circle_filled

    38. House of Zero

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