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VPC6: ROUND 5 – Fellowship

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Round 5

Did you catch on to the theme throughout VPC 6? Each challenge was specifically tailored to focus on each of our judges strengths. Richie is undisputed MemeGod of nerdcore, so we had to make you write a track about memes. Beaker is all about dirty wubs and dub drops, so we had to make you write a song using one of his beat packs. Rob is the undisputed lord of chip, so we had to make you pay homage to our sister genre and bring the upmost respect. Lars? Of course we’d go with Litrap. Is there anyone who’s nailed the art of literature rap more than him?

Where does that leave us in round 5?! Four judges. Five rounds. You guessed it. That makes this challenge MINE.

Bringing the community together and helping it grow has always been and will always be my ultimate goal. So with that, in the spirit of working together, I challenge you all to…. Posse tracks! (You’re shocked, I know)

But wait! There’s more.

Vocalists, we’ve run you absolutely through the ringer this VPC and y’all have stepped up everytime. We are cutting you some slack. You have free rein on your writing this round. The subject of your track is open for you to choose (Although can I say that “The Ballad of Czarina” is long overdue?) and the style of your writing is completely unrestricted. Choose your features wisely*.

Producers, there’s a little more to your part. We are going to need at least 1 piece of live instrumentation in your beat. What you record and how you use it is up to you. You also need to switch up your beat at least once in your song. This switch can be a tempo / BPM / key change / time signature change / etc

*The nitty gritty details:

Vocalists: you are expected to be on your own track, plus you may do 1 additional feature.

Featured artists: are limited to doing a feature for 1 team.

There is no limit to how many artists can be on your tracks.

Producers who rap: you are also allowed to feature on either your own OR another teams track as a vocalist, should you wish to do so.

Sadly no, you cannot ask any of the judges to lay down bars for you.


R5 Participant Entries:

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Bring Out Your Nerds

A Billi Free
Chris Conde
Lil Lavedy
Chief and theDoomsdaydevice
Ice Tha One
MC Animosity

  • addLyrics

    Bring Out Your Nerd
    Production by ProjektZero,
    Additional instrumentation by Coolzey, PiecesOfEight and Rachel Feldmann

    They all say that I’m fringe and I’m like OMG
    Dude I’ve been billed as nerd rap since 2003
    Been playing shows with Mark since he was MC STD
    I played Yars Revenge on the Atari
    Skipped school to play Street Fighter
    Royal Rumble on pay per view
    After the show we’d go out in the snow and we would wrestle too
    Class president art club president marching band bass drum section leader
    Ghost hunting sticker trading sketchbook drawing avid reader

    MC Animosity (chorus):
    Off the top man, fuck what you heard
    I’m so single-minded man that shit is my word
    I almost got locked, but that shit got deferred
    Then Zach, the legomaniac, said bring out your nerd
    Off the top man, fuck what you heard
    I’m so single-minded man that shit is my word
    I almost got locked, but that shit got deferred
    When the homie Coolzey said bring out your nerd

    Welcome everybody to the party
    We’re so happy you could make it to our nerdy rapping hobby
    Not to toot my own horn but I’m seen as somewhat of an ambassador
    kind of a big deal im like the number 3 disaster-er
    Wanted to be one of the first to give proper greeting
    Heard this ain’t your scene, but ya showed up when your needed
    And should you wish to stay, I’ll let you in on a little secret
    I hope ya do – because I think your flavor yo we need it

    Chief & The Doomsday Device:
    picnic at hanging rock in cold blood
    hidden fortress fight club punch drunk love
    oldboy, who’s that knocking at my door?
    dancer in the dark explorers
    band of outsiders let the right one in
    city of god made the secret of nimh
    children of men versus way of the gun
    they live the panic in needle park annihilation

    time to stop actin like I ain’t a nerd
    make it heard in layman’s terms
    I’m into snakes and worms, guts and gore
    and things that make you squirm
    whats on TV?, make it turn
    to something weird like Stranger Things
    my mind is fixed on science-fiction
    type of shit that makes me think
    in my basement, crazy things
    I’ve got a box of comics so…
    old I had it way back when
    I was tellin yo’ momma jokes
    and playin Mario
    on systems that I still got at home
    stay droppin facts nobody ought’a know
    before I gotta go

    A Billi Free:
    It’s a party for the holy aguacate
    Got my toast already ready, sippin on some maté
    Leather from the skins
    Powder from the seed
    Nutrient rich flesh
    All I see is green gold Mexican cartels want control
    Better than drugs, avocado hit the motherload
    The technicals is symmetrical
    Slice and eat the testicle.

    MC Animosity (chorus):
    Off the top man, fuck what you heard
    I’m so single-minded man that shit is my word
    I almost got locked, but that shit got deferred
    Then Zach, the legomaniac, said bring out your nerd
    Off the top man, fuck what you heard
    I’m so single-minded man that shit is my word
    I almost got locked, but that shit got deferred
    When the homie Coolzey said bring out your nerd

    Ice tha One:
    I got them Hotwheels, I take your girl still
    Get out my race track now she ain’t comin’ back
    Invite her over to play with my toys
    You know what I’ma do; stay stuntin’ with the Rolls Royce
    Bring out the monster trucks, I can see she’s sprung
    What about the drop, I keep a spot for her
    Maybe the de Ville, ridin’ round dirty
    I’ll have her home by midnight, momma made me promise.

    Lil Lavedy:
    My gameboys in one hand, I can’t see the screen
    You fandom is weak if it’s owned by Disney
    Samus is one hot shit trans bitch and I am different
    Yeah so I don’t need your dick picks cause mine is bigger bitch
    And your looking like sonic before that shit got fixed
    and I’m looking like classic in this vintage thrift
    When I step to the Mic it’s nothing but bar 20
    Check the character sheet it’s lil lavedy

    Chris Conde:
    Lace my roller blades and skate inside of the game
    I attack with Acid Burn to terrorize your main frame
    a Phantom Phreak ya can’t see me as I sneak into your brain
    and Crash Override your system with a Razor and Blade
    Cereal Killer I deliver a virus
    to hack into some files that you’ve tried to disguise as garbage
    but i’m Elite, so I delete your plans
    and Lord Nikon and my crew will come and beat your ass

    MC Animosity (chorus):
    Off the top man, fuck what you heard
    I’m so single-minded man that shit is my word
    I almost got locked, but that shit got deferred
    Then Zach, the legomaniac, said bring out your nerd
    Off the top man, fuck what you heard
    I’m so single-minded man that shit is my word
    I almost got locked, but that shit got deferred
    When the homie Coolzey said bring out your nerd

    MC Animosity:
    Yo, I’m a jerk when it comes to my weed
    I’m a weirdo and a dork watchin’ UFC
    And on that 90’s hip-hop, I’m a total fuckin’ dweeb,
    Best respect me, I’m a Trekkie – that’s word to my Uncle G.
    Keep movies and CDs in alphabetical order,
    And my prized possession is a 1979 quarter?
    In an Uber, I’m a goober. Fortnite, I’m the shooter
    When I graduate college I’m getting a tricked out computer.

    Take the time, enjoy yourself
    Soon it will be over
    They told us we would let it go –
    You’ll be different when you’re older

    Take the time, enjoy yourself
    Soon it will be over
    They told us we would let it go –
    You’ll be different when you’re older

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    10 10 10
    ZeroCool has come up with the rock-n-roll bowling for soup with the whole alternative stage line up at lolapalooza just having fun posse party track that I was hoping somebody would deliver. PZ said he has rekindled his passion for production and its obvious that bug has bit – this track is so many wonderful things. The chiptune elements, the rock guitar, pop drums, growly bass lines and rock rap party bars – its all here and its all perfectly stacked up against the huge voices guesting on this track. Just when you think this shit cant get any better ZeroCool hits you with an elastic firecracker breakdown and bridge in to the chaotic yet beautiful hook and this is just the best damn thing I’ve heard since 2001. Great job team and I am so so happy this was how you chose to exit the VPC. Bravo.
    Lars –
    10 9
    Watch out Mark Hoppus! This song is awesome, I would have turned the vocals up a bit, but the pop punk style is amazing. Love this!! So catchy.

    Richie –
    love the hook, this really feels like a posse track for sure. very well executed… every vocalist brought a different flavor to the song. ayyyy this is cool, love the chiptune elements mixed in with the guitars, very well done. felt like there are parts where the guitars overpower the vox and drums in the mix. switch up at the end is dope. louder vox on this one would make it a 10, no doubt.
    Rob –
    Everyone seems to get it and has fun with this one. I would love to see this live. So many mc’s all doing such a good job. Also great ending A rock song! I love it. This contest is unfair because I have too many favorites. i can’t say too much it’s just a fun song I like alot and it almost wouldn’t matter to me if it was recorded badly but it isn’t. Mix is good incorporating chip and synth and guitars. I would love to see this live.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Supreme World Antagonism


  • addLyrics

    War is coming to town, fuck the trumpian clowns
    We shootin capital bootlickers gunnin em down
    There’s no sanctified ground for their burial mounds
    Grab the stock and the mag, revolution is now
    Plug your ears against the words of parasite sirens
    Who say that only the cops are allowed to do violence
    They sell you opium stories to ensure your compliance
    Be the media now and and raise your voice like the highest

    Advancing on the liars simple slash and lay slain
    Save your smiles burn thier files
    We ain’t out to be tame
    Insighting riots staying active with flames
    we chose our weapon it was never the same

    I’m the sinnin-est sinner, I sizzle Satan for dinner
    I take all plates when they’re given, I make and break with the vittles
    I pull a pistol on villains and make em give up their millions
    pay em back with the bullets, ice their women and children like blam
    Damn, I blew a hole in Billy’s ball cap
    Maybe that’ll teach his stupid dad not to talk back
    Pickup and count Billy’s teeth because it’s like that
    People like to talk a lot of shit til they get shot at

    So American terrorize then terrorists
    Fuck up the psyche then deny them all the therapists
    I think its highly likely oughta burn thier heritage
    I think it might be time we brought up the disparages
    Oh shit look who’s back
    Yea its mr fuck you
    Crew in the back
    On the attack
    Sniffing love to huff too
    Wicked with them hugs
    Getting love
    that is untrue
    Silent with a buzz
    Cause of drugs
    Getting what dude

    I’m battlin with Karenses Kareems and Tibbs and Alexes
    I’ll body every amateur with words or fists or Sauerses
    Your mom delivers eulogy, casket topped with flowerses
    I’m countin every hour til the reaper comes a challengin

    I’ll challenge any mc and best believe they cant defeat me
    Unwilling to the throne but homie there is no de-seating
    Only going home but you manage to beseech me
    Plans for getting blown but I can squeeze in your deteething

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    9 8 9
    this track starts dark and grumbly with some sweet guitar and bass work setting up Press B to drop his best mixed bars of the tournament. delivery is very strong with pitch changes and inflection adding shine to the punches with a nice beat drop in to each hook. the hook is dope and the changeups work very nicely. featuring vocals by producer Shmizzat, the bars and crossover support a track with an army of 2 message. the final minute furthers that feeling as Mr Fuck Youuuu lays out a soundscape battleground for B to call from and the sudden end, once the the message was delivered, is a perfect end to a track that wether you like it or not wasnt for you in the first place.
    Lars –
    8 7
    The energy is great, but I think dubstep beats are a hard sell… unless it’s purposefully about the 2010s, which I don’t think this song was. This song is great thougha nd the mix is awesome, nice raps!

    Richie –
    the raps on this are good. I fell out of my chair at the Mr. Fuck You part, lol. love the back and forth nature of the vocalists parts. hook could have been spit with a little more energy to match the beat at that point. love the drum break used in the beat. vox sound good, doubles a bit too loud for my taste. vox during the hook get drowned out a bit by the beat. I love the switchup at the end, but i wish i could have heard some raps on it.
    Rob –
    I like the slowness of this and the lyrics seem very well thought out and they are delivered carefully and very precisely Beat was good and honestly the change at the end made me think it was a new song then when I realized it was the same track I was very pleased

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Diaspora


  • addLyrics

    Pull up in a dumpster fire with nine uncles
    I’m the bad bitch that come from Sri Lanka
    Perehera mask with the devil entendre.
    Monsoon rain witha hella long thunder
    saffron skin, saffron skin,
    Fresco face paint, rock face chin
    All hair everywhere, silk road spin.
    Ayo, chee, what the cat dragged in.
    british and portugese, dutch and some moors
    Fortresses, colonies, embassies, war.
    Suicide bombers & genocide laws.
    Rulers got ruined and scatter the shores.
    People get crushed like a maloong for it. And
    An analog for it be like tearing down the forest
    And then planting more salt for the animals to forage in
    And marinade in a vain bid for some nourishment.
    I’m in the tea and the spice on the rack,
    I make a fee, i get 25 lakh
    I hit the poya with tree in the sack.
    That’s my colonial beef in the pack.
    Sudha get ominous chill in the spine
    Human condition got me in a bind
    Over tradition and visions of british
    devisions decisions and lines.

    Diaspora, shattered vast and raw
    Colonial collateral, the last to draw
    Empires built by our backs at cost
    All for cash our past been fractured, lost

    Diaspora, gathered fast and broad
    Surviving and thriving while castles fall
    Culture constructed by our passioned thoughts
    No caste, no class will outlast us, nah!

    Expelled like whoa
    Judea to Germany, Russia from Rome
    Keep tryna wipe us out, but you know
    they can’t help, but let my, people go

    They try and pass us off as an afterthought
    we blast off last thought better latch the locks
    and that false, they demonized the whole damn crew,
    Turned us into scapegoats—yeah they stole that, too

    Displaced and dispossessed
    Got misassimilated in the distance west
    Found a new home on Duwamish land
    covered up and filled in by the colonist’s hand

    They killed the lagoon, neglected crops,
    banned camps from the city and elected cops.
    Give the people a rest like three Shabbats,
    Let’s honor ט״ו בשבט like Chief Siʔaɫ

    Diaspora, shattered vast and raw
    Colonial collateral, the last to draw
    Empires built by our backs at cost
    All for cash our past been fractured, lost

    Diaspora, gathered fast and broad
    Surviving and thriving while castles fall
    Culture constructed by our passioned thoughts
    No caste, no class will outlast us, nah!

    Toussaint Louverture, sunshines upon you, you shown what you do, you’ve made the streets move, we’re free because you, you rose and they knew, fought hard as it grew, you told them it’s thru, 1791 it started, 2 years later, slavery abolished! Y’all fought thru, many French troops, demolished! Get ’em back for plenty actions demonic, Napolean swore that he had the upper hand, didn’t count on slaves to betray ’em, it’s puzzling, practicing religions that were taught in the motherland, worshiping a God, helped em out with the suffering, WE WIN!! That’s it, Haiti freer than jaybirds, population singing, French troops they tapered, Bonaparte hating, his plans went wayward, 1804, we destroyed the invaders

    The Haitian Revolution of 1791, led by General Toussaint Louverature, was the only successful slave uprising in modern history. Napoleon sent his best troops. Toussaint was tricked, then imprisoned in France, where he died in 1803. His lieutenants continued the fight. New year’s day, 1804 the Independent Republic of Haiti was born

    Diaspora, shattered vast and raw
    Colonial collateral, the last to draw
    Empires built by our backs at cost
    All for cash our past been fractured, lost

    Diaspora, gathered fast and broad
    Surviving and thriving while castles fall
    Culture constructed by our passioned thoughts
    No caste, no class will outlast us, nah!

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    10 10 10
    this track was almost overwhelming in everything that it was. taking the concept of a posse track to a whole new level I especially appreciate the culture overtones of each verse and callout. the hook is a little busy but how could it not be and the etheral approach to creating a chorus of voices seems like a meta nod to the track itself. XO murdered this track and his featuers were expertly chosen. No cap this is the top track of the round fully embracing and slaughtering the challenges and spirit of the comp. Every single verse is scathing and delivered with a je ne sais quoi that propels this track to the top of my list for the round. The beat is perfect imo, a jungle rythm breaks track lays the foundation for a rehtorical assault on ethnosynthetic sensibilities of white america. Navi and Klop were perfect choices for this assault and I demand, DEMAND, Milk and klop join forces for a sepultra meets rtj meltdown. A perfect 10.
    Lars –
    10 9
    This beat slaps! The rappers have a lot of awesome, original energy. This is definitely a special song.

    Richie –
    sheesh, Navi on verse one is guaranteed murder. Everyone killed on this tho, love the subject matter of the song. THIS BEAT IS NASTY…wow. At times, it flies a little close to “This Is America” from Childish Gambino, but given the subject matter of the song, i think that’s intentional. Vox sound good.
    Rob –
    I had to listen 3 times because I was focusing on the beat. Great lyrics very intricate and this beat needed that each vocalist compliments the others well too YES. I like when a beat makes me feel like i’m in a problematic situation resembles another song at times but that’s ok. beat is really really good like super good.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Stop and Smell the Roses
    White Hippy

Asce Blayze

  • addLyrics

    I just wanna know

    Can we take it slow?

    Stop and smell the roses ‘long the way

    They’re not far below

    I just need a moment to myself

    No better one than right….


    Knock on wood

    In this life

    It’s a hard knock

    I’d rather craft it with a knife

    But I’m on clock

    Moving clocks run slow

    But they’re moving fast

    Should I keep my eye on the clock

    Just to make it last?

    Trying to step out of the norm

    With this music ting

    They say everyone’s a rapper

    They can’t rap like me

    Plus I’m multi-talented

    Not my only thing

    I promise that I will make it

    on my pinky ring

    I got tired of the stagnant recycling

    Dying to work

    Working to die

    Just cycling

    Went back to school and they kicked me out

    For two semesters the 44th is out

    That ain’t the way I’m going out

    No lie

    Side hustles aside

    Got to enjoy this life

    For what it’s worth

    I am living well

    Sometimes you’ve just got to stop and exhale

    I just wanna know

    Can we take it slow?

    Stop and smell the roses ‘long the way

    They’re not far below

    I just need a moment to myself

    No better one than right now

    [Asce Blayze]

    I just come and go now

    feel like I never sit down

    the problem down

    they just say “next”

    I’m just tryna play Apex

    See I be rolling with the punches that get thrown

    ‘Cause a hit might get em’

    but it won’t run em’ over

    Stop and smell the roses and the fruits

    Forbidden or not 2020 we bend the rules

    Yo, we heal and we chillin’

    we take a day off for real

    ‘Cause life move quick

    though the clock tick slow

    sped up when I looked the other way for a second
    now we’re here
    now we’re there
    we made it with a minute to spare
    this is called self love
    whatever stressin’ me sit on the shelf like a elf does
    Imma unwrap the present
    relax and breathe
    drive slow
    seat laid back
    I can’t see
    it’s a challenge when you sprintin’ through the stress
    that’s a hell
    this time we’ve just got to stop and exhale

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    8 8 7
    another track this round that realy channels the diggable planets for me. really smooth track from start to finish this finally round submission maintains the r&b feel this group has carried through the vpc. great vocal delivery and cadence, really nice fx and engineering work this time around. hypes are prefectly executed. the kick stands out a little tall which pulls attention to the beat during the transitions, expecting a hit and not getting one is an effect of the tempo shift. guest verse was dope and the break down was super sweet on this very expected and enjoyable submission. Great showing this year WH and I hope to see more from this team in the future. following.

    Lars –
    8 8
    The rappers sound nice on this, the singing is really awesome. I would have boosted the vocals about 1 db, but a great song.

    Richie –
    i thought this song was written very well. the melody from that hook is forever burned into my head. bars galore… this team always impresses with the vibe they’re able to deliver. beat is sublime, love the instrumentation…reminds me of that one level in Mario 64. vox sound great, only complaint is the beat could have evolved just a bit more for the sake of the challenge.
    Rob –
    Lyrics and singing sit on top of the song just right. Great execution here and I want the protagonists to get together 🙂 Beat is comforting like a blanket. Mix is great

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Arrows

Chris Songco

  • addLyrics

    Arrows lyrics

    (Ronin verse)

    Run in the front
    Get pushed to the back
    Give me a boost
    Give me a shot
    I need the cash
    Where is you at?
    Blip on the map
    Go for the kill
    I invested my time with a bow for a skill

    I got some blood on my hands
    I’m in need of a bath
    I only cry when I crash, but
    I land on my feet like a cat, bus
    Checking the matters of fact
    I just got out of my body in a cast
    The devil’s sympathy
    Check my history

    How can I stress
    That I’m no savior
    Got more X’s than Charles Xavier
    How does one run
    From the path they paved ya?
    I’m just rebel scum
    next to Luke and Leila


    All my friends are
    Heroes in high places
    And I’m strapped with the basics
    [I got a bow and arrow!]
    I can’t help that
    I’m stuck on the waitlist
    Taking shots but I’m aimless
    [I want to be a hero]

    (Chris verse)

    Shooting my shots
    Don’t ever miss mayne
    Even with that, i’m in the back
    never a bruce wayne
    Money for days,
    I cannot buy fame
    Oliver queen,
    carry my city but never could carry a scene
    like the Kryptonian can
    Cuz I am only a man
    But my canary she got my back,
    she be my wonder woman
    Shout out to speedy,
    we helping the needy.
    sometimes get greedy
    And want more acclaim
    yeah i be wilin,
    was stuck on an island,
    but simply an island i will not remain

    See I know that most heros can’t fuck with me
    Still I get slept on with the Justice League
    Recognition it and goes for me
    But at least im famous for my goatee


    All my friends are
    Heroes in high places
    And I’m strapped with the basics
    [I got a bow and arrow!]
    I can’t help that
    I’m stuck on the waitlist
    Taking shots but I’m aimless
    [I want to be a hero]

    (Break down)

    Say a-di-ya-di-ya-di-ya
    Say o-di-oh-di-oh-di-yo
    Say bi-dee-bi-dee-bi-dee-bi

    Put an arrow in the sky
    If you’re feeling the groove

    We got Hawkeye in the house tonight
    Green Arrow in the house tonight

    And if you wanted to mess with the Arrows
    There’s a couple tricks up our sleeves
    That we’re willing to show
    We got that:

    Sonic arrow
    Net arrow
    Acid arrow
    Trident arrow
    Smoke bomb arrow
    Bolo arrow
    Putty arrow
    Explosive arrow
    Suction arrow
    MFn punching glove arrow
    Boomerang arrow
    Grappling hook arrow
    Tear gas arrow
    An electricity arrow
    And on top of that
    We still have
    regular arrows (x3)


    Reclaimed from the wreckage
    Battle angle
    I’m a weapon and I know you sensed it
    Now that I got your undivided attention
    Repent like kenshin
    And I’ll keep you on the guest list
    I was never born
    I was forged
    Like a sword
    Hive mind like the borg
    Right time to abort
    the mission
    Before I sworm and absorb your kindred
    Nerdcore to the core
    I’m a force of distress
    Now get wrecked
    I Got the voltage–
    Like the cold press
    Only know less
    I control that
    Too bad
    This little bot finna bang
    Yall can’t mess with my strength
    You don’t know what
    I got left in my tank
    Tear it down
    Fire sale,
    Skimming on the flames
    (You can burn in your fear)
    Only move for the worthy
    Heavy metal like Mjölnir


    The unkillable
    get down is digital
    Breaking down
    The lyrical
    individual syllables
    I’m the son of criminals,
    Sum of all of their principles
    But now I’m invincible
    There’s only one way this can go

    I am the Pinnacle
    Carving in your Subliminal
    Humanity is hurtful, it’s heinous
    And hypocritical
    Stop all the reboots
    Let’s make something original
    Been digging your own grave
    But now it’s time to fill the hole

    I said I’ll be back
    So I got buffed up
    Sorry mom and dad
    This is tough love
    You did a bad job
    I got it undone
    Man made a man made man
    And he fucked up

    I said I’ll be back
    So you got buffed
    Sorry mom and dad
    This is tough love
    You did a bad job
    I got it undone
    Man made a man made man
    And he fucked up

    (Verse 2)

    One thing robots can’t do
    Is let it breathe
    I’m menacing
    Like android 17 on Hennessy
    You best believe
    I’m that glitch,
    The remix and the reckoning
    The Singularity’s beckoning
    Tuck your tech hide weaponry
    Always looking down,
    kept us waiting in the mezzanine
    But I am mr. Robot
    Gone viral with the clarity
    I learned a little something
    Whilst living in a den of thieves
    Hacking Hip Hop
    Triple h with the pedigree
    That line was “the best in the ‘verse'” like Serenity
    Best of all time
    Single lady with the wedding ring
    Kick it back to Eli in post doing the editing
    I’m in this for the process,
    This is just me rendering
    Hopefully I don’t crash,
    And I come out with a better me
    Textured and mapped
    This all goes deeper than rap
    If you can’t pick up the slack
    You can download the app
    Because the pressure is on
    You can slip where I slap


    The unkillable
    get down is digital
    Breaking down
    The lyrical
    individual syllables
    I’m the son of criminals,
    Sum of all of their principles
    But now I’m invincible
    There’s only one way this can go

    I am the Pinnacle
    Carving in your Subliminal
    Humanity is hurtful, it’s heinous
    And hypocritical
    Stop all the reboots
    Let’s make something original
    Been digging your own grave
    But now it’s time to fill the hole

    I said I’ll be back
    So I got buffed up
    Sorry mom and dad
    This is tough love
    You did a bad job
    I got it undone
    Man made a man made man
    And he fucked up

    I said I’ll be back
    So you got buffed
    Sorry mom and dad
    This is tough love
    You did a bad job
    I got it undone
    Man made a man made man
    And he fucked up

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    Beaker –
    7 7 7
    this is the second song of the round that left me genuinely confused but this time it was a deep confusion causing me to question my environment, perception and authenticity in my own skin. this track is like a bad trip and the hook is that one friend who keeps whispering ur gonna die in your ear while you peak. bars are fun and the point of the track isnt lost on me and assuming the guitar is live then GG? idk man.

    Lars –
    8 8
    Great etheral vibe. Like the timbre of the raps, would have autotuned the melodic parts slightly, but pretty dope!

    Richie –
    got more X’s than charles xavier…ok y’all brought bars. love the triplet flow on this one. very well done. the hook was cool, love how you switched it up with the beat change. beat was dope, love love love the switchup. vox sound great, some punch-ins sound obvious, but otherwise this song is produced well!
    Rob –
    This is a fun song. playing around with the singing and rapping and being silly. I mean it’s called whack so I get it. Not a winner but one of my favs from this round. Sorry I like weird stuff more I am who I am Dreamy guitar start is cool. mix is good. Vocal effect on singing is better than the one on the rapping.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Cody Rhodes
    Thot Team Epic

Nunchuck Bitch (Hella)
Otaku Jesus (Ultra)

  • addLyrics

    Thot Team Epic; who the fuck is you?
    You’re outta luck; whatcha gonna do?
    Well fuck ya hoes; and ya mama too!
    The project blows; get the reference dude!

    (Nunchuck & OJ)
    Thot Team Epic; who the fuck is you?
    You’re outta luck; whatcha gonna do?
    Well fuck ya hoes; and ya mama too!
    The project blows; get the reference dude!

    I’ve mastered the art of the asshole, the Bastard,
    The dickhead, the douchebag, the sarcastic last word!
    A password assassin; a class in disaster:
    The dog had it’s day, bitch; so go fuck your master!
    I’m cheatin’ on death, while I’m cheatin’ my taxes;
    I’m fappin’ to dick pics, or it never happened!
    You joke and you’re laughin,’ while I’m fuckin’ your whore;
    I’m your Richard McBeef; your Cho Seung-Ouiji Board!
    I’m your V-tech reject; Sofa King Wee Todd Ed:
    You still got V-card; your drapes are un-parted,
    So pardon my Frenches, and “tailler mon pipe.”
    My lead pipe Adventure Time puts bitches to sleep!
    All the hoes the I’ve fucked; all the place I’ve been;
    All the booze that I’ve drunk; all the drugs? I’m a fiend!
    I’m no better or worse than me, so don’t let ’em tell ya!
    Cause I’m Nunchuck Bitch, but I’m also Nursehella!

    It’s the Thot Team, Thot Team!
    We fuckin’ epic, and we get the cream!
    So get the reference cause we ain’t no meme!
    The effervescence is so fresh and clean!

    (Nunchuck and OJ)
    It’s the Thot Team, Thot Team!
    We fuckin’ epic, and we get the cream!
    So get the reference cause we ain’t no meme!
    The effervescence is so fresh and clean!

    Ignited a movement; others are washed, alone.
    Didn’t even know I had students, but they Watched the Throne!
    Modern anime rappers demonstrated I’m not alone
    While I kept hustlin’ past disasters until I could cop a home!
    Jacket-Kun/Otaku Jesus here to switch the thesis:
    My Bandcamp subscribers are disciples; true believers!
    Show love like Hideo Kojima has for Norman Reedus!
    These bars for my NEETS and fujos; not for normal readers!
    Shoujo n’ Shonen? No, it’s Onna to Otoko,
    And me n’ Nunchuck are the only ones with a dope flow!
    So impolite to say? But we really can’t sugar coat, bro:
    We kept it hype all day while everyone else was one note!
    Held F for respects for all of our competition,
    Losing sight of the war, too focused on little missions!
    Demons to our core; we never do little fission:
    Critical on the critics, obliterated by writtens!

    It’s the Thot Team, Thot Team!
    We fuckin’ epic, and we get the cream!
    So get the reference cause we ain’t no meme!
    The effervescence is so fresh and clean!

    (Nunchuck and OJ)
    It’s the Thot Team, Thot Team!
    We fuckin’ epic, and we get the cream!
    So get the reference cause we ain’t no meme!
    The effervescence is so fresh and clean!

    David Berkowitz: son of the same Sam:
    Finger fuck ya mom; get beat to death with the same hand!
    Make an aquarium, straight outchea gang land:
    Turn your little crip walk straight to a rain dance!
    Blood in the streets, talking – flood atcha feet –
    Opening in drawers in morgues, looking for somethin’ to eat!
    This is August underground; well, at least for police
    The floor boards won’t bleed; man, they bleed for the meek!
    I’m unwashed; mainline with a stranger,
    Then we fuck like dogs; boy, I must like raw!
    Freebase picked me up like a bus line, y’all:
    I take the bus line y’all, then I bust mine off!
    I fuckin’ ate the face of white devils; cut mine off;
    Ruined a brand new shirt; blood won’t run right off.
    I beat my shit til it’s soft: nail my dick to a cross!
    “Life is gay as fuck?” Bitch, this is the Real, god!

    Thot Team Epic; who the fuck is you?

    (Nunchuck and OJ)
    You’re outta luck; whatcha gonna do?
    Well fuck ya hoes; and ya mama too!
    The project blows; get the reference dude!
    It’s the Thot Team, Thot Team!
    We fuckin’ epic, and we get the cream!
    So get the reference cause we ain’t no meme!
    The effervescence is so fresh and clean!

    Number one, no asterisk; check it: here’s the ass to kiss,
    And everything we ever do turns into a massive hit!

    Cause I’m Nunchuck Bitch: imma scotch guard your itch,
    Cause I’m rockin’ the block with a cock in your bitch!

    Y’all’re fake, and we’re the clique! Hella shakes; ya know we spit!
    Anonymous yet novelists; top of every shopping list!

    So don’t talk to the cops, cause imma pop like my pops,
    And my team is epic: got brain like ya thots!

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    8 8 10
    Thot Team Epic was big in nerdcore before a majority of the competitors this year even knew what nerdcore was and as an old head I was very pleseantly surprised to see Nursehella sign up for this VPC. Ive been a fan of this team for years (Karl was one of the first producers I ever reached out to for pointers) and am probably overanalyzing this team because of my familiarity but I think this track is a perfect ending to exactly what TTE wanted out of this VPC. Karl is prolific but hella has been quiet for a hot minute and this was a great chance for the couple to pair up and remind nerdcore of the kind of talent that got us mainstream attention in the first place. I hope this means there is new TTE on the horizon because im here for it.
    Lars –
    9 8
    Super fun, awesome attitude. I like how this song just creeps along, like an 88 Volvo prowling suburban streets. Fun jam.

    Richie –
    okay, i like this. every vocalist went hard, this shit grimy AF. I thought the hook was solid. Please don’t fuck my Mom, thanks. love the production on this… that switch up is one of my favorites of the round. the beat rides so beautifully. vocals sound good, volume between vocalists could be a tad more consistent, but other than that, I like this.
    Rob –
    Wow this stuff is tough and tight and viscous and I like it Very thick and grimey and somehow every single lyric is still heard excellent mix on this

  • play_circle_filled

    01. What Happened To Big Woop and The Barlords Cover
    The Extra Creds

Natalie Brooke

  • addLyrics

    What Happened To Big Woop and The Barlords?
    Next up on VH1 Music we have…What Happened To…Big Woop And The Barlords…

    Well, we had a great run, better tell someone
    Big Woop and The Barlords finally done.
    Came as a shock shoulda seen the sign
    When no one came to practice that fateful night
    Tryin to think of me part in this rift
    Every little disagreement I get to sift
    Out of pocket side-eyes, back talk trackin back
    Was I in the wrong when I’m on the attack?
    Now I get I don’t finish every drink I sip
    I get a little faded – don’t mean they gotta trip
    I just need something when I’m in the booth
    My songbook, a pencil, a side of vermouth
    I’m better when I ain’t a nervous wreck
    I don’t have a problem – step offa my neck
    I don’t need 12 steps for the stage
    The team wanna no show? Then I won’t engage.

    Tiny Prancer would drink Fireball and wash it down with Absinthe
    Galvin Helmet would take off his mask off in private to pop tic tacs
    Hula Hoop would hire people to carry her nail clipper bag and massage her knee caps
    My name is Skip Flimsy
    I was their first manager

    Make sure that my face is blurred
    When you air this
    It took me years of working with mental and physical therapists
    You think that helmet wasn’t heavy?
    Oh my god are you kidding
    Ok let me back up and start again at the beginning
    They call me Gavin Helmut
    Bass player for the Barlords
    I provided rhythm roots
    and laced the tracks with guitar chords
    For years we toured together
    Bringing our unique brand of music to the far reaches of the earth’s realm
    I’m the guy who was always on stage wearing a medieval knight’s helm
    The damage to my spine and neck that I sustained is irreparable
    I sold my soul to the devil just to be a stupid spectacle
    Every night I almost passed out for overheating
    I could barely see my axe
    My bascinet would leave me bleeding
    That’s why I hide my face
    I don’t want anyone to see
    My battle scare and also to maintain my privacy
    See nobody knows my face
    Not even my bandmates
    And we don’s speak anymore
    Honestly we never got along that great
    Matter fact I’ma take this chance to publicly call out our producer
    We want our cut of the money
    It’s not fair and you know it

    Okay, I went by Hula Hoop
    I was always in the scoop
    The Beyonce of the group
    But tabloids called me “nincompoop”
    Gimmicks sell as well as sex
    But I ain’t never went there
    A couple scandals
    Just a few
    But jail?
    I never been there
    I was always in the papers
    We were always in their ears
    So they should thank me for their checks
    That went and paid for all their beer
    And all that alcohol
    Tiny Tha Prancer and her ethanol
    Sick of AA meetings
    Said she didn’t have a problem, y’all
    Let’s not start on Gavin
    Just stream my diss track
    Never understood the helmet
    But he played that bass crack
    I admit
    My career ain’t popped off since going solo
    But doing this interview here should be good promo
    Man, cleaning toilets ain’t so bad
    But if you need a good cowbell hit my lab
    I’m in the basement of my parents crib
    Real cool pad
    With these thousand dollars outfits
    Couldn’t bring them back

    I say Big Woop should talk with all and maybe they can work this out at the Grammys
    They were nominated for shortest musical career ever

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    Beaker –
    9 9 9
    i have no idea what this track is about but i really, really like it. the story is wacky but coherent and I feel like I asked to be told this story but don’t know why. the beat is really good, love the guitar work layered in with some awesome synth and talkbox work. verses are all fire. is this a posse track? idk. all I know is that I like it.
    Lars –
    9 8
    I love the honesty on this song, and I love the beat a lot. The rapper’s adlibs are energetic, I can tell he loves Eyedea. Great song.

    Richie –
    all these verses? fire. no complaints on the lyricism. The computer voice talking is helpful in the absence of a hook, although i think a hook might have took this up to another level. love the rhythmic switchups in the beat, felt seamless. Vocals are mixed very well, the vocal effects on the doubles on the verses are actually pretty cool.
    Rob –
    Vocals have really great effects and a crisp sound and mcs have great flow Really sweet mix and instrument and sound choices allllll in the pocket

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    01. Otaku Gang
    Team Titans

Elder Maikis

  • addLyrics

    Elder Maikis

    Dropped outta VPC cuz some real shit happened
    Now I happen to drop real shit on VPC
    I create outta nowhere like PCC’s
    Death standing where I’m stranding all these elite weebs

    dislike and not hate
    its bout wealth and not race
    Bump this you got taste
    Say its dope you not fake
    Haters call it hot take
    Got scars from when I fought fate
    Fuck if your clout got weight
    I jus had to block drake

    Alley alley oop when I shoot Ion gotta gat
    But I might cop one and pull up to where my trauma at
    Playin outer worlds to see where imma put us on the map
    Jus offa spittin sauna raps

    Not about the win its bout how it end
    And leavin legacies to finance next of kin
    Be wise with the money and time you spend
    Otaku Gang goin in




    It’s all love I got my crew for the final round shoot at competition as I give em the Phoenix down/ joined the Vpc not so I can cop the crown heroes never rule we cool with a safe town

    Pull up with a gang that only filled with otakus who has a passion for rapping who down to lyrically box u/ has the same resolve as goku deku & natsu or armin from the survey Corp when turned Colossal

    Some ppl live they lives getting ready for the battlefield because they are addicted by the way the battle feels/ even if the odds are high to have themselves killed the high is mighty fine the drug of us testing skill

    Gamer not a gangster u already know of the respawn play my cards right as I use monster reborn/ I will never stop til the point I know that we on then get a second wind we win no matter who won

    I got a brother who a shooter like mateo, nigga on payroll, leader of my crew I got the last word/ I’ve been spittin game since scrabble I’m a rap nerd/_ and you better keep my score it gets higher/ only free spirit in this game without a ghost writer/ so ima keep writing and ima keep ridin/ Ichabod crane in this game I keep my head up/ i be in bed before you boys be getting fed up/ think about quitting and I’m still pullin in chedda/ mouse trap trapping in the game I’m gettin better/ and you still ain’t gettin bread, nigga I’m on a roll/
    Uh NyteXing be on tour, otaku makin moves/ music is passion on the come up with the stu/ pretty much gotta whole label/ signin rappers crew lit/ and I ain’t got much more to say nigga my crew spit/

    AO Lyrical

    1. Lyrics are one of a kind/
    Nobodies messing with I/
    2. When I get in the booth/
    I’m blinding them with my shine/
    3. I’m stepping back/
    To think of a better plan I’m not/
    4. Going in bashing/
    Crashing I’m Walter White thinking twice/
    5. Understand the facts brotha/
    You ain’t compared to us on the mic/
    6. Haha, I have to laugh/
    You corny niggas farts/
    7. And us gas/
    No mask/
    8. Got got the game/
    Charged up, scary kids vanshied/
    9. Up in G zero/
    Making fucking records shake/
    10. I’m in Cali/
    Smoking with NyteXing before stage time/
    11. Gotta rewind/
    The earthquakes to get the perfect rate/
    12. Wait gotta go back/
    Doing shows with Quincy/
    13. Getting paid open/
    For Travis Scott, Casey veggies/
    14. Nigga I’m here to stay/
    I’m Here for ever/
    15. Ripping ryhming orbit/
    On earth getting better/

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    8 9 9
    this track was a huge suprise to me and I know thats a backhanded ass compliment but really I am super happy with the quality of this track. All the verses are dope and mixed well – so well it sounds like these cuts were all taken at the same studio so very nice work there. The beat is solid – no real live instrument feels but there is tons of personality and i do what i want energy out of this track and its my favorite submission from the team so far. Very nice work.
    Lars –
    7 9
    The rappers sound great, but the beat feels a bit repetitive. Also, the change is kind of basic, a good song though, just could be tweaked a bit.

    Richie –
    getting dipset vibes from this one. everyone brought their A game lyrically on this one. no complaints. the crew vibes on this one felt cohesive as fuck. this beat, fucking flames… but let’s talk about that switchup. Got damn…. this is definitely my favorite song from this team this VPC… make more music like this… please.
    Rob –
    Smooth smooth flow here. Easy to follow and clearly these are well seasoned mc’s Classic sounding music mixed with modern is so fresh sounding to me.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. A Message to the Other VPC Contestants
    Team Kokoro

Professor Shyguy
Baker the Legend
Savvy Hyuga
JT Music
Zach Boucher
Dan Bull

  • addLyrics


    Workin like Rock Lee, my push is almighty, the Pain that you’re feelin will grow
    Haters will block me like Shield Hero when I’m rising to the top with the flow
    Exerting my body to godly without trying like Goku cause yall are too slow
    Say you can stop me but I got my squad bless the rest of this lyrical show

    My life was a challenge
    We only 5 rounds in
    Half of yall will drop because I’m Thanos with the balance
    Todoroki quirk, I’m coldest with the fire talent
    We ain’t pop stars, just the league of legends’ loudest

    Shyguy & NLJ & Lollia:
    This is not a game you want to play
    (you don’t want to play)
    Stick to what you know and what you’re paid
    (I can feel your rage)
    This is not a game you want to play
    (you don’t want to play)
    cause we never stop, never afk

    Baker the Legend:
    Trying to go and pick up girls in a dungeon
    Letting haters dig holes for themselves, Gurren Lagann
    I’m rapping heavenly, when I’m on these Angel Beats
    Z-Fighters on the scene and we the ultimate team

    Spitting fire like a dragonborn,
    Torbyorn’s turrets can’t match my speed on a good day,
    Best plays are my forté.
    All day, all night,
    Packing punches like I’m all might.
    Cause I’ll be Flexing, strong as a dozen and
    Crushing the others that judge what I do.
    An honour to be on this cypher cause when this guys asks
    you know it’s always gonna be huge

    Block Boy JB coming up to shoot while I
    Deck two like Deku and give it to’em shoot style
    Aint nobody wanna be the one to get it from me
    When I’m screaming like I’m Asta
    cause you know that I’m a dummy
    And they’re making like a Jojo
    When I meet’em and they’re running
    But I’m lyrically gunning everybody down
    No Russian Like Makarov when I’m blasting off,
    Better FF2 like Dragunov

    Savvy Hyuga:
    Cant be touched by Thanos snappin
    So you Genin bout to get the clappin
    Got the appetite of a titan
    So these rappers I’m attackin
    You just jeally by the size of my harem
    Cuz you out here playin Ash catchem
    Pulled my index to tell you somethin
    Yamcha asses will amount to nothing

    NLJ, Tofie, and Shyguy:
    Why you want to play with us?
    see we rankin up
    This is not a game you’ll love
    Why you want to play with us?
    see we rankin up
    Cause you’ll never make the cut like us

    This is not a game you want to play
    (you don’t want to play)
    Stick to what you know and what you’re paid
    (I can feel your rage)
    This is not a game you want to play
    (you don’t want to play)
    cause we never stop, never afk

    This is not a game you want to play
    (you don’t want to play)
    Stick to what you know and what you’re paid
    (I can feel your rage)
    This is not a game you want to play
    (you don’t want to play)
    cause we never stop, never afk


    I knew a lot of people that was on the come up in the kitchen with baking soda
    when they was trappin, I was steady rappin, they was sleepin on me like a baby yoda
    never needed anybody to back me, I knew I had the potential
    the lyrics are deadly, I am John Wick, killin ’em all with a pencil
    Pull out the gun or not, see me coming, thinking, should I run or not
    never slow down, when I start moving I can not be stopped like a Juggernaut
    I’m about to 360 no scope all up in ya throat, got you roasted
    this is really not a game that you wanna play – Sonic ’06

    It’s a cruel sun when I rhyme
    I am not British but bringing the grime
    But I’m a sinner
    Let’s go to gahenna
    For dinner
    Cause killing these people a crime
    Give us the prize
    I am a naughty dog
    I will be Nathan Drake
    To all these Lara Croft’s
    Now I’m just showing off
    Making you kind of salt
    Bout to rock out on these niggas
    Just like I’m toph

    JT Music:
    I never thought I was on the right track
    When I said “mom and dad I gotta get a mic, stat”
    Cuz everybody laughed at me as I tried to rap
    But now we got an empire strikin’ back
    We’ll ignite the track, like rhymin’ lightsabers
    Haters choke hard and I’m Vader
    Tell it from my verse, I’m a nerd to the core
    Fuck a midi-chlorian, words are my Force

    Zach Boucher:
    The art I make is like Monado
    nerdy thoughts, I got a lot of
    you’re hopeless wishing got you overthinking
    ’til I’m in your head like I’m Cortana
    They always said that I was meant for nothing
    just to pull me down because they wanna
    but Imma make ’em have a change of heart
    ’cause they don’t know about my persona

    NLJ, Tofie, Lollia:
    Why you want to play with us?
    see we rankin up
    This is not a game you’ll love
    Why you want to play with us?
    see we rankin up
    Cause you’ll never make the cut like –

    Dan Bull:
    Before I step in and start owning the mic
    Let me take off my shoes, it’s only polite
    …nerdcore is much more than just verse, chorus
    and a certain way to rhyme
    it’s a permanent state of mind
    that’s burned and ingrained in our brains and the
    way that the words are engraved and inscribed

    NLJ, Tofie, Lollia, and Shyguy:
    This is not a game you want to play
    (you don’t want to play)
    Stick to what you know and what you’re paid
    (see we rankin up)
    This is not a game you want to play
    (you don’t want to play)
    cause we never stop, never afk

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    10 10 10
    the intro to this track almost tricks you, and it could have if you hadnt heard this team yet. but of course it takes less than a minute for NLJ and RR to melt everything in the vicinity. A gamer posse track was something I expected and Im honestly surprised to get a LoL track that rocks this hard. A lot of posse feel with shoutouts to the crew and plenty of ‘we’ assertions bring cohesion to SO MANY RAPPERS also holy shit – we talked about star power in nerdcore but this lineup goes beyond what I expected with something liek 1.2B views bewteen artists on this monsterous track. beat changes, live instruments, killer bass, huge drums. its all here. this team has managed to consistently compose and produce polished, well mixed and mastered tracks every single round in this VPC and this is no exception – with some much going on its hard for me to wrap my hear around the layers of production it took to get this track to the state that its in and (ive said this a lot this year) shows just how powerful a well polished producer can be. the consistency across vocalists is most impressive, however, with huge range across voices and perfectly nested vocals throughout the mix. this track also had the BEST line of the tournament for me – with all this new blood and names this community has never heard you hear ‘nerdcore is so much more than nerdcore’ and that shit speaks to my very soul. Well done Kokoro.
    Lars –
    8 9
    Flows are awesome! I think with dubstep style beats, it’s hard to not sound dated, so when I hear beats like this it’s a difficult sell (unless it’s like a purposeful and intentional song about 2011, for instance). I still think it’s a good beat, and the rappers, like I said, are very impressive.

    Richie –
    the harmonies on that vocal hook…wow. sheesh, this beat is a lot… this is like 65 million years of evolution, all in 4 minutes. the harmonies on that hook are mixed beautifully. only complaint is the verses get overpowered in the mix at points. That’s sort of the fait accompli that comes with rap vocals over lush instrumentals like this.
    Rob –
    Every mc on this track does a great job and it is difficult to keep up with something this hard and fast without stumbling Fire track clearly. beat and mix is wonderful and tight. Such nice changes and build ups/drops

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Seven Seas
    Spandex Moose

Rappy McRapperson
CassandRa Monet aka Cass Money
Ellen DeGenerate aka Christmas Carol
Climate Change Jeff
Fuck The Whole World Fred

  • addLyrics

    Spandex Moose, greatest nerd core you ain’t heard of
    And we kerb stomp emcees call it a murder
    We take it further, got skill when I spit
    I’m killing this bitch, my rhymes on some villainous shit

    Call me Climate Change, cos the end is what I herald
    You the island chains dealing with my rising sea levels
    I’m inevitable, undeniable, I’m fucking coming
    Like I’m Jenna Jameson, and my pussys fucking flooding

    I’m a hurricane of words, a tornado of truth
    I’m tearing through your trailer park, ripping out the roots
    I’m like a dentist pulling a shitty tooth
    And I’m shocked how much rot do I gotta remove?

    Sit down, strap in, buckle up, here it come
    The clown prince of rap here to fuck it up, son
    I’m broke, outta dough, but I’m pop-u-lar
    Im the joker, wanna know how I got these bars?

    Scientific rhymes
    My prolific paradigm
    Find something that rhymes
    It’s nonsense, garbage, pantomime

    I drop science like Mike drops the bass
    In the acid, pop like a load to ya face
    The reaction’s NOS when you drove the race
    Got the traction and blow past the hoes to first place

    Yo I’m an old school player and I don’t mean sex
    Was a duck hunt slayer on the NES
    Very blessed, with ability, lacking humility,
    The best verse the rest, losing impossibility

    Transition from sitting on the couch shooting ducks
    To king hitting hookers not giving a fuck
    Cos I’m CJ from Grove Street, fuckin oath g
    Mostly, top of the game, you watching closely?

    Now You See Me, Now You Don’t
    Ambien got ya sleepy on the road
    Tweeting creepy shit straight from ya phone
    Science makes bitches of us all

    Scientific rhymes
    My prolific paradigm
    Find something that rhymes
    It’s nonsense, garbage, pantomime

    And a spooky mosquito

    Scientific rhymes
    And a spooky mosquito
    Scientific rhymes
    There’s a science guy with his beaker
    Scientific rhymes
    He’s doing some sort of science
    Scientific rhymes
    Hopefully he’s helping

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    8 8 8
    Spandex Moose is fucking ridculous and I love them and also Rappy. How did you even do that? The gals sound great in their premier appearances.
    Lars –
    9 8
    Awesome jam with some great musical flavor. I can tell the vocals were all recorded differently, which makes it feel kind of like a demo, but it’s still tight.

    Richie –
    pirate raps, i like them. very entertaining song. the hook was written well. flow could be tighter in a few spots, but otherwise, good stuff. beat is very entertaining, bassline reminds me of the final boss fight in sonic 2. vox sound clear, but there’s a lot of variation in volume between artists, and the hook could be mixed better, it sounds a bit muddy.
    Rob –
    Amazing stuff here really and so different and fun and weird Wow so good and so different and so well executed. The slowdown is so good haha like that’s all they did but it works so well

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Da Rules

Mark Cooper
1up Funk

  • addLyrics

    Mark cooper
    Let have a toast now pay close attention

    The ones without the glasses ain’t the ones to mention

    Some like to play position

    so if they get control,

    See channel flipping on television

    Just imagine you trying to make something happen, when outsiders start wire tapping, and clout attaching and bragging about

    How you going to be the greatest, the lime life is the come, but if it falls to the side, all the motivation is done

    a rare feeling there

    When people feel suited to put they stuff in there like a build a bear

    This bear grizzly for the team and the vision there

    So no mistake we at the table with the silverware

    We the best chosen, for the Jonah hills you want the things in life super bad like Seth rogan

    It’s hulk hogan off the top rope with an atomic drop that stop and alarm folks, no joke

    1up funk

    Friends like those that come the beacons of Minas Tirith are lit

    Homies who show up for you when all the world of light is forfeit

    Carrying the torches passed the generational gap

    standing up with sword and shield to deftly guard each others back

    friends in need of guidance who will council and can empathize with

    homies who can carry your burden regardless of the size and

    Friends to help you hide a murder make sure that you test their fervor

    without my homie ryan aint no 1up funk to vibe with

    he’s my ride or die the one compadre I expand my mind with

    player one got at me with a plot to maximize horizons

    now we’re thick as thieves from rock city to Vancouver Island

    the crew is who you choose to spend your time with

    staring at the peak of everest and want to start the climb with

    if you need a friend shoot me a text and i’ll hit you with kindness

    Nothing that I wouldn’t do to make sure all my friends are smiling

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    8 8 8
    the layering of this track is excellent. the bubble gun synth and bass drone sound perfect together and the drum loops are subtle and funky. but thats really all the beat is and I cant find anything else buried in the mix until the hook hits and we loose everything except an fm modulated piano roll. dropping back in to the verses feels good and shines on the verses – Alchemist stands out on this track and actually throws some posse bars out there which is nice. A dope track that missed a few challenge points but brought in solid features for a good song. GG
    Lars –
    9 10
    I always loved the Whodini line they sampled, they do a great job. The energy of the “battle rap” vibe fits really well on this. Nice work.

    Richie –
    “Im chupacabra to Goats” …damn. yeah, i love posse songs where everyone delivers quality bars. another good example of how a hookless posse cut can work. LOVE the sample. vox sound good. beat is solid, could have used a tad more evolution per the challenge, but that’s my only complaint.
    Rob –
    This song is great and they sound like a team. Contrast between MC’s is nice. Old school beat wins me over immediately then the flip to a modern vibe holds me very very well.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Way to Go

Chris Songco
Vincent E. L.
LEX the Lexicon Artist

  • addLyrics

    I feel silly, often stupid, I never know what’s going on
    Running out of my excuses, it’s time to get into the zone
    10 years passed, and i’m in massive doubt of what has happened
    but theres no doubt that I have room to grow. Still got a long way to go

    Back in 2009, childish and 20
    Just an RA watching dorms and saving money
    Two years later graduated and I hated all the pain adulting, Gulping
    pills so hard to swallow, travelling throughout a multi
    Verse of bad realities, most of them I self created
    Slightly grew my salary, but over time I deprecated
    All of my creative dreams, it wasn’t til 2 thousand 17
    That I would take a leap, and do this music thing
    A bit more serious, I took some baby steps
    I joined a couple bands, and helped create a couple bangers
    That I’m truly proud of. though my numbers ain’t the craziest
    I show me wild love, cuz the old me wasn’t making this
    A possibility, now I see: maybe I can do it
    My mentality is to treat the 20s like a student
    30 year old baby in the game, I goo goo gaga
    Keep that youthful energy with what I do tomorra, haha

    Write another rap
    Run another lap
    Go across the map
    I got a long way to go
    Make another stack
    Go get you a plaque
    Move forward on the track
    Still got a long way to go
    Fight the mental traps
    Things that hold you back
    Keep yourself intact
    I got a long way to go
    Take a tiny nap
    Munch a little snack
    Clean up and double back
    Cuz I got a long way to go

    VINCENT E. L.:
    Hindsight’s 2020, foresight’s legally blind.
    All I ever see is what I’m leaving behind.
    Walking backwards, a clear path ain’t easy to find.
    Time has no buttons and doesn’t even rewind.
    I’m still being defined ’cause I’ve (got a long way to go).
    I believe in my mind (and I’ve thought about saying so).
    And I don’t know what the world has in store,
    but I’ll try not to assume it’ll be worse than before.
    If there’s one thing I don’t wanna be, it’s a fatalist,
    certain I’ll get stuck in my creation like I’m Daedalus.
    Say I’m getting old, I won’t take offense.
    I might be overseasoned, but it beats being flavorless.
    Maybe this is the year all of it changes,
    in moderation. It’s not like I wanna be famous.
    I’ll take it, but I’m not looking for endless wealth,
    just a sense of self and some semblance of mental health.

    I’d like to feel good this year
    when I look in the mirror but I’ve (got a long way to go)
    to appreciate the person I see;
    the best version of me, still (got a long way to go).
    Got my back to the future, eyes on the past,
    striding steadfast and I’ve (got a long way to go).
    I know where I was, don’t know where I will,
    I know I won’t if I’m still. (I’ve got a long way to go.)

    So here’s to screaming all the thoughts you wanna let out
    And if you’re not feeling it saying aight Imma head out
    And getting out of bed at a better time every day
    By the end of the decade spending nights in it with your BAE
    Get Up, into a plane, maybe take a trip to Ecuador
    Find your center, bid your apprehension Nevermore
    With some effort you can make it if you say it so
    All your friends and family praising you saying “Way To Go!”

    Those are goals so romanticized
    Everybody knows resolutions almost never work as advertised
    Paralyzed by fear then we act surprised
    Calendars flipping won’t change our living when we’d rather live as passersby
    You have to find it, something that whets your appetite
    Something that makes you passionate, something you’ve always fantasized
    about and channel that into actively taking strides
    to change your direction, state your intention and make it rhyme

    Maybe then I’ll feel actualized
    Happy to have the life I have
    got a long way to go
    Maybe I should get a pixie cut
    It might fix me up
    cause I
    got a long way to go
    2020 should I change my face
    and make a date with Lasik
    I got a long way to go
    New York City’s getting cold as fuck
    But I’m holdin’ up
    cause I
    got a long way to go

    Listen, you’ve been setting goals, I get it
    Better than letting your talents go neglected, starting the year in a debit
    I know you’re motivated, but give yourself some credit
    You’ll never remember the life you made if you work so hard you forget it
    Yeah I said it, you could be burned out and useless if you don’t try
    To change the cycle, the one that goes “birth, work, die”
    So disregard the notion you should be holding it together
    Whether or not you do, the spot that you inhabit’s looking better
    So if you’re looking to get up a little bit earlier, shower before you go to work
    Well that is commendable but I’mma send you a list of things you should do first
    Follow the rules of my recommendation and you’ll be indestructible
    Yeah Freeced will keep you neat without even meeting your deductible
    Take some time for yourself
    That’s the only rule I got, you should, it’s good for your health
    Come on, take some time for yourself
    And while you’re at it, talk about it too cuz therapy helps

    You’re doing great, you’re doing, hey, you know, just laying low
    And if you listen you can hear me saying take it slow
    What the days will bring us maybe there’s no way to know
    But we got a long way left, we got a long way to go

    Got a long way to go… x4

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    9 8 8
    this beat is noisy and busy and sits in direct juxtaposition to the almost emo focus of the lyricists on this one. theres a glimmer of hopefulness in Lex’s verse but the beat changeup steals that hope from you just as quick as it was offered. This track is funny to me in a lot of ways – with some tighter mixing and engineering this track could be a radio-ready hit and I really believe that, but in the way that 3rd eye blind got a meth song on the radio… its so fun that you can miss the point but that makes the track way more fun that if you paid attention. do a whole ep of this.
    Lars –
    10 8
    Love the beat! Very catchy and well produced, and the rappers all bring it too.

    Richie –
    love the hook on this one… got me feeling hopeful and shit. very well-written posse cut, everyone delivered their own flavor to this song. love how every artist provided their own flavor to the hook. beat here is really good, love the switchups and variety. definitely sounds like it could be in a soundtrack. vox sound good. The entire low end of the song could be a tad lower in the mix.
    Rob –
    I like this flow a lot as it weaves in and out of the beat. Mixes well with the the indie vocal hook. Each MC flips into the next smoothly. It would be a good summer song or a driving song at least to me it would. I would like to listen to this one again. Instantly like the whole vibe and sound of this one. Mix is wonderful and that bass is real thick. I forgot the change would probably com and despite being a big fan of the beat up until then I liked the change a lot.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. AFD
    Some of BType

More of BType

  • addLyrics

    wouldnt peep your track with a vpn
    unless i need deep sleep and even then
    my inbox would fill to the top, chocka-block
    “Stephen what? you never sleep!”
    but peep this, I dream a lot
    wanna get adept, everything popping like spots
    pro-biotic robots taking their shot
    grab gold ingots like gringots got
    whole team equipped with blue laser beams
    unequivically destroying fiends, yes please
    generally pepper enemies incredibly cleverly
    heading for the hills like their name was beverly
    sever the ties that bind, fuck stratospheres
    put accolades here, they may as well be near
    the path is clear like i threw down salt
    asphalt assault, its my sexy ass’ fault

    – i dont wanna have to point out the fact
    that now you seen me rap, you need a change of tact
    but you barrel roll around underground
    with a sound that wouldnt make a deaf man proud
    so i guess im gonna be the one that gotta say
    you know we do this AFD, AFD, all fucking day

    you wouldnt say boo to a goose, your boo’s a goose
    raps hit behind your lips like snus
    scared of crowds like their gonna bust your lip
    like you say hop after they say hip
    flip scripts like IRC in the nineties
    nightly thank steve for any hanky panky
    yknow frank oz had less control
    over muppets than i do with puppet trolls
    it aint school, pay me, take a loan, its college
    set dictophones away and cop my knowledge
    that i drop like a bad habit, dagnabbit
    fuck your set like you cohabit with a jackrabbit
    any planet can get it, im on mars
    in craterss, on exploding stars
    mason like jars gold like bars, thats tea
    like after la la land where you be

    – i dont wanna have to point out the fact
    that now you seen me rap, you need a change of tact
    you barrel roll around underground
    with a sound that wouldnt make a deaf man proud
    so i guess im gonna be the one that gotta say
    you know we do this AFD, AFD, – all fucking day

    – all fucking day we rock
    we got them nova bombs

    takes a while to be this bad a rapper
    wanna rhyme with this rapper like Ayia Napa?
    aiya me nappa you depress with each stanza
    like all your hooks go “youll never be a dancer”
    you need bangers, all you got is mash
    you toads in the hole because you act Rash, news flash
    smash bash stars with a strip of citalipram
    dip like catipillars man, cacoon plan
    re-emerge rehearsed, re-engage with a new verse
    local or national? no, fantastical
    get awards when you factor lunar cycles
    im quoted at recitals coz i get there first
    try that, listen, compose you duets
    like the lylat system owes you a debt
    show up to the ceremony and get cheddar
    then do it again, but this time, better

    – i dont wanna have to point out the fact
    that now you seen me rap, you need a change of tact
    you barrel roll around underground
    with a sound that wouldnt make a deaf man proud
    so i guess im gonna be the one that gotta say
    you know we do this AFD, AFD, – all fucking day

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    7 8 8
    the boys are back together again! this track hits like an 8bit rave played straight out of lsdj. the beat shifts frequently between traditional jrpg engagement music and what feels like a bait and chase scene track. btype fires off like a machine gun from start to finish with no features and only one call and response break. the drums need a push please but definitely a btype track and barely hitting the spirit of the challenge this is one of my favorite submissions by this team to date and im hoping to team up w btype for some work in the future. great job team.
    Lars –
    7 8
    The rapper is original and has a good flow, but I think the beat needs a clearer kick and snare. It is a great song though!

    Richie –
    straight bars, not mad at that. i thought the vocal performance was good. I wish there would have been more artists on this one along with a hook. chiptune? aiight bet! extremely well-composed music here, would have loved a backing beat under this to help drive the vocal pacing a bit better. vox could be a tad bit brighter in the mix.
    Rob –
    Not the winner but so much heart. This is nerdcore pure and simple Mix is good but the production on this track isn’t as solid as the rest of the competition.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. The Hand
    Sleeping Dragon

Mark Cooper

  • addLyrics

    The Hand
    feat. RNL, Shubzilla, Ardamus, Mark Cooper & Prowess the Testament

    RNL x Kingpin
    Body connect to arm, Arm connect to wrist
    Wrist control the hand, Making it a fist
    I’m Wilson Fisk, the Big boss of shit
    Marvel at me…I’m bigger than what it is
    Control all transactions and factions that do actions
    In the blink of an eye, the hand will align
    Kill by design
    Please me & mine
    A Marvel to decry
    A lineage to pillage due to mentions
    Dealing with decisions that caused by my willing
    Get crushed by the hand
    Supply by my demand
    Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Defenders of Any Men
    Estrange Daredevils and Ghostriders will get dismembered
    Please consider the eradication of demons and ninjas
    This is what we do
    As the Hand, As I Enter…

    Shubzilla x Colleen Wing
    I ain’t afraid to slice and dice
    If you get in my path, boy you’d better think twice
    My sword’s cut better enemies than this
    When I got myself a target, I never miss
    I exist to merc motherfuckers trifilin, out here stifling
    Our progress, but they never break skin
    Mess with us, catch the back of this hand
    We demand allegiance, money, drugs, or land
    Understand, Imma cut em bloody
    Ain’t no one above me
    Get to the back and study
    Class is in session and I teach fast
    Gonna pass – I doubt it, ain’t build to last
    Whether I’m alone or I’m working with a friend
    “Oh boy – here I go killin again”
    I won’t bend my knee to anybody lesser
    Try to step to me and Imma show you the aggressor

    Ardamus x Daredevil
    I heard the empire just seeked to expand
    So I guess I got possessed by the beast of the hand
    Who cares if I’m lawyer, lead a pack of ninjas
    That’ll drop kick you fools until you bleed and crack ya dentures
    Matt Murdock sir stop, I’m quite awesome
    On screen, you just mad I pulled Rosario Dawson
    That’s the other me, sucka free, try and diss
    With our middle finger, still block an Iron Fist
    Never new here, yeah, it’s a great membership
    Doing legal crime all the time, a great benefit
    I was out of order in courtrooms with failed vision
    Now I throwin’ on an apron when I’m up in Hell’s Kitchen
    I fell back from Elektra when I got promoted
    She was dead anyway, when my world imploded
    Get money quick it was all no no’s
    Stopped doing cases for the pro bono

    Mark Cooper x Gorgon
    Declare war on the sore thumb,
    Addressing Feudal lords just to be Greek, I’m the Gorgon
    A god killer when the sword swung that cut thru a body of adamantium steel and make em my grandson, too op for fandom, for ransom
    More heat than Jonny storm duel wielding handguns
    hand spun roulette style, you in denial thinking you could slide by these turnstiles
    You not prepared, it’s hard to bare, turn you into stone with my care bear stare 80s affair luxurious hair pictured Pascale like panda bears feel the green flare at the front of my mean glare. I don’t care
    So get scared, cuz I am what I am,
    I been snapping like a group of Thanos at a poetry slam
    in all parts of japan I’m just ruthless
    Tomi Shishido a man with no excuses

    Prowess x Elektra
    Elektra, carving intestines, one finesse of the scepter
    I wrecks when/mind and aggression/begin connecting, these five fingers start flexing
    Peep the essence, Harvesting reflections, with my sai, I intercept brethren
    And Yes men…who try to threaten, get flesh blessed with a pair of weapons
    I send ‘em to Heaven, prepping bodies, is my hobby, I’m Godly, your façade is getting scarred, With the squad, I pause em in they folly, I’m hardly impressed, these frauds should second guess, before they enter the wreckage,
    With a gesture, they under pressure, death grip expression, I turn X-men to beauty contestants, they relish in intelligence, but a glimpse in my direction, split a melon,
    Quicker than Gallagher, who dare to challenge her, days is numbered like a calendar
    Your stamina’s not near our caliber, many knights around this table, swallowed x-caliber…do the algebra

    -The End-

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    7 9 9
    there is no question around which posse this track is about. punishing bars (see what i did there) right off teh bat with each rapper assuming a character from the supervillian org the hand. these personas fit the features pretty much perfectly and that hand-in-glove feel is obvious as shubz delivers her fierce punches. Player 1 also stands out with some solid bars and hot delivery. This beat is everything it needs to be for the track – simple enough to let the vocalists shine with a driving bass line and well timed stabs. again im missing the live instrumentation and changeups outside of the bridge and hook work, an mvp for the challenge parameteres. Very solid, very nerdcore – this shit slaps and will be in my driving playlist by tomorrow.
    Lars –
    8 8
    Samples are awesome and I love the horns, reminds me of Wu-Tang. Great raps too, I just woudl have tried to make the bass more prominent and have the rappers be more audible, that’s just my taste though. Nice job guys.

    Richie –
    yeah…THIS is how you do a posse track with no hook. every vocalist brought punchlines for days. this beat is fire. Great sample choice, flipped really well. That bassline is PERFECTLY rich… all the vocals sound good. nice use of vocal samples in leiu of a hook here. could have used a tad bit more evolution beat-wise.
    Rob –
    Love this a lot. great confident flow Great beat. Love it still a sucker for horns and the clean bass.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Ohshit

Golden Gripp
Matthew Lister

  • addLyrics


    We the type of friends that you should look for.
    Our natural habitat is a comic book store.
    We play Scrabble and always get a triple-word score.
    Oh shit! My whole clique is nerdcore!
    We got a whole group that’s full of love for
    some stuff that’s pop and some that’s obscure.
    We read literature, fantasy and folklore.
    Oh shit! My whole clique is nerdcore!

    Verse 2: Euge

    Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
    Vince McMahon and The Avengers
    Just a few things on the list that we can talk about
    Nintendo shopping spree
    In Zelda 2, where is the key?
    You’re like you and I’m like me
    It’s stuff I always think about
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Pocky for my inner circle
    Spyro is the color purple
    Little Mac is brave in Punch Out
    Chun Li’s the best in Street Fighter
    The Hoff, he stars in Night Rider
    George Lucas is a screenwriter
    One Two Three should be ashamed about
    Mega Ran hangs with Barrett
    Doctor Blight hates Captain Planet
    Trade Pikachu for a Diglett
    Let’s have a drink at Pax South
    Where is Carmen Sandiego?
    Either with Whitney or Songbotco
    Shoutout to Team Kokoro
    Munchin dots with your mouth
    We have a strong community
    And built up an immunity
    Embraced this opprotunity
    Thankful for the gratuity
    And all the continuity
    I hit my nerdcore puberty
    Gotta tell ya truthfully
    Cause the VPC is new to me


    We the type of friends that you should look for.
    Our natural habitat is a comic book store.
    We play Scrabble and always get a triple-word score.
    Oh shit! My whole clique is nerdcore!
    We got a whole group that’s full of love for
    some stuff that’s pop and some that’s obscure.
    We read literature, fantasy and folklore.
    Oh shit! My whole clique is nerdcore!

    Verse 2: Gripp

    2020, the future is today
    My value won’t change
    Like some moodswings
    Fly kick like Liu Kang
    Chun-Li’s my boo thang
    Psylocke on Wu Tang
    Jean Grae and Mystique
    In my side pocket
    Loose change
    Making it rain
    This is more than a Storm
    Transform to Cyclops
    When I witness her form
    Beserker barrage
    On her clit like it’s porn
    I just took it too far
    Let’s get back to the norm
    You can really be a true superhero
    Or at least in the eyes of others
    While I slide into DM’s
    Like I’m Ice Man
    Conserve my powers like Al Simmons
    I’ll be damned if they take me down
    Keep dealin with these
    Demons and clowns
    Call me N.E.R.D.
    Cuz I’m seeing sounds
    Knock you out like Little Mac
    Even before three rounds
    Being true to our selves
    We are victory-bound
    (And we out)


    We the type of friends that you should look for.
    Our natural habitat is a comic book store.
    We play Scrabble and always get a triple-word score.
    Oh shit! My whole clique is nerdcore!
    We got a whole group that’s full of love for
    some stuff that’s pop and some that’s obscure.
    We read literature, fantasy and folklore.
    Oh shit! My whole clique is nerdcore!

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    9 8 8
    “it might sound weird, but I am super proud of this team. Every single round Sirtet has worked to overcome tactical challenges and growing as a team. Both V and P have improved consistently across rounds and this round 5 track is evidence that the VPC can really improve your game. Delivery is solid, inflection and pitch are great the bars are tight. The beat is dope, fluid and has some great changeups. I want more live instrument feels but using natural samples helped bridge the gap. Super solid, start to finish with a punch on ‘oh shit my whole clique is nerdcore’ this is a perfect example of the posse track I was lookin for

    Lars –
    9 7
    Energy is great. love the clanky sounding beat, it would have been cool to hear the rapper change up his cadence a bit, bit still dope. Nice jam!

    Richie –
    i like the hook, very catchy. doubles during the hook could be just a hair tighter. loved all the verses. thought this beat was dope, love the chord progression in the melody. thought the vox were mixed well. the switch up at 1:35 felt super abrupt. the new beat was good, just needed a better transition.
    Rob –
    I know some people don’t like it but the punched in vocals that just about overlap is a thing I like. “o shit my whole click is nerdcore” one of my fav hooks of the contest Changeup was fun but I am glad it went back to the original beat. Mix is nice and clean

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Ballad Of Czarina
    Sailor Doom

Johnny Hacknslash
Lady J

  • addLyrics

    Cheers bruvs and luvs

    The Cavalry’s back/

    Spartan kick the competition

    In their battery packs/

    Chiggity check your privilege,

    This is Wreck The System/

    You think VPC would end

    Without a guest appearance?/

    Making Mt. Kilimanjaro

    Outta these molehills/

    Too hot to handle,

    We breaking the Scoville/

    Keep playing in these streets,

    Like you above becoming roadkill

    Cam got the kill shot, just hold still

    We do this for glorious Czarina

    Now let’s blow this bitch like an oa-carina

    I’ve seen Twilly Beat em Up

    Johnny Hack n Slash/

    Sight is rare as a Galarian Rapidash/

    I have to ask Sailor Doom

    In the name of the moon/

    Rip and Tear, kicking snare

    Til the nation go boom/

    And don’t come back

    Unless you cough up a win/

    Til then, Cam Trilogy’s blasting off agaaaain/

    HOOK x2:

    Burn it down, it’s a world of war

    Time to take the crown for all nerdcore, and



    I am not a sailor/ but I’ll impale ya/ too skilled for failure/ heart cold as Elsa/ set to bring to death with war paraphernalia/ more rebellion/ and Mercy is seldom/
    I’m more like an executioner/ such a brute and I rule like Lucifer/ mutin ya/ troops will be bootin ya/ electrocutin ya/ like sailor Jupiter/
    It’s ashes to ashes/ every country will Rock what our flag is/ u don’t get no passes/ dealing wit real killers, and da illest assassins/
    Bruh we ain’t never moving back/ my mood is black/ abusive and grusim jack/ worse Putin a mutant, wit nukes in tact/ to attack everything from da moon and back/

    Lady J:

    Burn it down, burn everything down,

    this world is doomed zarina taking the crown,

    first attack the moon, then destroy the ground,

    compress their army, till they won’t make no sound,

    I love their yells, in their blood they’ll drown,

    distorting lives, till they can’t be found, yes!!

    Gives me yells, come on!! Make it loud,

    you wanna fuck around, we can paint the town, heh….

    I must relax if we take on the faction

    we’ll take out the masses,

    this is our war and score is infinity turn them to ashes, heh..

    it’s a catastrophe… heh… but that’s why I’m laughing,

    I take shot after shot after shot after shot,

    till their tune is distressed, and you can’t hear what happened

    HOOK x2



    A posse track with a bunch of nerds

    To do a track without the both of us

    THAT Would be absurd

    To protect the world from Reverbnation!

    To unite all peoples in devastation

    To denounce the evils of truth and love

    To extend our beats to the stars above

    Pray to the skies

    say goodbyes

    tears from your eyes

    cause your Hopes are gone

    We don’t want to speak with you

    We don’t want your pikachu

    Beaker done caught all the


    We runnin up on you

    Fuckin up your EQ

    With a giant dappersaurus

    Chasing in the rearview

    All you got is auto-tune

    Bitch we fucking brought a moon

    It’s the dawn of the final day

    Raining blood like a monsoon

    Blessed be Czarina

    Everything she Says goes

    Chance of living If resisting:

    Roughly… eh… Hell if I know

    Troopers with the flamethrowers

    Watching all the flesh go

    Spraying fire on the masses

    Calling it Kadesh Flow

    Twill Distilled going In for the kill

    Hacknslash Disposing of the trash

    Sailor Doom rocks at the

    Speed of liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggghhhttt!!!

    Surrender now or

    Prepare to diiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeee!!!!

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    10 10 10
    “this is a great example of making all of nerdcore your posse and doing a party track for the scene. This is the most call back hook we had this round and knowing twills penchant for live-performance flair I want want want to witness this on a stage somewhere. Big surprise the posse SD brought in is nerdcores own powergroup Wreck the System. Cam, Osiris and Lady J bring a biting edge and hiphop flavor this mostly pop team hadnt really tapped in to yet. The beat changeups and team rocket breakdown might be the most nerdcore shit that has happened in this vpc. JHS’ feature stands out for me as exactly what I was wanting from a producer feature. This track could have gone on several more minutes and I wouldn’t have minded which made the fade out ending feel sudden. Great track, great team, great chemistry.
    Lars –
    9 9
    Love the “four on the floor” vibe! These rappers are amazing. The singing is unexpected and very, very awesome. Love this jam!!

    Richie –
    posse tracks always sound dope when all the vocalists are from the same crew. there’s a certain cohesiveness that you can hear overall. love the sailor moon reference.I always enjoy Ally’s energy in her vocal performances. Osiris’s verse tho… wow. production here is good. sounds like a last boss song for sure. Love how the vocalists are able to keep up with the graduated tempo changes. vox are mixed well. beat is robust and beautiful as fuck, but as with a few other songs in this round, some of the vocals get drowned out at times as a result.
    Rob –
    All mc’s fit together well on this track and do a great job of transitioning into each other Dance track almost with that beat. Slow Down then speed up was real nice

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Primal Fear
    Primal Winds

Primal Winds

  • addLyrics


    It’s the last round so I’m bout to drop my best gems,
    lay you all to rest wit rhymes addressed clandestine //
    on a different quest den the rest of dem,
    fallen with nephilim, half of you def only few reckoning //

    Real recognize real when you listen to the rap code,
    flirt with your mom just to bury you in her bathrobe //
    so do the math yo! We’re here to take the long route not the back road, micro to macro, judges are whack yo //

    if you won then bravo, few teams weren’t bad though,
    a natural at the game, depending on the co-lab-o //
    with the gift of gab flow, I dibble, I dabble,
    rattle ya brain when I grab the mic and battle //

    This a fiasco, have worried about the mask shows,
    everyone’s hiding behind a curtain like bitch ass hoe //
    treated like a puppet, gave you all we have yo!
    See the monopoly, bla bla bla, do not pass go //


    All in your Hazmat domes! Fear and loathing has shown,
    The Hunter Thompson and Lazlo, Buffalo Has Roam //
    nothing’s original about you counterfeit cash clones,
    listening to you songs, there’s not enough backbone //

    Step up to the plateau and see how fast I bury them,
    Conan the barbarian, last of the Sumerian //
    descendent of the Merry Men ancient Rastafarian,
    always ready to throw down no matter where he in //

    Some here to rock the map! some rock the planetarium,
    like a fleet off planes ready to drop the bombs I’m carrying //
    verbally hold a knife to the jugular area then,
    make you aware of who’s in charge of this very event //

    Hear people acknowledging they all in a hologram,
    when it comes to this style, I’ll verbally demolish them //
    Kick you in the jaw then go for a shoe polishing,
    fuck ya appearance up and have ‘em fix it all again //


    I spit flows already you couldn’t fathom remotely,
    you’ll need a posse of pros to defeat us globally //
    some had gross beats and others were dope vocally,
    get you all woke, throwing more shade then Oakley //

    It was costly, we planted moles in all your posse cuts,
    so every track has at least one rap dat possibly sucks //
    I’m not rooting for any of you, cause you’re all fucked!
    except for those crunk tomato guys and 1up funk //

    We opened a can of whoop ass, and you ate us,
    won over a few fans and we won a few haters //
    Hell if I know who’s gonna be the actual greatest,
    props to the VPC and this platform they gave us //

    I’ve got no grudges, middle fingers to the judges,
    a southpaw with more punchlines in his structures //
    I’ll pick Iron Wind beat over any of y’all productions,
    by the end of this round we’ll no longer need introductions //


    Since I’ve already disobeyed this rounds ground rules,
    I might as well just continue to ground and pound fools //
    ignorance is bliss but so is when you found tools,
    if you can’t take a diss? Then kiss my Crown Jewels //

    I’m amazed today at what takes the crowds response,
    the type of shit that’s allowed, to clouds ya thoughts //
    faced all you wanna be clowns, in a purplish brown tux,
    in case I didn’t rip on you enough, ya taste in sound sucks //

    (Bonus reading material)

    We did this to gain more rep “it wasn’t all for the bread”,
    after listing to each round, wanted to shoot myself in the head //
    Can’t believe it? That we were defeated by them,
    there were songs I liked more then mine and they didn’t even win //

    When shit like that happen you knew it was all a sham,
    only a few tracks blew my mind, and the others where like meh //
    since we didn’t take the W we’re taking your fans instead,
    and you’ll see us return next year only to do it all over again //

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    7 8 5
    “PW has a style that is 100% theirs and this track almost begs the VPC to be the posse but we section out a few shoutouts and drop favorites. That last bar recognizing the platform and using your round to write the track you want, even if its a diss, is 100% in the spirit of the vpc and Im stoked to see a ‘we arent winning so fuck you anyway’ finally make its way in to hte rotation this year. GG PW.

    Lars –
    7 8
    Love the Rawkus style rap energy on this. The piano on the beat is awesome, but I would have turned up the vocals a bit, they are kind of hard to hear.

    Richie –
    flow and verses were solid. gotta deduct for it not being a posse track of course, but i really did enjoy this song. beat is flames… classic. could have used more variation per the challenge, but damn that sample flip was really good. vocals sound clear and sit nicely in the mix.
    Rob –
    Understood every word and liked the delivery. I like how it was about the vpc and took chances on doing it their own way. At first I thought it was only one mc but I think after a second listen it was 2 Wonderful traditional sounding hip hop beat.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. The Ending

Tribe One

  • addLyrics

    Not Dead Yet – The Ending

    __ 80
    __ cecilnick
    __ Ryako
    tribe one

    [Verse 1 – khill]
    1. Blood in. deep breath, hold it… we’ll begin
    2. Blood out let the air slip from your mouth, then.
    3. In it to win it or at least break it on the ground
    4. A team of honey badgers still holding it down
    5. Not giving a shit with villanous spit
    6. Leave your whole face, from your lip to forehead split
    7. You think you got the minerals? Figurative or literal
    8. I’m pretty sure the words mean something different than you think they do (dont double this line)

    *Need to mute the dialogue sample that was in the beat, disrupts the little thing I do at hte end of the verse.*

    [HOOK – 0:39-1:00]
    BRING THE ENDING, yo check it, foes catch it, pros BANG
    NOTDEADYET, oh dang, now watch where we take it from here beyond

    BRING THE ENDING, yo check it, foes catch it, pros BANG
    THIS IS NO FRIENDS, oh dang, now watch where we take it from here beyond

    [Verse 2 – 1:01-1:20]
    Speak with criminal slang, begin like a violin
    End like Leviathan, it’s deep well then it’s NO FRIENDS

    Step to this, then again, well IT’S YOUR END
    Over 9000 I might as well then GO TEN

    Rapping lacking tact will get you tackled in the tabernacle
    King and rook to castle then they massacre the battle

    Flip a bit it’s NO WAY set it then it’s OKAY
    Kill it with the wordplay (ALL DAY // EVERY DAY)

    [Verse 3 – 1:21-1:39]
    Flip it like it’s cirque du soleil
    When we rip it like a pit without a working choke chain
    I’m like the verbal version of bird and coltrane
    Spitting verses and turning words into personal gain
    Flip it like i’m trying to Dive into a lake and not get wet
    laugh at danger and pain and waving off death threats
    I’ll be in my grave and still be Claiming Not dead yet
    And Leave a listener with a Flaming Hot head set

    (Verse 4 – 2:01-2:21)
    Imma show you what I’m capable of
    You better promise not to fall in love
    Don’t need to rush it
    I’m gonna crush it
    You wanna touch it
    But it’s too much shit for you, babe

    (rap singing)
    ‘Cause we’re NotDeadYet
    Together, we can blow your mind
    Get into formation
    Got No Friends
    ‘Cause you were left behind

    Lady on the street
    Freak in the sheets
    Making dem beats
    That will defeat you
    Put on a show
    Maganda ako (“I am beautiful” in Tagalog)
    Wie ben ik?(“Who am I?” in Dutch)
    Bitch, it’s Ryako

    (Verse 5 – 2:21-2:41)
    i’m not dead yet but not for lack of trying
    there’s something to be said when you keep on surviving
    here’s the last check—our whole crew’s vibing
    but i’m sitting in the back thinking about self-violence
    i tried it cuz i’ll be hecked if i’m not the worst
    emotional wreck and scum of the earth
    i’m the first word you mutter when you let out a curse
    but i’m still a better rapper than every one of you nerds

    (Verse 6 – 2:42-3:03)
    Never benches in the trenches whole squad is vicious
    Surreptitious, never saw us, now you sleep with fishes
    Three wishes from a genie couldn’t stop the reign
    Leave ’em snifflin, (“my mama gave me this chain”)
    Debo flow no commando could step
    Nofriends on the scene, notdeadyet rep
    Wanna flex, best get ya’self some biceps first
    Talkin bout you hungry, all I’m hearin is thirst (…the worst)

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    9 10 9
    “No Friends crew is another team with serious flexing power. Int80 and Tribe One are HUGE names in nerdcore and their appearance in this VPC is a pleasant surprise. The vocal layers and teamwork across this track is masterfully executed and works flow between brutal verses and a huge, booming hook that calls out the posse and flexes on the future potential this talent packed team represents. The mix is great, everything has its place and stands out brilliantly tho I am missing the live instrument – the horn stabs are a great choice for this track tho cooking up another hot slice of hiphop for your VPC plate. NDY is clearly one of the most polished and professional teams in the tournament this year.

    Lars –
    8 9
    Great team on this! The beat kind of swallows the vocals though, but it probably just needs a different mixing / mastering job. The interplay of the rappers on this is awesome.

    Richie –
    this is a fucking possee track. wow. everyone did their thing. no complaints on the songwriting aspect of this at all. the produciton on this is dope, the beat really took me on a journey. that part at the 2:00 mark is absolutely sublime. vox sound good, but could be just a hair more pronounced in the mix, especially in the instrument heavy parts of the track.
    Rob –
    Delivery is great and the singing part was a nice surprise. Great lineup of mc’s. Music is building throughout the first minute or so and thats so great. Production is great but I’m not surprised since this artist has already shown that talent so many times before.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. MonStar Squad
    Mundane Monsters

That Fucking Ivan

  • addLyrics

    Verse 1


    Coming out the hellgate, big demon energy

    Engineering mass hysteria. no disaster relief

    Behind these closed doors lies our masterpiece

    War, famine and disease for our enemies

    How dare you dungeon explorers simple ignore us

    We gotta special fortune for you poor conformists

    We’ve aligned acolytes and tortured the tourists

    We razed you this maze and we blazed up your forest

    Welcome to the boss floor. This is what you asked for

    The perils we’re pimpin’ is a pit of Rancors

    Reboots cause your group is easily slain

    We cast roots as your life is speedily drained

    This ain’t a measly game, we are the greenest of gangs

    The most appalling of claws, the most fiendish of fangs

    Our depiction of gore is gonna be glorious

    So open the portals and chant us the chorus



    No ones stopping ‘em


    Creepin’ and crawlin’ and


    Screamin’ and spawning some


    Here to destroy fools!

    Verse 2


    My lady is Medusa. my dog is Chupacabra.

    Demons wrapped around my medulla oblongata.

    Hades other brothers drinking cups full of lava .

    Goblins pickpocket and Smog guards the product.

    Smoke Bongs with King Kong. Rock shit with Godzilla.

    Tremors more effective than insecticides and crop killers.

    Mundane Monsters don’t rely on plot build-ups.

    Hydra heads on 9 Tales. Your fire fox is Moxilla.

    Banshees like you’ve never heard. Mothman like you’ve never seen.

    Freddy Kruger facing off with Predator on Elm Street.

    Hellraiser hanging and he’s looking pretty healthy.

    Yo – I heard your pet Dragon likes to play Monopoly.

    So you probably want to know: What monster am I?

    One you can’t avoid by trying to hide.

    I live inside the voids of your own fucking mind.

    I’m kind of like your God. You like to call me TIME.

    Chorus x1

    Verse 3

    (That Fucking Ivan)

    I am second summoning of Baphomet

    Nostra-dumbass predictions haven’t happened yet

    Creeping crawling in the dark i gotta have your flesh

    No decomposing cuz I gotta keep my casket fresh

    Get your ass bit quick when we’re chilling in my casket

    On my bat shit with the wing flap flap bit

    With the old fat witch on her potion craft shit

    Got the best magic herb. toke and pass it

    Paul Bearer can’t bury me cuz I’m the Undertaker

    Let the lightning bring it to life, and let the thunder make a

    Monster to terrorize the night

    Screaming I AM GOD


    Coming with the raw power of a warlock

    Better keep the windows and the front door locked

    A devil hunting in the shadow where the lords not

    Beautiful death. Call me Count Orlok

    Chorus x2

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    6 7 9
    this is a pretty fun and very nerdcore track. The beat is pretty simple sounding like a 90s saturday morning cartoon intro track the verses are alright but delivered a bit flat by some of the features. pretty solid – definitely save this track for ill gills haloween ep. Missing that live instrumentation in this track too and didnt catch any solid changeups but this was a decent offering from a solid team. GG
    Lars –
    7 8
    Beat could use a stronger bassline and snare, but arrangement is good! The rappers sound good, but I would have added some more prominent doubles. Nice song though!!

    Richie –
    8.5 The beat is fun on this one and allows the MCs to shine. I like the beat right away but I want the beat to go somewhere else so I’m waiting on the change I know will eventually come and it did but it was more subtle than I was hoping.
    these verses are fire… the hook is catchy too. very entertaining song. i don’t have any complaints here. beat is appropriately scary, could use more variation and evolution. vox sound good, although some of the artists are louder in the mix than others.
    Rob –
    The beat is fun on this one and allows the MCs to shine. I like the beat right away but I want the beat to go somewhere else so I’m waiting on the change I know will eventually come and it did but it was more subtle than I was hoping.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Crew Cuts


  • addLyrics

    Jared Sparks, Verse 1
    intro: bunch of weird shit
    The crew cuts; Hattori Hanso
    Your snare sucks; Lex said so
    Shut up; We bring the raw shit don’t get so mad
    Y’all act like some displaced nomads hey yo the
    beats raps and all that is hype rad and the
    crew is, you know, not so bad; so
    stick around a little while But if
    Selene comes don’t bring ya dad
    The Weed stinks like gorilla dicks
    the sample flips slick like cat shits
    we here to mitigate the wackness
    Mumm Ra the epitome of nerd rap synergy
    shout out to Whitney for bringing all that positive energy
    but it’s time to be out, like a boner in sweatpants
    we hope you enjoyed the show (insert b boy stance)

    Scatterboxx, Verse 2:

    b-boy stance; voice ranting random side notes.
    i breathe hydro, sunsets, & cyclones.
    over volcanos & under tornados i tight rope,
    walking warping wooden planks over flames; eyes closed.
    i feel the flickering twitch of the flip of the switch
    & the shifting of time zones while i write poems on rhinestone
    sitting on the sideline like a sideshow ’til
    i flow a verse that leaves your fucking mind blown. i
    scarf on calamari with my teeth to suck the ink from it; i’m
    sponging every ring of it with callous-ridden fingertips. i’m
    siphoning the tentacles of octopi to occupy my
    notebook while i optimize its awkward size. check it.
    no fucking filter; my throat’s a rusty copper pipe.
    tidal wave typing, yo, watch me waterslide.
    motherfucker, if i choose to, i can augment time –
    accelerate & elevate it like it’s rocket science.

    Gizmo: Verse 3:

    Accelerate we gone take flight Blessed with insight Yharnam midnight madmen and ghouls upon the sprawl Give em goosebumps R L Stein Your skin crawl finna be taking all Smash grab and dip Oh we so Pringle’s Trynna stack chips Busta rhyme and flip.. mode you never heard this before styles you can’t ignore You better gimme some more of that Goodness Fresh plate sushi What come go round Kaizen zushi Vibe out to these raps and live drums As we cross the triforce with trigun Anime fiend vid game consumer Comic book Stan like lee say hallelujah Whole thing been fun Dig the vpc Thanks for listening Salute yo boy g

    Czarina: Ad Libs
    What the fuck just happened here???

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    7 7 10
    nice approach to the VPC in general… lots of shoutouts and community references I really enjoyed the bars and delivery across this track but the mix made things tough to listen to at high volumes. That bass line and kick combine to generate some amazing fuzz but the low end definitely swallows the vocals at some points. A real 90s pop hop feel on this yall channel the spirit of the Diggable Planets / De La Soul with a little more edge and I thuroughly enjoyed it even though I couldnt pick out any live instrumentation or change-ups. I hope MummRa puts out some tracks at their own pace this year so we can really see what this team is capable of. Great showing for the tournament.
    Lars –
    8 8
    I like the wild energy of the rapping and the sweatpants punchline, haha. Beat is fun too, amazing bass line and scratching.

    Richie –
    love the lyrics on the verses…and i love how the artists managed to keep on tempo as it increased. this really felt like a posse track. The “WTF just happened here” part could have been 4 bars shorter. love the beat. the switch ups feel natural and not too abrupt. that tempo ramp up was very well done! felt the vox had too much reverb.
    Rob –
    This track is a journey and I like that it has shoutouts. Talented mc’s and well thought out lyrics and delivery I think jazz influenced beats are a fav of mine because this one I liked right away. The speed up part I wasnt that into but I realize it was part of the challenge and it was effective I think I just liked part one better so I was sad to see it go

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Talk Yo Ish

Gross Angel
Lex Lingo
Bill Beats
MC Scared of Bees

  • addLyrics

    Gross Angel)
    Gross and Desh , eliminate the wack
    why you stay mad , you know what i say is facts
    I’ll be strumming on the strings, when homie play the brass
    throwing energy out these are super saiyan raps
    they say i need to get loose i’m tighter than a noose
    make the crowd do what i choose just like Ivan Ooze
    you up on social media fishing for likes and views
    that a lot of attention that i think your rhymes could use
    you ain’t seen me before , cuz i’m sneakin like a rougue
    i like to keep it pro , but if i’m heated i’m a blow
    i lead like Magneto , get em’ leaping like Toad
    they never teased me like a fro , cuz they know i’ll beat a ho
    I am a lyrical juggernaut, never let anything get in my way
    you say you’re good, but probably aint cuz I’m going harder inside of the paint
    I’m making whatever i please, I’m never constricted by picking a lane
    Always grindin, whenever writin, like you in skyrim , smithing a blade
    I’m a starving artist nothing but some wishes on my plate
    and i worked too hard for too long just to give it all away
    intricate spittin NERD the tongue is twistin different ways
    Coming with the WORDS like a sticky dictionary page

    (Mc Scared of Bees)
    Talk your shit

    (Lex Lingo)
    Shit i could never really quit and you know that/
    Swear they gave some of y’all a pass when your so whack/
    i never wanted fame step back like so what throw back/
    I’ve played sold out shows off my own back/
    This is all facts i ain’t spit one flex/
    it’s lingo shit there’s only one Lex/
    sorry you ain’t get the joke with no context/
    but you ain’t really want this smoke it’s no contest/
    honest tho you got some bars i got a million/
    send them shots and i take em like lemillion/
    swear i fathered yall but i ain’t got no children/
    and i know that bothers you but we could lose I’ll still win/
    feet up at the Hilton always on the go now/
    pretty sure I’m tilted and still ain’t fitna slow down/
    i just seen another glass house i gotta blow down
    here its always high noon ready for a showdown/
    are you ?

    (Mc Scared of Bees)
    Talk your shit

    (Kadesh Flow)
    Courting this ambition. Ran said better stop flirting
    Might be moving by some inches but I’m never not working
    What if I never got better. Died hurting
    Like Aerith got murdered by Sephiroth Lurking
    Now Every time I pull up, they can’t stop smirking
    My divine moment’s come. I’m about purpose
    And I refuse to lay down if I ever lose
    Fire jutsu any time I wet the booooooothhh
    Shots fired shots fired
    My bars got me on free travel like hotwire
    So I don’t care what you say next
    Y’all swear your work will last but all attempts are like sperm from balls that fall on latex
    Funny part is I’ve never needed y’alls validation
    Not when OGs and certified superstars give me praises
    knew I was killin y’all back when I would write in the basement
    In woods of Alabama scribbling bars on assignment paper
    When I was holed up in the laBORatory like Dex on em
    Now the kids hitting these cities like Sex in em
    Like it’s Sarah Jessica
    I’m not saying I’m the best with it
    But I’ve got that “next up” tag from folks you respect in it
    I been had my weight up
    Not made up how I tip the scales
    Grew up drawing pictures watching Looney Tunes and Chip n Dales
    Now when I perform dames approach me like I’m in Chippendales
    But My curve game’s Mariana Riverras pitching skill
    Y’alls moves been getting careless
    Swear you’ve got the fire but it’s just smoke and embers I stare at
    Meanwhile I launch the flames and bask in it like I’m Danaerys
    I swear if
    You tried to join you’d get carted off in an airlift
    I’m barely
    Even applying much effort to how I tell this
    Said I’d chop but thought I’d ride the beat as I convey to you
    That Honestly there’s not much you could come and say to dude
    Solo, Desh and friends, plus there’s Titos in my tomato juice

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    8 9 9
    this track slaps start to finish. all the verses are fire – crisp delivery and fire bars with clear deliniation between artists… the beat is solid, hits hard and has some nice change ups but im surprised solo struggled with the vocal mixing. Lingo sounds wierdly far away with a bit too much big room reverb especially sitting between GA and Desh who sound front, center and perfectly balanced. I am missing two elements from the challenge here, the posse track feel and the live insrtumentation. This was a great track and delivered on what it wanted – just drafting behind the final round challenge which could have been handled with a solid hook and a lil flavor.
    Lars –
    8 9
    I really like how the beat changes seamlessly, but very differently. Rappers are aweosme, of course. Great song.

    Richie –
    BARS BARS BARS BARS. a hook would have been dope, but shit… these bars damn near make up for that. damn, the beat on this is flames. vox could be a bit louder in the first half of this song. the beat switchup for when desh came in? SHEESH… wait… he got 2 switch-ups? Damn. Reminds me of Maybach Music 3 when Rozay got his own beat for his verse, lol. Good shit.
    Rob –
    Plain and simple there is highly skilled rhyming here from everyone. Everything falls into place around the 2 minute mark. It wasn’t bad before that but I felt the change was what I was looking for and came just in time to keep me engaged

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Gorilla Dick Inc

Spoon the Dead
Daimyo Dash
Quartz Relic
Ronji the Guerigga

  • addLyrics


    Proud owner of the heavyweight title
    Earned with skills honed through survival
    No trial, no error, just a love for the sport
    Like chess, fencing, parry, retort
    I cant explain, you cant understand
    When your in the cage, gorilla dick in hand
    At the peak of my profession, peak of this errection
    Theres a smorgasbord of cock and i made my selection

    Spoon the Dead

    king kong ding dong
    i got a mega kong dong schlong
    if you want to jack off donky kong
    then grab his donky dong
    i’m itty bitty kinda like little diddy
    but i’m shooting my nuts all over the city
    i’m not interested in tiny kong
    i just want big fat gorilla dong
    i’m peeling my banana, giving him that look
    he pulls out a plantain the size left me shook
    he picks me up, we’re swinging in the trees
    next thing i know, he’s blowing his load in the breeze
    the size left me scared, i wouldnt be able to compare
    what he has down there would make anyone scared
    i started to cry when i felt his girth
    i felt my asshole giving birth
    i tapped out, this wasnt for me
    that’s why kkmds will win the VPC

    Ronji the guerigga

    im the king of the apes
    you can call me tarzan
    got bitches swinging from my dick
    this shit is bizarre man
    just a lanky dude
    with a chunky stick
    fucking tiny hoes
    with this donkey dick
    the banana that im packing
    they tell me this shit is scary
    thats why i gotta double up
    bring jane and mary
    im beating their bongo no dk
    tell them hoes swallow my kids no pre k
    never play with kids
    like my guerigga harambe
    stroke the dong schlong
    banana nut on these hoes face
    told this chick, give me my silverback
    though she was stefani
    the way she started to holler back
    GDI ain’t about no monkey business
    it’s evolution can’t no other crews clash with it
    gorilla dicks you can’t compare with the stiffness
    After this is done, you’ll all think this:

    Lyrics attached

    Daimyo dash

    It’s 2020, we’re going ape shit
    over ape dicks It’s the apex of my ape kick,
    back to basics, keep it safe
    Rubber in place, gotta keep a healthy ass mouth and face
    Status, vibe, in your jungle like Gueverra
    Ass, wide, double fisting aloe vera
    Coming with the ointments, cream and henna
    Bout to make a bunch of ape dicks go bananas

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    7 8 8
    everything about this is fuckin LIVE GORILLA DICK SKWAD etc. if this song isnt made in to a 70s roller rink dance video then youre not living your best life. I dont recognize the voices of the features (except btype who is very handsome) but I enjoy the verses that happen between skit material. This is very KKMDS and I cant imagine the VPC without them.

    Lars –
    9 8
    Love the beat a lot! Rappers have great energy too, but I woudl have turned the synth down a bit, it steps on the vocal timbre slightly. That’s minor though, and probably up to taste.

    Richie –
    gorilla dick music, lmao. all these ape dick bars got me scared to go to the zoo, lol. this song was entertaining, and uhh i don’t know how to feel after listening to it. the vocal performances were good tho, lol. beat is cool. i like that “live instrumentation” lol. lots of change ups, and honestly i’m not mad at that, although the instrumetnation that comes in at 2:50 overpowers the vocals a lot.
    Rob –
    Delivery is good but the topic is so strange I can’t take it all that seriously. I also had a tough time understanding it all. gorilla dick music haha ok Mix is good. Style flips are cool too.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Kick It
    Kaiju No Uta

Lord Xzae

  • addLyrics


    Coming at you live at your stereo
    switching up the flow to match the scenario
    bringing you sounds you never heard before
    building up a team that will last forevermore
    killing these bars like we are going to war
    summoning up a squad that you can’t ignore
    no nothing come between me and my bitches
    I know grammar Nazis don’t get twisted
    you wanna to kick it? become sadistic artistic mystic is our characteristic
    wanna kick it? become synergistic being cryptic is our way of linguistics like this
    implore to restore this folklore adore before you open up that door me amore
    we will roar until our voices are hoarse of course cuz that’s Symphonic Pheenix Force

    Lord Xzae:
    Friendship is magic
    Crew is all manic
    Causing a panic In the disco
    With a hip throw,
    Dungeon with the dragon
    You are lagging
    Froze with monsters like wild area
    Ain’t no body scared of yah
    X factor
    Like tensai
    Yelling banzai
    With Daniel son
    I cause damage son
    Jared Leto
    Geppetto when I pull the string
    Glen or Glenda
    You know the agenda
    With the Pheenix force
    Showing no remorse
    With killing spree
    Make your life a pain
    mr meeseeks
    It’s thanos to manos
    With my hands of fate
    I will eradicate
    With my raticate
    Hyper fang with the slang
    Nerdcore is hip hop
    Don’t believe me then just stop

    Swagswitcha (Hook):
    Niggas everywhere we go
    They be asking like they need to know
    Whos the company that you be with
    They be asking “can we kick it?” x2

    Good God let me hit this let me show you the greatness that is the Platinum King
    That Mark of perfection it’s a blessing when I show you the size of my diamond ring
    Check my platinum chain peep how it spells my names
    Yes im double j then add the b then it spells the one and only

    and my team so clean when we step up on the scene
    we be looking like Organization XIII, but the people always wanting to get to know we
    so we make a lot a bit ruckus
    spit a little bit of the slick shit when the bass hit make mad lit when we bust quick, eruption
    we to hot combustion, Kaiju No Uta, yeah we run this


    Now they all say you’re the company that you keepin
    My friends stay up late/ while yall niggas be sleepin
    aint no magic wand here, only blood sweat and tears
    Don’t be knockin at my door, o nce you know my check’s cleared

    Oh, whats that?
    wanna hear me rap in a different format?
    Hows this?
    Now I never miss
    neither do my crew
    engage eight blitz
    Ooo, Flex like Zeus
    I dont mean to be obtuse
    but Im tired of all you dudes
    runnin around thinkin that you’re all Papoose


    i got clout, you can keep my name in ya mouth
    as long as you promise to shout it, i have no reason to pout
    sow my seeds, reap so that your friends can eat
    the good taste of double J.B and the music that i conceive
    man im nice smooth and cool as ice
    others wish the might be like me
    but they cant you see, i can not be copied
    one of a kind RVD, whole damn show cant see me
    and his name is Swag Switcha aka the platinum king
    Hey listen dont call me Nav but I can show you de wey
    my brothas dont got Ebola but they be spittin so cray
    While I be going berserk like a crit monster Barbarian
    Making so loud of noise I’m a nightmare to librarians

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    7 7 7
    intro gives me high hopes that are met by SirenSeraph. super hot delivery on some fire bars she sets the stage for what could be the best track of the match. second verse is a bit softer, especially on the punches with not vocal changes or inflection. the hook falls off the track completely not really calling out the posse but the exclusivity which only sorta works. Another set of fire bars after that first hook but only half a verse and droppin back in to that hook. Definitely more proof that this team is getting better and better each round the struggle continues to be the mix and adding a few more vocalists did not help. Very nice and hoping to see this team next year.
    Lars –
    8 7
    Great beat, would have added a more prominent snare to unify it better, but still awesome. The chorus is catchy and smooth.

    Richie –
    flows on this are pretty good, a few spots could be tighter, but overall, dope. hook was cool as well. beat is dope, the switch-ups are cool, but a bit sudden sometimes. love the synth arps used in this. felt the vocals could be mixed louder in the first 2 verses.
    Rob –
    First mc has great delivery. Auto tune works. I have a bit of a tough time understanding all the lyrics from the 2nd mc Strong start with the music. Bigger fan of the music in this one than the lyrics

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Deep Tryp

Damn Selene
Jesse Dangerously
Prowess the Testament

  • addLyrics

    Helephino  DeepTryp 


    HELEPHINO. 5.0. Good morning. Warming up workstation New process. Source & Destination. Calibrating Facial recognition. Compiling. Autoencode analyzing Nose. Mouth. Eyes Voice sequence synthesized and archived Activating model script, rendering to hard drive Training, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-ten thousand epochs, learning, Deep thoughts. Merging. Converting Batch final, patch, Graft mask modifiers Running faceset relighter. White balance, contrast, Auto finalizer. (ding) Process Complete. Would you like to meet your…

    Deepfake I wanna get to know you like a Deepfake I wanna get to know you.

    Jesse Dangerously

    Better than I know myself The real deal, cut to the quick A sample from the molten core Extrapolated, that’s a neat trick! I’m nervous they won’t get me right Or worse, that I won’t be able to tell Feed my all into the algorithm Build me up from every cell

    Damn Selene

    Who even is that you’ve pasted my face on? cause it plainly ain’t me, and all the basics are traced wrong
    your claims all based on hastily shaped effigies honestly? wack strategy. ever think of just asking me?

    I’m actually barely represented in the accusations declaring resentment in your spine adjacent conversations rationalizations galore, we clash on occasions the more passionate the adamance for planting your heels in the floor


    What is identity, an existential tendency To see thine through eyes, amongst divine, a form of energy Suppliers trace supremacy, to get lost in amenities But what is being, finding things, in between infinities The penalties are standards set in a biased mold ideals imposed, we loath imperial roles, and Emperor robes Alone unclothed, we lead the iron horse to gold wastes of goals & time, beyond reason line, avatars in a weak design


    Would you like to meet your…

    Deepfake I wanna get to know you like a Deepfake I wanna get to know you.

    Jesse Dangerously

    how deep? deeper than i ever dug my talking head, same as it ever was but better, I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of Making my acquaintance til you set it up Et cetera, so on and so forth every story has an editor, i don’t wanna know yours miracle worker, parting the sea kill your darlings, starting with me

    Damn Selene

    I don’t need you to love me, got a heck of a collective I don’t need your respect, it’s so aggressively selective I just want you to know that you could actually know me
    if you’d only pay attention to more than your misconceptions, homie

    phony stories show me shuffling whole decks of victim cards with disregard to vetting flimsy pretexts for gates you guard so pardon me for hardly ever suppressing ignition it’s just that I’m sharpened to a point to penetrate your ignorance


    Figments of imagination become reality My abyss is infinite, the shadows in the chasm leak Paranoid of the social void, chaotic ploys, just a decoy subtle remnants of flagrant synthesized agents, artificial creations, myths, mixed prints of digitized misfits Stained frames with fictional imprints, semi-physical inscriptions A curious fable, Where the hand rocks, follows the cradle…a sweet betrayal, what say you?


    Would you like to meet your…

    Deepfake I wanna get to know you like a Deepfake I wanna get to know you.


    makin deep fakes, dweebs, its a piece cake (yeah) take a neat face, cut, control-v, paste tryna front like my gifs isn’t neat, AB-730 tryna ban it up in these states (heat!) yup, chuck it in the app for some great effects, secondary income first for the avirex (fashion) man it ain’t that deep, buto fakin it — up on google image search makin datasets

    (yeah yeah) man i ain’t a nerd, im a script kid, download a deep fake kit and i clicked it (unh!) y’all on some frick shit he business: give me a name, paypal sixty, i’m in kid it’s a flex, yes, cause i wreck shit, give a fuck if you tell me its reckless on some next shit, get the message? i got the best shit–fuck a ethic


    Putting effort in to look like you. Getting every little nook like you. Until I can even breath like you. Walk, talk, eat and breed like you. Whoa. I already know kung fu. Verified match. Gotta check. Deep Blue. Born outta dream code Brewing in the stew.
    Now I’m walking miles in my own two shoes. I do not come from a womb or a egg I have your features and voice and your scent. I am a creature that’s wholly myself I’m the procedure that punctured the shell But I can go deeper and further as well. You were my teacher but Obi Wan fell. I am the future, a picture of health Elixir of youth, attaining the self I think for myself. Humans get left with the dust on the shelf I do not bow to a button or bell I’ve got autonomy without anatomy I’m not a parody, I have learned clarity I have a mouth and no reason to yell.

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    9 8 8
    “art” is my favorite kind of art. the buildout of this track is rough and really only works because the idea is so good, the execution needs work. Verses are excellent and features are standout top tier for the round, but the hook falls flat for me. There is just a little too much work on the vox and the dramatic key changes are more distracting than anything. the kpt breakdown is another GREAT idea that needed better execution. Prowess comes in on a beat changeup that I like so much I wish it hadnt ended back to the manic pixies hook. Same for Kabuto – the beat change is so fucking dramatic you could almost think this was a remash of 4 different songs. drop the skit elements and this becomes a 3 mintue song where those changes are even more jarring. love this team and all these features but this was not your strongest showing of the tournament.
    Lars –
    8 9
    Love the rappers and energy, world-class flow. I would have made the beat a little less staccato and scattered, it throws off the vibe a bit.

    Richie –
    love the song concept, all of the artists brought their own swag to this, especially enjoyed Kabuto. Hook is a straight up earworm. Good shit. production on this? fire. great job of keeping things evolving. took a huge risk using a ton of vocal effects, but it paid of for this team. i don’t have any complaints.
    Rob –
    Intro was a bit long for my tastes but once it gets going it’s good. Topic of deep fake is fun to consider and lyrics have some really great moments although each style is so different it seems all over the place to me instead of a posse. Everyone is fire though no question about that Production is good but not such a huge fan of the auto tune in the hook.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. RichMan

Kadesh Flow
Shawn Solo

  • addLyrics

    f were rich
    I would fund all my artistic endeavors
    (all of em all of em)

    Maybe have kids
    Since I could afford to ensure that they’re cared for
    (kids are expensive)

    Grab a nice whip
    But maybe just something slightly above regular
    (I can’t be bougie)

    I’d be remiss
    To not dip in hella real estate investments
    (Make my money make money)

    Then I’d fund a lot of causes
    Maybe start to play a little in the stock market
    I was doing that when first started up in corporate America
    But putting in a large amounts is harder
    Than I was expecting
    Didn’t want to pull that many funds out of my check then
    But if I were rich it wouldn’t be a thought progression
    Maybe fund the dopest candidate in an election

    If I’m rich my first feat
    Would get folks out of the project, pull these kids up out the hood
    Start a scholarship for black kids coming from the streets
    Help these ladies access healthcare cause their rights aren’t understood
    By these old men up in Congress who got side pieces, mistresses
    But swear they’re family first when the bills require penmanship
    Throw some money at these kids who can’t be who they are
    Cause their parents are too backwards to let them follow their hearts
    If I was rich

    Lyrics: Gross Angel

    if i was the richest i’d live every day like christmas
    my wife and my kid , is bout to learn what a real gift is
    i’d go to the children’s hospital start making all they wishes
    then i’d pay David Blaine to explain how he did it
    i’d go to the gentlemen’s club with a purpose
    giving them encouragement, filling all they purses
    after about twenty minutes of the twerking
    they gon’ quit , go to college , and then switch it into nursing
    if i was a rich man , i’d be eating like a king
    pepperoni on the pizza , buffalo sauce on the wings
    eat a steak so rare that it just gave me a wink
    order so many nuggets , watch a chicken go extinct
    throw a feast, that could’ve fed. the . army
    be up on the tv like the next. Steve. Harvey
    I been .Stressin. hardly, my life .been . a .party
    i want a platinum diamond grill that says N.E.R.D.

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    9 8 8
    fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. beat and mix are stupdenous. enjoy the turntablism but would have liked more action on the verses or harder punches on those stabs – something to give a little balance between the soft delivery and heavy hits of the beat.

    Lars –
    9 8
    The beat is awesome, and the rappers kill it! Love the references and the scratching really makes this track awesome. So good.

    Richie –
    thought the bars on this were superb, good choice in feature. Verses were fire…i really wish it had a hook. that sample is flames. love the drops and melody cutouts during the verses. That beat switch was dope, felt it could have been introduced a bit less suddenly.
    Rob –
    Yep this is dope. Fast clear delivery. I like that this song has a message. Grabs me right away with the sample and horns. Deep bass with horn is really cool.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. CELL
    Double Analog

Juice Lee
Ambush Vin

  • addLyrics


    I’m black like Shaba….black like Moncalla
    …black like Zamasu post body swap
    a legend in the ring like Rowdy Rod…
    ya whole crew gettin mollywhopped…I un-

    lock the 8th gate when the titles at stake, same-
    time snatch it off of ya plate, I don’t wait I make
    haste…the last time somebody gave chase, the
    body disappeared in the melee, I don’t play

    like to keep you on ya toes tho, I gotta
    supersonic flow and the rest of yall are slow mo’s
    have you rockin’ in your chair like some old folks
    …infinity gauntlet with the rose gold

    you ain’t welcome in my dojo, I can see it
    all like I’m using Gyo…the difference be-
    tween me and you substantial, dope rhymes are
    ample, really I’m too hot to handle

    ….always got a pen and pad like im
    Randall, no Recess… I put it down
    hot like vinyl on a heat press….smooth
    motion…240 herts on the refresh

    ….rap’s like reflex you can learn a-
    lot from this game like a product made by VTech
    …re-spect the skill or will…
    …take a nap with the krill…and im out

    Juice Lee

    With 16 Ima try to be free even at 16 knew what I had to be no matter what they attempted to do to stop me I had to put them on the wrong side of my legacy I had success and failed a lot more but every time I was crunched It had strengthened my core and the cure’s a little more than just penning some bars I had to build a stronger rocket just to get to the stars and even as I left orbit I as I got into space I still needed to find a home and a permanent place so I found faith in fantasy and fighting on mics and mixing everything together in this art that I like and it took me from writing flows to working submission holds that would help me build combos that would leave the world froze this lyricist became a problem they couldn’t solve cuz every time they had the answer man the kid would evolve

    Michael Jackson

    She is bangin’

    Ambush Vin

    I’m tha master of the multiverse
    Engineer 8 births of Vin on eight Earths
    Skirt the limitations of DNA when I splice my own genes
    Create schematics for a never seen super team
    I don’t just bring music I’m a Fandom demons bring the marks to the beast let me scan em
    Mufuckaz hate talkin bout I can’t stand em but I ain’t fake I don’t break I’m admantium
    My plane of existence your insistence only fuels my persistence
    I’ll loop this instance like I hacked the matrix code I own your soul and you don’t know your own brain’s contents
    Oh I’m a God in the booth y’all goin forever be in pursuit but you dial-up
    Your game lag next to the young Max Julien hooligans hide they identities cowls up
    Chomp bars like Blinky’s the name of a spot on the strip. Radiation Clip make em live Fallout fam got the gift not a 5-second looped clip fragmented lips get Winzipped
    Ask Warren if we Alphas leave you wit a moutha 50 Fists if you ever try to Juice Lee
    Turn you to a smoothie if you think that you Ninja Fit Aramis in the mist that’s why your nose bleed
    Worst enemy nerd wit street smarts my art original don’t try to duplicate
    Make your fate the same as Cobra Commander cause you a snake nosferatu hybrid but I keep stakes
    Don’t take disrespect check your king for you move your Queen’s pawn make your living force bend
    Turn your kyber crystal crimson the end I’m a Sith Lord bow to Ambush Vin

    Alpha Riff

    Double Analog kicking the originals
    Assemble the crew, keeping it traditional
    Bars for the bars for the game is subliminal
    Vin to the 6 to the Riff are the principals
    Digital champs, a title belt so simple so
    Keeping rent low, heat through the winter so
    Jon B, relaxed all cool on them ski slopes
    Niggas wanna flex but they sleep tho
    Keep napping and when you ask we keep gassing
    Don’t know about accelerafion, we keep passing
    Blink once, burnout paradise, we flashing
    Forget everything you knew, this shits has been
    Take a fucking breath (mayne)
    No need to be pressed (mayne)
    It’s 2020, vision sharp, get them assets (mayne)
    Don’t go it alone when you got the fucking best
    And if they don’t fuck with you, buried like the rest
    This is what we fucking do
    Music, rhymes, blood, and you
    Studio booths, a stage and the proof
    Pen to the heart with a page, ain’t no truce
    Spent too many nights with my brain in a moose
    For wack ass cats to say they the truth
    Well fuck you… Ain’t nothing subtle about this hustle but you’ll feel it when it’s the Double Analog

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    7 8 8
    this track was pretty quick for 3 features and flows really nicely. quick, trageted delivery of rapid fire bars across all verses gives this track a sense of coherency that some of the other posse tracks missed. the beat is a bit simple and I cant source out the live instrumentation but the composition is well built and well mixed. this track really stands out this round because it sounds like a posse track. the hook calls out the crew, the verses references the team – its always ‘we’ and that really speaks to me in a posse track challenge. I would encourage this team to make a few more tracks together and see how it feels because there is a very natural chemistry here.

    Lars –
    10 9
    I love the energy on this. Beat is incredible and raps have amazing energy. Love the honesty, cadence and the adlibs are very tasteful. Amazing.

    Richie –
    errbody brought bars on this one…sheesh. Love the flows as well… just straight fire verses. Would have loved to hear a hook to glue things together a bit more. i like the beat, but I felt it didn’t have enough change to keep it fresh. Vox sounded good, but there’s a bit too much variety in the vocal mixes of each artist (the last two verses have way more pronounced double than the first two).
    Rob –
    Nice delivery and doubled up lyrics work well. No stumbling here every brings it I think it’s just one long bunch of versus though. What I think is missing different parts Music production is great but overall I’m not finding it all that catchy

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Grammargirl


  • addLyrics

    Do you like Chicago mama? Or are you APA?
    Give me that oxford comma, I値l write you every day
    You got vocabulary, I got a way with words
    My heart is stationary and you池e my grammar girl (OH!)
    You got me in my bunk at night
    Thinking bout your Strunk & White
    Speaking that romance language like a true latin lover
    I get liberal with my arts, I知 a man on a mission
    I知 a fan of your diction, I want every preposition
    Got me spellbound, swell nouns
    Ringing with a bell sound
    Tongue tied tutor and I知 trippin like I fell down
    Word to your mother when you teach me undercover
    Drive me crazy with your wordplay

    I love your grammar girl (grammar girl, grammar girl)
    I love your grammar girl
    I love your grammar girl (grammar girl, grammar girl)
    I love your grammar girl
    Hit me with linguistics I知 addicted to your dictionary
    I before E girl
    Except after C girl
    Or sounding like ayy, girl・
    How you doin?

    When you speak I go weak from your blessed enunciation
    I知 a freak for that Greek alphabetter not be hatin・
    Got that linguaphile persuasion
    Crack your book and put my face in
    To your Elements of Style, drive me wild with citations
    I wanna grade your paper, you flip the curve around
    Just comma little closer, I wanna verb your nouns
    Just show me your fantasies
    Oh the Humanities
    Give me that grammar please

    I love your grammar girl (grammar girl, grammar girl)
    I love your grammar girl
    I love your grammar girl (grammar girl, grammar girl)
    I love your grammar girl
    Hit me with linguistics I知 addicted to your dictionary
    I before E girl
    Except after C girl
    Or sounding like ayy, girl・
    How you doin?

    I wanna get possessive of this (It痴 something good)
    You’re like I-T-apostrophe-S (misunderstood)
    You double my entendre cuz you mean a little more to me
    Sweet as a simile, kill it metaphorically
    Serving up sentences, lines like a diagram
    No words for the fly kinda guy I am
    Read what痴 written I知 a prefix, kitten,
    Cuz I知 starting up something

    With my grammar girl
    I love my grammar girl
    I love your grammar girl
    I love your grammar girl
    Twist it with linguistics I知 addicted to your dictionary (I love your
    grammar girl)
    I before E girl
    Except after C girl
    Or sounding like ayy, girl・
    How you doin?

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    8 10 9
    I hate the oxford comma. Use hyphans. 117 might be the most flexible lyricist in this scene… not just this comp but this whole scene. the word play and syling is out of this world and this team consistently channels a Beck type of brilliance that floors me. Bass line in this track is a fucking superstar and drives this funky gem straight in to your dome. a complexity and form you would expect from the tournaments statistician Disstopia is becoming a VPC tradition and I hope it continues.
    Lars –
    9 8
    This is so fun, reminds me of Lyrics Born. Love the tonality on the raps and the beat is so good. Would autotune the chorus more.

    Richie –
    another super creative song… way to make grammar sexy. this song is a bop for sure. The song was so tightly constructed, it didn’t really have that posse cut vibe, but it’s all good. this song jams…the beat is soulful and funky as hell. the vocal effects work great with the production. Pretty much, you took me exactly where you were trying to take me. Fucking amazing.
    Rob –
    Falsetto is a nice touch that is fun. Lyrics fit well over the funk bassline. Grammar nerds are cool even though I mostly ignore all rules it’s nice to know some people still care 🙂 Drums sound great. Funk bassline is cool but I wish the whole thing was a bit busier. but the change up towards the end was nice.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Kitchen_itch (Sift and Mix)

Lil Rodney

  • addLyrics

    Hey Mr. DJ when I mix it with a whisk
    King pin in the kitchen like my name is Wilson Fisk
    Make um say Mmmm.
    No limit when it hits the lips
    Fresh out the oven
    break the final chrysalis
    We baking bread and breaking it
    They love the flavors laced in it
    Elated when they get a taste
    Mind and body elevate
    It all came from the kitchen
    The place I call my getaway
    I’m on a mission
    To create something great today

    prehistoric hustler, im in these streets, well on this path
    im gonna gather it, grind it, gotta make it last
    chop it up whip it up gotta make it stack
    how much have i made? I dunno havent invented math

    but nowadays im gaining weight, cu im eating cake
    and im muching om bread the final goals of the third estate
    biblical with it, never leave, never forsake
    that means im by your side even if my biscuits will flake.

    So I’m making butter chicken, got it cooking in the oven right, wifey getting heated, I had burned some food the other night, trying to pull me in and I could see she wants another fight, naw baby, no, let me be, go to the other side, standing arms crossed, she ain’t backing down a little bit, cursing up a storm, all her actions are belligerent, I’m trying just to eat, got me feeling like an idiot, try to holla back, curses back at me in triplicate, what is this shit, acting like you’d sign my death certificate, why you all mad, I ain’t mess them up deliberate, legitimate rebuttal, tho she still won’t be considerate, ripping me a new one, now my asshole needs deliverance, indifference, words she spews are sharp and come out vigorous, seeming like she planned this, her attack came out meticulous, I couldn’t do a thing, til she stopped and by coincidence, the fuken chicken burned, on account of her vindictiveness

    Step to me let’s mix it up
    Let me know when you’ve had enough
    Want smoke just step right up
    Somebody should have told you I don’t give a fuck

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    8 9 10
    another dark and smooth offering from Dappersaurus and of course closing the tournament in theme, this team has impressed from round 1. Hobbes delivery is on point for their final offering and Moans falls in to remind everyone he is the best rapper in nerdcore. I am assuming the composition here is built around live performance of the synths on a keyboard but if thats the case 2T should have dropped the quantizing to let the play keep a natural feel. XoCs verse absolutely blows this track away and the engineering on his vocals are super clean. A refreshingly quick and clean delivery of the posse track challenge that satisfies without the itis. I cant wait for the EP this team is certain to build around their VPC experience. Great job
    Lars –
    7 7
    Nice flow and great cadences. Singing is good, but could be tuned a little bit better. I like the beat, but I would add a stronger bassline.

    Richie –
    getting nate dogg vibes from the hook. verses were fire. this is definitely my favorite song from this team. this beat is really good. kind get prog rock vibes with the drums and the melody. vocals sound good on this one. the beat gets suuuuper dope when XoC comes in. yeah.. the production on this one is pretty tight.
    Rob –
    7 Lyrics seems forced to me like this was not inspired and I suspect this being part of the vpc that it wasn’t inspired but an exercise in creating a track for the contest. Last MC I’m a big fan of has a great delivery. music is very simple and on a second listen I really like the beat quite a bit. produced well

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Victory n' Valor
    Bleak n' Mild

VVitchgang Coven

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    6 7 8
    I have a lot of feels on this fam. I had been enjoying the progress and trajectory of this team but some choices were made in this track that I disagree with. I cant find a live instrument in the track and honestly struggled to get through all 5 minutes of this one. Too bad this was the direction BnM chose to end the tournament.
    Lars –
    8 7
    Flow is awesome, like the dark beat and complex flows. Vocals are a bit dry, I would add a little more presence and mastering on the final track, but dope! When it comes to the screaming, the vocalist could commit more. It sounds like they are tring to channel Ghostmane or $uicideboy$ but the passion is not quite there.

    Richie –
    i enjoyed the verses. there was a few parts in the first half of the song I felt could have been better executed. The second half after the swtitch is golden as fuck. That teamwork is like dreamwork mixed with pixar hook? Flames the beat was cool, the second half of the song is definitely more of a vibe. vocals sounded appropriately dreamy during that part. vox on the first half sound clear, but the volume between artists could be a bit more consistent.
    Rob –
    3rd MC is one of my favorites in this entire contest. Overall the delivery is good but it doesn’t all tie in together to me on a first listen. This track has parts I like and parts I don’t but overall it’s sorta plain sounding to me. I wanna bounce and get excited and want to listen to a track again.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Tag Team
    1337 G33K B33F

MC Frontalot
Glenn Case
Doctor Popular
Mikal kHill
Lil Jordo

  • addLyrics

    The following contest is scheduled for one fall
    Introducing first a man who’s done and seen and said it all
    I get so lonely as the greatest main everter yall have seen
    Prayed on it and feel like it’s time I form myself a tag team
    Mad scene, to break into the mainstream
    I need a bushwacking brother that’ll lick the face of mene gene
    That’s why I called yall, to this boarded up dance hall
    Why should you be in my corner when we face our next brawl?
    [MC Frontalot]
    I’m Feeble Jacobus, fans call me Weak Jake
    You’ve seen me win a title but that was a deepfake
    I keep as a keepsake the belt that I spray painted
    I’m a little inauthentic but that’s the refrain, ain’t it
    my signature move, The Inflated Rep, should be embarrassing
    That’s how I keep you looking good in comparison
    Well my friend, I reviewed the footage and the documents
    Let’s try to get somebody in here who has real accomplishments
    [Glenn Case]
    Well Beef/Case sounds like briefcase , I think I’d
    Make a briefcase out of meat, and bring it ringside
    First I’d betray you, but then I’d save you
    Before too long we’d be the main event on pay-per-view
    Gotta say I appreciate the long term booking
    it’s important that we always have a storyline a-cooking
    But also you admitted that you’re coming out for my head
    So with due respect I think we’re gonna find out who is next
    [Doctor Popular]
    Knock knock
    Who’s there?
    Doc Pop, but who cares?
    I get winded when I go up the stairs
    Pulling out my hair with my mask and I ask
    What was the question again?
    I get confused.
    Who are you?
    I’m the Beefy T
    striving hard for a victory
    And speaking honestly I don’t think you’re the one for me
    Though I love you choke out people with a yo-yo
    The fact that you’re more out of shape than me is just a no go
    they call me mailer swift still spamming all these ringside hits
    i bang these bits into the buckle with my fingertips
    my peoples elbow waving hello aint no carpal tunnel
    im still that dude to get you circling down my clickthrough funnel
    i tear my shirt off its a nerd off in the center stage
    my royal rumble never humble check that wiki page
    keep it 100 aint no kayfabe in the way i live
    im still that hacker hacking kicking flows up out my crib
    [Beefy during amazing Ailsean guitars]
    oh my god
    could it be?
    it is!
    the one that the prophecy foretold
    to lead us to championship gold
    oh wait
    I’ve just been handed a report
    oh no
    Stiff upper lip
    well YT baby love to have you on board
    We’d get the title belts and t-shirts saying spamtec is lord
    there’s nobody i’d rather on side in a slugfest
    unfortunately, there’s no way you’re passing the drug test
    [Mikal kHill]
    “I don’t give a fuck, don’t pick me” ~ Orange Cassidy
    A GOAT like Jimmy Havoc, Hot Topic, speaking blasphemy
    No Hulkamaniac, seeking a deathmatch feel
    Both boots on your nutsack and then I turn heel
    while you enjoy picking tacts out of your sausages
    i’m trying to sell my merch to children in the audience
    Hope we’re not competing at the same time and day
    Lemme hear from someone who’s not so TV-MA
    [Lil Jordo]
    stand back beefy, ’cause i’m ’bout to exhale nasty
    pass me that sephora organic so I can wrap these
    clapties, i’m a national panic but you can’t catch me
    actually, they just gonna catch hands if they attack me
    crafty when i hit ’em with the sub-ohm smash
    or wrap my knee around their neck that’s called the asthma attack
    ’cause when you tag me in you know i will enforce ohm’s law
    and they’ll be crushed beneath my heel
    the one and only victor teslacog
    Hey Victor make no mistake, my friend we all get that you vape
    But you should know you cannot get a flavored juice in my state
    My time has been all a waste
    I think I would rather turn face
    I’ll just roll solo cause teaming up with yall would be a dis-
    Actually, Tanner, do you want to be my tag team partner?
    Yeah? Dope!

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    10 10 10
    star power right off the bat with MC Frontalot in his first ever VPC appearance. Same for Mr. Chase and the Doc. Beefy is friend flexing on this entire tournament with a not even slightly subtle reminder that he HAS a nerdcore posse and caps it off with the DG himself. I had been looking forward to this track because these features demand some top tier work from tanner. Lots of voices on this track and lots of work to balance them all out only the last verse felt like a challenge to blend in to a heavy and aggressive mix. If Tanner keeps up this guitar stuff we are just gonna make him be in crayondroids. Beefy and Tanner are thuroughbred royalty and this VPC confirms their reign. GG boys.

    Lars –
    10 10
    Amazing team-up!! Great production and flow and amazing they got all of these guests on it.

    Richie –
    thought this was a very creative entry. Wrestling themed posse cut? Very well done. thought the beat was dope as fuck…those guitars sound really rich. Vox sound dope too. felt maybe the beat change ups could have been a bit more permanent in terms of melody, but otherwise I enjoyed this a lot.
    Rob –
    Plenty of wonderful mc’s on this track who always consistently provide strong lyrics and vocals and this is no exception. Music isn’t all that exciting to me and kinda goes nowhere. The change up in the middle helps. I think with a better backing track I would like this more but this track isn’t doing it for me.

  • play_circle_filled

    01. Undah Duh Sea (The Two of Us)
    1up Funk

Alpha Riff

  • addLyrics

    Were Too Musical to not do this
    Two nerdy cats turning truth into music

    Two hands clapping two kids having fun
    Two heads together cause twos betters than one

    Just the Two of us
    1up with the fresh look, we keep it text book
    Just the Two of us
    Arson on his best foot, one shot to get hooked
    Just the Two of us
    One chance to prove were the crew you can trust
    Just the Two of us
    it takes Two to make it bump, with 1up Funk

    Throwing a tantrum like a toddler in his terrible twos
    tossing a middle finger to the tossers voting 2 for the crew
    I’m awesome its true, I scoff at the rules, I box stick and move
    I’m talking fools like Fox when I drop bombs shots to the outro
    Ryan’s my wing man #Falco

    So get in the passenger seat were smashing the beat
    That passionate heat like Bert and Ernie
    Teaching you how to speak on Sesame Street
    Bigger than Wayne and Grayson, staple like eggs and bacon
    Better than Edgerrin James and Peyton
    Throwing a Hail-mary in madden on Playstation

    Now were getting hyphy like Donnie and Mikey
    Fighting like Ken and Ryu getting shocked with Blankas lightning
    Heros protecting Kandor call us Flamebird and Nightwing
    Chomping at the bit like its Evander vs Tyson

    1ups in your favorites and we aiint even hit the stage yet
    Wait till you see the way we light up faces with our base set
    Make the children stop and dance like when mickey mouse sings
    Make the ladies drop their pants like we were the Sprouse twins

    Were Too Musical to not do this
    Two nerdy cats turning truth into music

    Two hands clapping two kids having fun
    Two heads together cause twos betters than one

    Just the Two of us
    1up with the fresh look, we keep it text book
    Just the Two of us
    Arson on his best foot, one shot to get hooked
    Just the Two of us
    One chance to prove were the crew you can trust
    Just the Two of us
    it takes Two to make it bump, with 1up Funk

    1 up slash with the master sword, discipline of a Mandalor
    get back handed with the hand of Thor, for talkin shit – my hand is sore.
    Kickin ass and we takin names, make it bang with that 808
    better believe we came to save the day- make it rain! UH!

    BeeBop and Rocksteady on that boss mode tip!
    we on that Hitlers Youth Gestapo shit !
    Hookshot without Arson is Mankind without Socko its
    like Tuesday without the taco kit! HAH!

    We guano yo we bat shit we’re 730!
    We’re Jekyl and hyde but i mean we’re hella nerdy!
    Pen and Teller with that slight of hand but i mean couldnt follow it!
    A part of your complete breakfast 2 scoops and sausages!

    Tails and Sonic, Halley’s comet!
    Out of orbit out of oxygen 1 up blasting off again !
    so come cruise through the dust of the universe with us,
    its 1 up Funk the crew that you can trust!

    Were Too Musical to not do this
    Two nerdy cats turning truth into music

    Two hands clapping two kids having fun
    Two heads together cuz twos betters than one

    Just the Two of us
    A couple nerdy guys
    Just the Two of us
    Couldn’t quit this if we tried
    Just the Two of us
    Eating cheeseburgers and fries
    Just the Two of us
    You and I

    *Outro featuring Steve Perry, Alpha Riff, and Michael Glover.

  • addJudge scores

    Beaker –
    9 10 10
    i guess i asked for this. turntablism is stupendous on this track. the first verse is absolute fire but drops in to a than powerful hook. the midway breakdown is dope but the dissonance would have been much more comfortable with some tweaks to the snare loop. production is solid all around – I feel like several of these elements could be live but I am comfortable with this composition. i would have liked guest verses instead of that debate over how many are featured on the track considering the final challenge was a posse track i was expecting the homies to come in a drop fire. I can def hear steve in the hook tho. Very nice final offering from a very solid new challenger. 1up funk is a duo to watch in 2020.
    Lars –
    9 8
    Great concept, like the panning and the way they double. Beat is incredibly fun, and the singing is awesome.

    Richie –
    i’m liking this song, a lot. has all of the vibes that a possee track is supposed to be. the outro felt like it might have rode a little too long, but this entry jams. this beat is fucking amazing. those scratches, the drum breaks, love it. that melodic switch up with the rhodes and chords… love it. vox sound good, sometimes the beat overpowers them a tiny bit. the vocals at the end (i think that’s Steve?) are panned super hard left.
    Rob –
    Everything on this track is great. The mix the lyrics the production. It’s a hit and catchy and I have listened to it several times sounds great and holds my attention the whole time.

That was a lotta heckin teams, huh??

  • cover play_circle_filled

    01. Chupacabra
    1up Funk

  • cover play_circle_filled

    02. Where's Your Spirit
    1337 G33K B33F

  • cover play_circle_filled

    03. Rise Squad
    Bleak n Mild

  • cover play_circle_filled

    04. LOU (Life Or Undeath)
    Class 1-A

  • cover play_circle_filled

    05. Baking Nightmares (Bloody Mary Mix)

  • cover play_circle_filled

    06. Mistreated

  • cover play_circle_filled

    07. Don't Move
    DJ John Acosta + Tanjint Wiggy

  • cover play_circle_filled

    08. Welcome to the Life of Walter Henry Sherman
    Double Analog

  • cover play_circle_filled

    09. Desu Desu
    Flaming Arrows

  • cover play_circle_filled

    10. The Bunker

  • cover play_circle_filled

    11. Helevator

  • cover play_circle_filled

    12. Cleetus
    Kaiju No Uta

  • cover play_circle_filled

    13. Hemoglobin Goblin

  • cover play_circle_filled

    14. Behind Me

  • cover play_circle_filled

    15. Halloween Date
    Literal Black Magic

  • cover play_circle_filled

    16. We're The Monsters
    Mundane Monsters

  • cover play_circle_filled

    17. Attack of the Nerds
    Mystic Shadow

  • cover play_circle_filled

    18. Blood Money
    Not Dead Yet

  • cover play_circle_filled

    19. Stuck In the Game

  • cover play_circle_filled

    20. Tumbling into DashCon (Never Forget)
    Pinky and the Mancubus

  • cover play_circle_filled

    21. Ghost With the Most
    Primal Winds

  • cover play_circle_filled

    22. Night of the Mask ( La Muerte De Chupacabra )

  • cover play_circle_filled

    23. Wake Up
    Sailor Doom

  • cover play_circle_filled

    24. Curiosity Killed The VPC Contestant
    Saints of San Secuestro

  • cover play_circle_filled

    25. Come On Down

  • cover play_circle_filled

    26. Symphony of Lost Souls
    Sleeping Dragon

  • cover play_circle_filled

    27. Murder On the Radio
    Some of BType

  • cover play_circle_filled

    28. BAE

  • cover play_circle_filled

    29. Mixtape Man

  • cover play_circle_filled

    30. A Sexy Halloween (Good Gravy!)
    Spandex Moose

  • cover play_circle_filled

    31. Wifi Dead Inside
    Team Kokoro

  • cover play_circle_filled

    32. Game Of Horrors
    Team Titans

  • cover play_circle_filled

    33. R.I.P. In Pieces
    Thot Team Epic

  • cover play_circle_filled

    34. In With the Rain

  • cover play_circle_filled

    35. Dead By Daylight
    White Hippy

  • cover play_circle_filled

    36. Childhood Home

  • cover play_circle_filled

    37. The Visitor

  • cover play_circle_filled

    38. House of Zero

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